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This is a brief snippet of our classroom-style three day training. It is very comprehensive, and we have been teaching this since 1998. (508) 637-1416 -Byron

Transcript of CDIA+ certification, slide show sample

  • 1. *c.Int,a ul CDIA+ Training, Phase II aVExam Preparationat (v4.6 Updated Oct 10)D 1, 201htig yr Written and developed by: DataVault, Inc., Byron B. Aulick, CDIA+, DPI+, Project+110 Long Hill Road, West Brookfield, MA 01585 op(877) *CCDIA Presentation v4.6

2. About the Instructor*c. In t,Byron B. Aulick, CDIA+ (author)aul Co-founder and CTO of DataVault, Inc. aV Subject Matter Expert to CompTIA Author of the materials you are about to useat D I have based my 24 year career on DM/DI systems Consulting with clients 1, Designing systems (small to large DOD systems) 01 Installing hardware and software Supporting installations 2 Training on the use of such systemsht ig This is what I do, and imaging is my passion!yrop *CCDIA Presentation v4.62 3. Class Times* c. Int, A Bul Day 1: Doc-101 recap 8:00 start a 9:00 startDay 2: CDIA+aV 9:30-9:45 break 10:30-10:45 breakGather BusinessRequirements at 11:45-12:45 lunch 12:00-1:00 lunch Analyze Bus. ProcessD 1:30-1:45 break 2:00-2:15 break Day 3: CDIA+1, 3:00 dismiss 4:00 dismiss Design01RecommendImplement2 Bathrooms are...No cell phones Sample Exam... ht Lunchroom is... No computers ig Be on time -Why? Respect Fire escape is... yr op Any questions??*C CDIA Presentation v4.63 4. Now the CDIA+ Details*-CompTIA says:c. In t,CDIA+ certification is the IT sectors first global standard of competency and professionalism ulin the document imaging/document management industry. Individuals who achievea aVCompTIA CDIA+ certification have demonstrated knowledge and mastery of scanning,storing and output of black-and-white and color documents; and have the expertise toatanalyze customers business processes and design appropriate document imaging and Dmanagement solutions to support their needs.1, 01The skills and knowledge measured by this examination are derived from an industry-wide2and worldwide job task analysis, which was validated through a survey. The results of the ht skills survey are used in weighting the domains and ensuring that the possessed weightingig is representative of the relative importance of that content to the job requirements of ayrdocument imaging professional with twelve to eighteen months on-the-job experience.opAuthor: CompTIA website*CCDIA Presentation v4.6 4 5. Domain 1. Gather Business Requirements*c. In t, This section focuses on the candidates ability to assess a situation and determine if a ul DM/DI system is the proper solution for the business problem. The majority of thisa section focuses on the candidates knowledge of selling, proposing and specifying a aV DM/DI solution. In many instances the scenario suggests that the company alreadyat has a DM/DI system and is experiencing problems with it.D Sample:1,01 A city has determined that it will provide access to City Council minutes and upcoming agenda items. Which is the best solution that will allow for the broadest access for all 2 interested parties?htA. Use of an FTP site B. Web-based Internet access.ig C. Publication on CD-ROM for distribution D. Public kiosk availability at various sites, including libraries yr Author: CompTIA op *CCDIA Presentation v4.6 5 6. Role play (Instructor appoint the players)*c. In t, First person; You are the owner of an accounting firm. You are called a C-Level and ulyou are the ultimate decision maker. You control the money.a Second person; You are head of accounting dept., mid-level management, called the aVSolution [or Project] Sponsor or Champion. You control Third person; You are Project Manager (PM), slated with achieving the objectives on-time and under budget! You interface with the vendor and the internal Team or DCommittee. 1, Next few people; You are the End-Users and together you form the Committee, slatedwith representing how the actual work flows, and knowing what needs to take place 01to help. Fourth Person; You are the Vendor. You respond to the business need [perhaps an 2RFP] with a proposed solution. Your focus is to help the client!htNOW..igyrop*CCDIA Presentation v4.66 7. The Situation * c.Int,The Solution Sponsor has had enough with losing docs!! He aulslates a PM to find a way out. The PM appoints a team,aVprepares an RFP and interviews vendors. Upon datagathering, he conveys all details to the Sponsor, who then atboils down all info into a summary, then approaches the CEODfor funding. 1, 01 Now.. 2htig yr op*C CDIA Presentation v4.6 7 8. Lets Review *c.Int, Please turn to the Student Handout section of your book, page 1ul _____________________________________________ aaV Now, lets review: at Who is the C-Level? D Who is the sponsor? 