[Challenge:Future] Winners: My Dream Job in 2022 is to be a robotics scientist

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Transcript of [Challenge:Future] Winners: My Dream Job in 2022 is to be a robotics scientist

  • 2. 1. What is your dream job in 2012 ? Describe itAns My dream job in 2022 will be the leading researcher in the field of robotics. . I am working n the project with a team as a team leader to invent a machine named tri-kaal which can travel in future as well as in past. I am working with the world best team members.
  • 3. 2. Where and how will you work?Ans I am working with the worlds best roboticslaboratory. I am working in exigent environment with fanaticalpeople to enjoy the assorted culture around the world.
  • 4. 3. How will your working day look like? Which technologies will you be using? What will be the outcome of your work? Who will you collaborate/interact with?Ans My working day will look like as I am mostly concerned about my project work. I will spend my most of the day in researching but give preferences to other work also. I will be working with the technology which increase or slow down the earth speed to go into future or past. The outcome of my work will be the dream machine which will prevent the society from manually and naturally occurring disasters. I will be interacting with the persons which will help me in achieving my dream.
  • 5. 4. How will a typical company/organization of thefuture look like? Please be. As specific as possible?Ans My future organization will be under govt. Controland all work done will be beneficial for the society. Itwill be fully equipped wit all the facilities
  • 6. 5. Which industries and sectors will dominate andoffer you and other youths the most attractive jobs? Where willthey be locatedAns My dream job will not be concerned with the earning money but focusing on the society welfare. Sincethe organization is under govt. Control, so it will be fully supported by the govt. And other interestedindustries. It will be located on the moon so that I can easily observe and control the earths movement
  • 7. 6. How will companies and organizations attract and retain top talents in 2022? Is this about bonuses, stock options, flexibility, work-life balance, space travel or?Ans As todays generation want to surpass everythingby inventing newer technologies to run into future and I am also working on the relative project so most ofthe youths will want to work with this organization.
  • 8. 1. Which skills, knowledge, competences, and experiences you will need for your dream job?Ans For my dream job , I will need Sensible thinking , adaptive thinking , ability to work in different environment , computational thinking , ability to understand concepts across multiple discipline.
  • 9. 2. What should education look like to deliver thisknowledge to students to support futureorganization/companies?Ans Education should be equally balanced betweenpractical and theoretical knowledge including building ofthinking, insight, and analysis capabilities.
  • 10. 3. What would be a perfect day at a school/faculty/business school/university that would answer yourexpectations and help you be competitive for the dream jobs of thefuture?AnsPerfect day in my university which encourage me to achieve my goal is when I attend workshop related to robotics by enrolling in various activities such as programming line follower , obstacle avoider , edge avoider on 8051 microcontroller etc