Carlota By Scott ODell A book set during the Mexican- American War 1846-1848

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Transcript of Carlota By Scott ODell A book set during the Mexican- American War 1846-1848

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Carlota By Scott ODell A book set during the Mexican- American War 1846-1848 Slide 2 Warm-up 2-21-13 Using the KWL Chart (at your table), write down any words or ideas that you know relate to the period of Westward Expansion in U.S. history. Slide 3 Book Reviews Carlota is very suspenseful; it holds the readers interest. Carlota has many adventures and many close calls on her way to becoming her own person. To share in these adventures and to enjoy a good book, read Carlota. Its historical fiction. Its subject matter is about the war between the Mexicans and Americans. I would say that the intended audience is for any age and gender because its interesting. It affected me by informing me about some of the historical pieces. Slide 4 What do you want to know? Write 3 questions you have either about Westward Expansion of the book, Carlota. Slide 5 Historical Background Period of Westward Expansion Some slave states and some free states Telegraph, spread of canals, steamboats, and railroads 1820s = thousands of Americans in N. Mexico upon invitation. 1830 a revolt. Texas becomes independent of Mexico. 1830s = mass immigration of Irish, German, Scandinavian Slide 6 telegraph The electric telegraph is a now outdated communication system that transmitted electric signals over wires from location to location that translated into a message. Slide 7 Historical Background continued A time of slave labor. North opposed to slaves, while south in support of slaves. Womens rights becoming a focus Increasing cotton production from U.S. due to slave labor Mid 1840s = Manifest Destiny. The key to the nations greatness is in the development of the west. The West of the U.S. was populated by Mexico, Great Britain, and Native American Tribes Slide 8 Cotton production Cotton cultivation was a source of conflict (racial, sectional, and between social classes) before the Civil War, and after the war, cotton fields and factories caused debate over the extent to which the federal government could change society and economy. Slide 9 Historical Background continued U.S. government wanted to claim Mexicos land for some say racial superiority, liberty, and democracy Congress was divided in opinion just as other groups: soldiers, workingmen, poets, writers, clergymen, churches, etc. Also, the American annexation of Texas Republic in 1845 caused Mexican troops to attack American forces Once Polk claimed Mexico as the aggressors the Mexican-American war began Series of defeats by Mexico 1848 = Mexico ceded areas of Texas, California, current day Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and Nevada to U.S. U.S. paid Mexico 18 million. Gold Rush in N. California Slide 10 Annexation of Texas Slide 11 What have you learned? Write 3-5 facts that represent something you learned about Westward Expansion in American history. Slide 12 Adverbial phrases During __________, America was __________. Often _________ was ___________________. Mostly, the mid-1800s in America was _____________________________________. Slide 13 Journal What does the saying, Dont judge a book by its cover, mean to you? -OR- How is the U.S. of the mid-1800s similar to the U.S. of today? Slide 14 Reading Goal of the Week Read pages 78-112 (Ch. 14-20) by Thursday 3/14. 3rd Literary Circle discussion will be Friday 3/15. Decide how your group will read: Independently/silently In pairs, low-volume out loud As a group, low-volume out loud Slide 15 Review of Classwork One assignment that is on-going is the ______________, which is _______________. An important piece of information to remember is __________________________. One expectation during this novel study is to _____________________________________. Slide 16 Working Warm-up Open to the Vocabulary section in the pink packet. Make progress. Goal=to get to the word skirmish Example: Word/page #Context (passage or sentence in which it is used) DefinitionParaphrase It cigarillo/p. 7 quickly lit her cigarillo a little cigarcigarette Slide 17 cigarillo Slide 18 gringo Slide 19 fifty leagues Slide 20 mayordomo Slide 21 vaquero Slide 22 cordovan Slide 23 adobe Slide 24 stronghold Slide 25 chaparral Slide 26 elude Slide 27 varas Slide 28 singlet Slide 29 galleon Slide 30 scurvy Slide 31 riata Slide 32 gelding Slide 33 aguardiente Slide 34 muslin Slide 35 parasol Slide 36 furioso Slide 37 trestles Slide 38 carreta Slide 39 decrepit Slide 40 verdad Slide 41 alcalde Slide 42 zanja Slide 43 pasotrote Slide 44 quirt Slide 45 taunt Slide 46 lance Slide 47 bombazine Slide 48 caballero Slide 49 rouse Slide 50 dastardly Slide 51 errant Slide 52 rash act Slide 53 plaudits You are an amazing lancer, Carlota. Slide 54 bridles Slide 55 pommel Slide 56 tether Slide 57 ravine Slide 58 ruse Slide 59 travois Slide 60 skirmish Slide 61 winced Slide 