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  • 8/13/2019 With Cloak and Dagger


    With loak and DaggerH. H. MEYERS

    New Millennium Publications Post Box 290Morisset N. S.W. 2264. Australia

    CONTENTS1 The Experts

    2 "750 Pages of Wonderful Truth"

    3 "Crisis," He Cried!

    4 The Dagger

    5 The Cloak

    6 The Last Deception

    7 Movement of Destiny

    8 "Impeaching the Dead"

    9 The 1888 Message (and the Evangelical View)

    10 The Dagger Strikes (Part 1)

    11 The Dagger Strikes (Part 2)

    12 False Claims and Trickery

    13 Kingdom, Czardom or Popedom?

    14 The Atonement: Completed or Uncompleted-Who Cares?

    15 Target: Australia

    16 "We Need More Funerals"

    17 Australasia Embraces Heresy

    18 The Jewel is Plucked

    19 Conflicting Claims

    20 Deception, or Wishful Thinking?

    21 Hierarchy in Action

    22 This Way to Rome

    23 "We Still Believe"

    24 The Washington "Curia"

    25 Rome's Little Helper

    26 "A New Order"

    27 Eighteen Forty-Four to Evermore

    Appendix for Chapter 10

    Appendix for Chapter 13

    Appendix for Chapter 16

    Appendix for Chapter 17

    Appendix for Chapter 19

    Appendix for Chapter 20

    Appendix for Chapter 21

    Appendix for Chapter 25

    AbbreviationsQOD Seventh-day Adventists Answer Questions on DoctrineMOD Movement of DestinyB.R.I. Bible Research Institute (Australasia)


  • 8/13/2019 With Cloak and Dagger


    EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (USA)G.C. General Conference of Seventh-day AdventistsSDA Seventh-day AdventistTAUC Trans-Australian Union ConferenceTTUC Trans-Tasman Union Conference

    ARV American Revised VersionAV Authorized Version (same as King James Version)KJV King James VersionN.T. New TestamentNASB New American Standard Bible

    NEB New English BibleNIV New International VersionNKJV New King James VersionRSV Revised Standard VersionRV Revised VersionTEV Today's English VersionCE Counsels to Writers and EditorsEv EvangelismEW Early WritingsRH Review and Herald1SM Selected Messages,Book 1 1SOP Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 1ST Signs of the Times1T Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 1TM Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers


    This book is written for generic Seventh-day Adventists; those within thedenomination of that name and equally, those who are numbered among the increasinggroups of believers who, by conscience or expulsion, find themselves outside the pale ofthe denomination.

    The author does not presume to engage in a definitive defense of historicSeventh-day Adventism-inspiration and libraries of Adventist publications do just that,adequately. This book will demonstrate that basic fundamental principles which were en-dorsed by God's prophet to His remnant church as having "unquestionable authority,"have since been systematically eroded and even changed. It explains how this changehas been made possible and is now being consolidated by a system of churchadministration which has been set in place contrary to the expressed will of God.

    As the readers progress through these pages, they will notice how the church'sfailure to heed the warnings of its prophet, Mrs. E. G. White, repeatedly prove her dictumthat "a backsliding church lessens the distance between itself and the Papacy."

    The author, who is an Australian, has been an Adventist all his life. Thereforemany of the illustrations used in support of his propositions are drawn from his ownknowledge and experiences within the South Pacific Division.

    Many of our readers will note a similarity of conduct in their own country, some

    even having experienced the heavy hand of state-assisted persecution.Sadly, many precious souls are now being admitted into church membership with

    a limited knowledge of Adventism. Increasingly, many of these people are furtherdisadvantaged as they train to take up positions in our ministry and education system,that seem bent on exchanging the "testimony of Jesus" for the "doctrines of men." Withsuch people in mind, the author has included an extensive appendix which will give theman insight into the true position of Adventism on Christ and His ministry.

    It is the sincere desire of the author that this humble attempt to arouse God'speople from their Laodicean dreamtime will reawaken in the reader that burning


  • 8/13/2019 With Cloak and Dagger


    commitment which the pioneers so gladly exhibited in taking to a judgment-bound worldthe "everlasting gospel," as found in the revelation of Jesus. We can then pray withsincerity, "Even so, come, Lord Jesus. Amen. "

    The Author


    The late Donald G. Barnhouse read a copy of that Seventh day Adventist classic,

    Steps to Christ. This book has led innumerable people to accept the Lord Jesus Christas their personal Saviour. Many servicemen during two world wars treasured its preciousmessage which brought hope and comfort to their uncertain existence. It made quite animpression on Dr. Barnhouse; so much so that he gave the book prominent mention inhis evangelical magazine Eternity, June 1950. Under the heading "How to ReadReligious Books," he claimed that reading such a book with its "half-truths and satanicerror" was akin to a worm on a hook, "the first bite is all worm, the second bite is allhook, that is the way the Devil works." It is not surprising then, that he referred to itsauthor, Mrs. E. G. White, as "the founder of a cult."