1, Where do you as a Vendor, relay updates? _ _ 01 Who compresses a report, then passes it to the CEO? 2htWho is assigned to achieve the objectives? _ _igyropIf you understand this clearly, you now have 15 questions correct on the test! *C CDIA Presentation v4.6 8 9. Now some details: * The Impact of Resolution Change c.Int, aulAn increase in resolution at the scanner (during the captureaVphase) results in an increased file size. Images are large files(~25KBytes), but indexes are small files (~800 bits) at DTIP: You will always plan for the worst-case scenario, then size1,the data storage accordingly. BUT this will be predicated on a 01certain capture resolution. If the client changes that (increasesfor example), your calculations will not be accurate anymore.2This drives the COST UP. ht igyrop *C CDIA Presentation v4.6 9 10. ECM Terms * c.In Telnet Session / Terminal Emulationt,ul Allows a PC to look like a terminal and communicate with a a host mainframeaV Used to access a line of business application like the at accounting package D KM1, Knowledge Management 01 Predecessor to ECM (Enterprise Content Management) Web Content Management System2 ht Used to author, edit and manage HTML contentig Can control large collections of web materials like HTML documents and their associated images. yr op*C CDIA Presentation v4.6 10 11. Terms (Cont.) * c. Int,ul EDMS (also DMS document management system) a Electronic Document Management SystemaV Allows organized storage and retrieval of electronic data at Components; scan, search & retrieve D1, CMS Content Management System01 Facilitates the organization, control, and publication of a large body 2of documents and other content, such as images and multimediaht resources.ig yr op*C CDIA Presentation v4.611 12. Terms (Cont.)* c. In Image-enabled Workflow t, ul To add images to an existing database, i.e. Accounts Payablea aV VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) Easy script language to add custom functionalityatD API (Application Program Interface) 1, More involved scripting allows communication between 2 programs,01 i.e. QuickBooks and DMS 2 DRM (Digital Rights Management)ht Safely manage digital files, from any source, allowing distribution igwith accountabilityyr No matter how they accessed the files, they need rights to useop the content *CCDIA Presentation v4.612 13. PagesDefinitions vs. Images * c.Int,ulYou see the client has 50 file cabinets, aequaling 500,000 pages. But how manyaVimages are there to capture and store?? atD Pages= A piece of paper. 10,000 per file1,cabinet01 Images = Information on a side of a page 2 Simplex = Info on one side, yields 1 imageht igDuplex = Info on both sides, yields 2 images yr op *C CDIA Presentation v4.6 13 14. Project Management -101*c.Int, aul Path and MilestoneaV at During the planning phase, the CDIA will make D a road map to identify certain tasks that must 1, flow in a certain order. This is called a Path or a Critical Path, and where more than one 01 converge, it is said you have reached a2 Milestone. ht igyrTIP: If a Critical Path is delayed 1 week, the project gets delayed 1 week.op *C CDIA Presentation v4.614 15. Project Management -101 (Cont.)* c. In Scope Document (10 pages) t, ul Consultant goes onsite to gather detailsa Identifies what is either included or not included in the project aV [the scope] Presented to the Solution Sponsor (client)at TIP: If documents were overlooked in the design, but need to be included,D communicate with the Sponsor for evaluation. 1, Executive Summary (1 page) 01 Defines the boundaries of the project from the high-level 2 viewpoint Presented to the executive level (C level)htig yrTIP: If they want additional work, without controls [signed documents, funding opand proactive plans], you have scope creep.*CCDIA Presentation v4.615 16. Sales Cycle Timeline * c.Int, aulaV atD 1, 201ht igyrop *C CDIA Presentation v4.6 16 17. Math 4*c. In t, A client receives 5,000 docs / day with 500 characters on each page. ul During QA, they notice that after 10 days, 250,000 characters are wrong!a aV What is the accuracy of the OCR?at D5,000 docs x 500 chars = 2,500,000 chars / day 1,..x 10 days = 25,000,000 total chars 01 ..of which 250,000 are wrong. (=1% wrong) 2If 1% is incorrect, then 99% is correct!ht ig Accuracy = 99% yr op hyperlink *CCDIA Presentation v4.617 18. Math 5 * c.Int,A client needs to print 50,000 double-sided reports at the end of each month.ulTwo nights, from midnight until 6 AM are allotted. What is the minimum print aspeed required to achieve this?aV50,000 x 2 =100,000 pages atMidnight to 6 is 6 hours, x 2 nights = 12 hours totalD100,000 / 12 hrs / 60 min = 138.8 pgs per min needed 1,01 (Printer is simplex) 2ht hyperlink igyrop*C CDIA Presentation v4.6 18 19. Math 6*c. In t, A bank uses a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), operating at roughly 384Kbps, ul but has 13% overhead. They have 10 branches that need to transmit 1,000a pages per day each back to the main office. The average file size is 25KB aV G-4 compressed. If they start at 5PM, when can the cleaning crew turn theat server off to vacuum? D1, 384Kbps x .87 = ~334Kbps / 8 = 41.75KBps transmit rate 01 1,000 pgs x 25KB = 25,000KB x 10 sites = 250,000KB2 250,000KB / 41.75KBps = ~5,988 seconds ht5,988 seconds /60 =