Camilla- luxury handmade caskets for jewelry

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Transcript of Camilla- luxury handmade caskets for jewelry

  • Hand made Jewelry caskets

  • You have a wonderful store with excellent choice! But we have one thing which helps you make it better and more protable. How?Exclusive goods are perfect way to attract more customs and increase turnover.CamiLLa oers you triple exclusive: the unique-styled though-out handmade wooden caskets for jewelry!You dont nd anything like this in the world market!

    CamiLLa caskets was created by women in consideration of all fashionable needs for women.Our caskets are:- Unique brand in the world market taking into account the functionality and style;- Handy bags for storing jewelry (one can contain one hudred jewelry!) - Unique style of every casket: one idea - one product;- It decorates any space and makes it inimitable!

    Exclusive:CASKETS FOR JEWELRY ARE HAND MADE.Nobody oer anything like this!

  • We tested the demand for CamiLLa caskets at the exhibition "Furniture club" (13-14. October, 2012; Moscow) and found out: 70 percent of women would have purchased CamiLLa caskets with pleasure. What do you get from selling CamiLLa caskets?1. The opportunity to make your customers unique oerings in the form of our caskets.2. New customers who has been tired of searching worthy box for jewelry collection. 3. Additional revenue with minimal investment.

  • Become a CamiLLa partner1. Visit our website, to learn more about brand CamiLLa and see our products.2. Write to us at mail or call us at +7 (905) 3058428, +7 (8482) 939631to discuss terms of partnership and get our price list.3. Conclude the treaty with us for single or constant delivery of any quantity of caskets (from 5 to 20 piece for month; You choose models).4. After prepayment of 75 percent of the contract sum :- We start manufacturing your order and after 30 days you will receive it.- Or you order already available caskets; We send these items to you by the carrier company during 2 working days (Delivery timesdepend on the carrier company).In both cases you make the payment for services of carrier company.5. After receiving order you pay the remaining 25 percent of caskets and expose them for sale in your shop.

    3 ways to earn more with CamiLLaThe rst way: you are a wholesale buyer (you order 5 or more caskets) and you get a special discount for the rst major order in size 20 percent of the retail price.The second way: After the second order you become the Favorite wholesale buyer and your discount increases to 25 percent of the total orderThe third way: Available to all CamiLLa partners. You can establish any extra charge for the initial cost of casketsand sell them at any price you think is worthy.There is no xed price list for our products. The price of each model is individual because every hand made casket is made in a single copy.

    PS: Call us now to discuss the terms of exclusive terms of cooperation that CamiLLa prepared for you.. +7 (905) 3058428, +7 (8482) 939631 Yana Soboleva.

  • 445057, Russia, Samara region,Togliatti, Sportivnaya st., 12-16

    phone: +7 (8482) 93-96-31, +7 939-700-03-63e-mail: