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2. Interview Dining Social Telephone 3. Dress for Success Good Attitude and Proper Manners Follow up 4. Women Men Solid color, conservative suit Solid color, conservative suit Coordinated blouse White long sleeve shirt Moderate shoes Conservative tie Limited jewelry Dark socks, professional shoes Neat, professional hairstyle Very limited jewelry Tan or light hosiery Neat, professional hairstyle Sparse make-up & perfume Go easy on the aftershave Manicured nails Neatly trimmed nails Portfolio or briefcase Portfolio or briefcase 5. Attitude Manners Be Positive Be Punctual Be Confident Be Polite Possess Good Body Be AttentiveLanguage Be Interested Have a Winning Exit 6. Follow up Thank you letter/email Know your time frame Consider all recipients Proofread carefully 7. Dining Etiquette Prior to the meal During the meal After the meal 8. Pre-meal Reservations Punctuality Seating 9. During the meal Place Setting Table Manners General Etiquette 10. Post Meal Picking up the tab Tip 11. Take notice of those continually advancing in theprofession. A positive outlook and friendly disposition will go along way in improving your conversation. Keep up to date on the latest developments in yourparticular field. Courtesy, genuine interest, and a little preparationwill give you an advantage in your ability to conversewith others. 12. Be polite Ask appropriate questions Keep it short Maintain eye contact and personal space Use appropriate language 13. Speak politely and in a positive tone of voice, as ifyou were face-to-face. Speak slowly and clearly. Apologize for rudeness if interrupted during a socialevent. If conversing with a knowingly busy person, bebrief and to the point. Be considerate of what time you are calling. 14. References Doyle, A. (n.d.). Manner, meals, and interviews., Retrievedfrom Adams, Susan. "How To Follow Up After A Job Interview -"Information for the Worlds Business Leaders - 1 Mar. 2011.Web. 01 Dec. 2011. . "Career Service Center." University of Delaware. Web.. "Dining Etiquette Guide, Dining Etiquette, Table Etiquette, EatingEtiquette, Table Manners, Dinner Party Manners, United States DiningTable Manners, Dinner Etiquette, Restaurant Dining Etiquette, FoodEtiquette Guide." Whats Cooking America, Christmas Dinner Planning,Prime Rib Roast Dinner, Christmas Cookie Recipes. Web. 01 Dec. 2011. 15. Doyle, Alison. "Dressing for Success - What to Wear on an Interview." Job Search -Job Search, Employment & Career Advice from Web. 01 Dec. 2011..Doyle, A. (n.d.). Manner, meals, and interviews., Retrieved from for Success - by" Office Skills. Web. 15 Nov. 2011..Galloway, K. (n.d.). Social etiquette at functions. AskMen, Retrieved from"Practical Conversation Tips." Conversation Secrets (2007). Conversation StartersFor Every Situation. Web. 01 Dec. 2011.."Job Interviews." Job Interviews-Your Job Interview. Web. 01 Dec. 2011.. 16. "The Post Interview Follow Up-Your Job Interview." Job Interviews-Your Job Interview.Web. 01 Dec. 2011..