    Apparently, such a vicious attack on a church which claimed to be Christianprovided no impediment to the growth of one of Protestantism's most popularmagazines.* Such pronouncements evidently accorded with acceptable Christianity. For,were not Seventh-day Adventists just another cult? They were credited with believingthat Jesus Christ was a sinner, and denying His completed work of salvation at thecross. They were legalists who believed in salvation by works, part of which was thekeeping of the biblical Sabbath day. And, to cap it off, they had the temerity to claim thatthey were God's remnant church on whom God had bestowed the gift of prophecy! Yet,within six years, Dr. Barnhouse was able to declare:

    I should like to say that we are delighted to do justice to a much-maligned groupof sincere believers, and in our minds and hearts take them out of a group of utterheretics to acknowledge them as redeemed brethren and members of the body ofChrist. (Eternity, September 15, 1956).

    * Eternity magazine ceased publication while this book was being written. Shortly after, its one-time

    editor, Dr. Walter Martin, passed away.

    Yes, he was referring to the Seventh-day Adventist Church! Our leaders wereecstatic. Adventists could now hold their heads high as Christendom extended theirbrotherly arms to welcome them into the fold.

    What had brought about this dramatic change? Had Barnhouse seen the light, orhad Adventism changed its "unchristian" views? Let Dr. Barnhouse provide some clues.On the 16th May 1958, while in conversation with Adventist layman Al Hudson,Barnhouse said:

    I hate Saturday as a Sabbath religious day. I hate it because God hates it. (asreported in Pilgrims Rest DH 115, p. 1).

    On Adventists' belief that they are the remnant church, Barnhouse said:If you believe that, you are a megalomaniac. (ibid.).

    He went on to comment on the prolific pen of Mrs. White:

    That's too much, you know. She was running off at the mouth, and the HolySpirit certainly was not doing it. (ibid., p. 2).

    And again,

    God Almighty never spoke through a woman. (Pilgrims Rest DH 114, p. 1).


  • 8/13/2019 With Cloak and Dagger


    You [SDAs] were founded on a lie. (ibid., p. 2).

    The editor of Barnhouse's Eternity magazine was Dr. Walter Martin. Whilelecturing in the Christian Mission Church, Napa, California, as recently as 22 February1983, on the subject of Seventh-day Adventist beliefs, he declared:

    There is no need for any investigative judgment at any time because Jesus tookcare of it all at the cross.

    Obviously, the three angels of Revelation fourteen had failed to impress Messrs.Barnhouse and Martin. During the late 1950s, as a result of some eighteen months ofintense dialogue with highranking representatives of the Seventh-day Adventist Church,Barnhouse had insisted that Adventists publish their doctrinal beliefs. They did so underthe title Seventh-day Adventists Answer Questions on Doctrine [QOD], Review andHerald Publishing Association, 1957.

    This book became our passport to Christendom, and enabled Dr. Barnhouse toboast that he and Martin had changed the theology of a whole denomination (seeEternity, September 1956, pages 6, 7, 43, 45). Repeatedly we are told by Adventistleadership that we have not deviated from historical Adventism. In the Introduction toQuestions on Doctrine we read: "This was not to be a new statement of faith." Thewriters, counsellors and editors "have labored conscientiously to state accurately the

    beliefs of Seventhday Adventists" (p. 8).But shortly after proclaiming Adventists as part of the Christian community,

    Barnhouse, in commenting on Questions on Doctrine, was led to observe:

    Let's face it, in a very nice way, the leaders who have written this book, havemoved from the traditional position of the S.D.A. movement. They've come back towardthe Bible. (Pilgrims Rest DH 114, p. 3).

    Here is a serious anomaly which questions the integrity of our leadership.Seventh-day Adventists have been welcomed into the fraternity of Christendom on thebasis of change. Our leaders claim that we have not changed. Has Christendom beenduped? Have members of the S.D.A. Church become victims of the greatest confidencetrick since Jacob awoke to find himself in bed with Leah?