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Auf der Medienwirtschaftsgipfel Niedersachsen.

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  • 1. knowledge work, learning, social mediaOpen Government Data CeBit, 2.3.2011

2. Networked life, networkedFindtoiletwork, networked learning Tine Mller 3. Dirk Houtgraaf 4. Rudi Kragh 5. Richard Jansen 6. Networked life, networkedwork, networked learningPartizipation + Open Data Open Government 7. Networked life, networked work, networked talkingParticipation as learning Partizipation? 8. Networked life, networkedwork, networked= life Participation learningPartizipation! 9. Networked life, networkedwork, networked learningOpen Gov DataOffene Verwaltungsdaten 10. WikiLeaks Open Data 11. Das was ffentlich ist 12. Offene Daten, Prinzipien Komplett: alles was ffentlich ist Rohe Daten: wie ursprnglich erfasst Rechtzeitig: so schnell wie mglich Zugnglich: fr jeden, fr alles Ohne Unterschied: Grund / Registrieren Maschinenlesbar Offene Formate Freie Lizensen 13. Daten = Anders 14. tekstViele Daten = Anders 15. Data ermglicht PartizipationNetworked life,stimuliertPartizipation networkedwork, networked learning Wiederverwendung 16. Die Verwaltung als Plattform what data from other dept. needed? what to offer?questions Politicians Civil ServantsNetworked life, networked what data docitizens need towork, networked learning(privacy, org interest, unfairhelp gov or takeon tasks? info advantages to solve) what data, what form?what skills,literacy, attitude,E do citizens need? solutions OrganisationsCitizens what data makes relationship possible? 17. Unbentzter berflut 18. PSI Directive 19. Piemonte 20. Catalunya 21. Griechenland 22. Norwegen 23. Niederlande 24. Paris 25. Fingal, Irland 26. tekstMnchen 27. Region Helsinki 28. IATI 29. Most visible in our immediateenviro: our city, feedserendipity, intervene in Networked life, networked complex enviro work, networked learning Impakt in eigener Umgebung 30. Wofr zahlt man Steuern? 31. Networked life, eat safe to networkedwork, networked learning Restaurantwahl 32. Networked life, networkedfix my streetwork, networked learningFix My Street 33. Networked life, networked frankfurt gestaltenwork, networked learningFrankfurt Gestalten 34. Feinpartikel Alarm 35. kann Doctor Snow sein 36. Wie macht man das? 37. 38. / richtig 39. Stakeholders? 40. Stakeholders Brger Aktivisten Programierer Unternehmer NGOs Akademiker Beambten Verwaltungen 41. 42. Wo liegt der Wert? Partizipation / Selbstbestimmung Transparenz, demokratische Kontrolle Bessere Produkte, Dienstleistungen Neue Produkte, Dienstleistungen Effektmessungen, Sinngebung (D-Journ.) Efziente / Effektive Verwaltung Neues Wissen, Innovation 43. Innovation startet an unerwarteten Stellen 44. Costs too much; Whats the business case; Has commercial value; Possibleprivacy issues; Condential info; Its not ours, and we dont know who owns it;Its not ours and supplier wont allow it; The quality isnt very good; We dontknow where it is; Not our job; Its in a useless format anyway; I dont have theauthority; People will misuse the data; People will use it wrongly; Only weunderstand our data; Well get sued; Files are just too big; Too little bandwith;It starts with this, but wheres the end? Its there, but cant be opened; Data isdated/too old; Its not in digital format; Is this even legal?; Our Minister says no;We never have done this before, why start now?; I dont see the use; Nobody willNetworked life, networkedbe interested; No time; No resources; Just do FOIA requests; Well publish itredacted; Its not complete; It contains errors; Its commercially sensitive;work, networked learningCombining this with other data is dangerous; People will come to wrongconclusions; People will get lost and confused; It will trigger endless discussions;We cant conrm or deny we have that data; Well get feedback, and cant handlethat; Our IT supplier says its not possible; Our IT supplier will charge too much;Our site will crash; Its already online! (but in unndable PDFs); If peopledownload it and use it later it will be outdated; I cant take responsibility for all thereuse; People will get angry; Our data is in contradiction to the data of thedepartment that is in charge of the topic; Only we truly understand.....statistics/meteo/geo/laws; Well disrupt the market; It will only be used to attack us.Ausreden? Redliche Fragen? 45. Yet we have clear evidence about an impact. There has notbeen a strong backlash effect. Even when delicate data likepublic spending were published, like the COINS database in theUK, no big scandal has emerged. And most certainly, we have notseen an increase in demagogic or conflictual discussions aboutthose data.So while we dont have evidence yet to prove the benefitsNetworked life, networkedof opening up data, I think we can say that the risks haveproved not to be excessive. Which is one of the mainwork, networked learningarguments AGAINST opening up data for less innovativepublic administrations.(David Osimo, Backlash 46. Brger beziehen 47. Beambte beziehen 48. know the gov does not exist. Networkedcivil servantfind 1 life, networked work, networked learningDie Verwaltung? Es reicht schon eine Person! 49. Konkrete Situationen, Lernen durch tun 50. tonzijlstra.euknowledge work, learning, social media CreditsAll photos:Ton Zijlstra, by nc saExcept where mentioned on the photo.Slides: ton@tonzijlstra.euSkype: ton_zylstra