62 forlorn Slide 63 relented Slide 64 sulkily Slide 65 beseech Slide 66 gaunt Slide 67 valise Slide 68 Working Warm-up Slide 69 Teach a Classmate ______________ means _________________. A real-world word is ____________________. This words connects back to the meaning of ___________ because ___________________. Slide 70 Whats a Real-World Word? Meta=change Slide 71 Roots Pictionary TACT Slide 72 Exit Ticket Slide 73 Journal Is it right or wrong to conquer a country? Slide 74 MYP Connections EQ: What are the consequences, or lasting effects, of a books theme? Why and how do humans discriminate? ATLs: Communication & Collaboration AOIs: Community & Service How do we live in relationship to each other? LP: Communicators, risk-takers, principled Slide 75 What do you know so far? Tell your partner what you know about the story so far: -I know that ____________________________. -A new character Ive met is ____________, and he/she is ______________________________. -Right now in the story ___________________. Slide 76 Chapter 1 - Comprehension ____________ is the main character who lives in _____________ with her grandmother, ____________, and father, ______________. Carlota could be described as ____________ and ____________ because ______________. An interesting fact about the historical period in which the story is set is _______________. * The end-of-novel comprehension test will be all of the review questions compiled. Continue to participate daily in the exit tickets/comprehension and you will do well! Slide 77 Characterize using specific words NounsVerbs foresthide woodsavoid chaparralelude Example Carlota is nice obedient when she decides not to speak up to her father about riding. Your Turn! ___________ is ____________ when _________________________________. (simple) ___________ demonstrates _________ by ____________________________. (sufficient) ___________ is characterized by ___________ because __________________. (sophisticated) Slide 78 Tasks to Know About During the reading of the novel, Carlota we will complete the following tasks: Regular comprehension checks, which include vocabulary from the book Ongoing character and vocabulary log Ongoing discussions of relevant topics related to the story Literary Circle discussions A final project/essay (book recommendation) Slide 79 How do I make up the reading? Since you cannot take the books from this room, you will either need to come in before or after school to read the pages you missed. There are also a variety of online resources through smart phones and the internet: Slide 80 Chapter 2 - Comprehension An important event is coming up between Carlotas sister, ___________, and __________. Dona Doloress opinion of Carlota is _____________________________. An example of external conflict is between ______________ and ___________ because _____________________________. Slide 81 Literary Circles Will occur every Friday They will last 14 minutes Your roles will rotate each week Do your job well and the group does well Slide 82 Working Warm-up You have 15 minutes to do the following: Complete reading pages 1-44 Complete Literature Circle role page in green packet If you are prepared for literature circles, make progress in the pink packet! Slide 83 Do this NOW! Complete Literature Circle role page in green packet. You will have 5 minutes to meet with like-role classmates. Slide 84 Meet as like-roles Exchange ideas Ask for help Complete your page Slide 85 Literature Circle Discussion Fillers A. Do you know anyone like Carlota? How is he/she similar? B. What is your opinion of arranged marriages? C. What is your favorite traditional food and how is it prepared? D. Does your family own anything that is really old? What is the oldest family heirloom (item) that you have? E. Have you ever been made fun of for being good at something that is like the opposite gender? How did it make you feel? Slide 86 Chapter 3 & 4 Comprehension Some of Carlotas responsibilities on the Ranch of the Two Brothers are ____________ _____________________________________. Don Saturnino owns a pet __________, which could be a symbol of ______________. The secret place that Carlota and her father go is known as _____________. It could be described as __________ and __________. supervise the servants and manage the buildings Slide 87 Chapter 5 Comprehension The way Carlota gets gold is by ___________. While diving for gold, Carlota carries a _______ to protect herself from ___________. Don Saturnino wants to _________________ in the next year. Diving at Blue Beach knifeBurro clams Find Carlota a suitor Slide 88 Burro Clam Slide 89 Information About Giant Clams Largest bivalve mollusk Lives up to 100 years Not aggressive, but can clamp down on a person although slowly Endangered due to high value as a delicacy food such as in Japan Slide 90 Chapter 6 & 7 Comprehension One event that took place at the wedding of Yris and Don Roberto was _______________. The wedding could be described as ________ because ____________________________. Carlota participated in the _________