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The University of Buckingham Business School Newsletter Summer 2012 Edition

Transcript of Business At Buckingham

  • Buckingham Business School NewsletterSummer 2012 Edition

    Message fromthe DeanThe Business School continues to flourish. Our student numbershave now increased to just over 350 and we have had furthersuccesses in key league tables. The University has come 16th out of120 institutions in The Guardians 2013 league table and this is thefirst time Buckingham has been placed in The Guardians mainleague table (we previously appeared in their specialist tables). In the Complete University Guide 2013, which used to be publishedin The Independent, Buckingham was rated 55th. The BusinessSchool came 34th in The Times and 28th in The Guardians subjectspecialist tables.

    With the introduction of tuition fees across the higher educationsector from September 2012, Buckinghams undergraduate degreewill have one of the lowest home tuition fees of an English university when you take into account our degrees only take twoyears. Despite recent publicity, a first-class private universityeducation does not have to cost 18,000 a year. An example forstudents commencing in January 2013 is:

    Tuition Fees Tuition Fees inc of SLC(6,000 in 2012/13)

    Year one 11,250* 5,250*

    Year two 11,250* 5,250*

    Total 22,500* 10,500*

    * All fees are subject to annual increase. Bursaries are available forUK/EU students where necessary.

    Last year we held our first Business School annual dinner, withguest speaker Dame Helen Alexander DBE, to celebrate our recentsuccesses and thank some of the many people who havecontributed to our development in recent years. Our second annualdinner will take place on 26 October 2012 and Lady Judge will be ourguest of honour. Chairman Emeritus of the UK Atomic EnergyAuthority, Chairman of the Pension Protection Fund and UKBusiness Ambassador on behalf of UK Trade and Investment, shehas had a distinguished career in both Britain and America. We arelooking forward to hearing her speak on the subject of Nuclearenergy after Fukushima policies, practices and predicaments.

    Hoping you are all having a fabulous summer.

    Dr Jane TapsellDean, Buckingham Business School

    BuckinghamEnters TheGuardianLeague TablesBuckingham has come 16th out of 120 institutions in TheGuardians 2013 league table. This is the first time the Universityof Buckingham has been placed in The Guardians main leaguetable and it has happened because the university is now bigenough in the five subject areas (English, Economics, Psychology,Law, and Business).Dean Dr Jane Tapsell is delighted that the Business School hastaken 28th position in the subject specialist table, ahead ofNewcastle, Oxford Brookes and UEA. This shows the huge levelof commitment in the Business School; whilst our studentsnumbers have been growing significantly the staff have workedextremely hard to ensure they maintain the ethos of the University. Students are very satisfied with their courses, thelevel of teaching and the level of feedback." Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Alistair Alcock added Weredelighted to have entered the main Guardian University Guideleague table. Our 16th position overall reflects Buckinghamscommitment to providing high quality teaching with small classsizes and close personal

    IN THIS EDITIONMessage from the Dean Page 1

    Buckingham Enters The Guardian League Tables Page 1

    Lord Young visits the University Page 2

    Buckingham Student offered place atRichard Ivey Business School Page 2

    Facility Developments Come On Stream Page 3

    Canadian Professor presents research onthe IT productivity paradox Page 3

    MSc Lean Enterprise arrives in Buckingham Page 4

    MSc Finance & Investment Now witha September Entry Point Page 4

    Automotive Management Programmesrun in Moscow Page 4

    2012 Cultural Fairs Page 5

    CAM Student Wins Excellence Award Page 6

    Research in Action - Briefs Page 6

    Introducing.. Page 7


  • Lord Youngvisits theUniversityLord Young of Graffham visited the University of Buckingham on18th July 2012, as a result of Nigel Adams contribution to the BBCRadio 4 You and Yours phone-in programme in May 2012. Theywere both talking about the UK Governments new Start-upBusiness Loan Scheme for young people.

    As both Lord Young and Nigel use Twitter, they exchangedTweets and Lord Young kindly accepted a formal invitation tovisit the University of Buckingham to meet BSc BusinessEnterprise (BBE) students and to open a Start-up Career MilkRound event, which Buckingham Business Enterprise StudentSociety were running, in liaison with NACUE and Enternships Ltd:

    Lord Youngs visit also included a tour of the university,presentations about the BBE programme by Nigel Adams andcurrent BBE students talking with him about the businesses theyare running as part of their honours degree programme. Afteropening the Start-up Career Milk Round and talking with smallcompanies and students looking for employment or internships,Lord Young had lunch with senior members of the universitysstaff and representatives of BBE and the Business EnterpriseSociety before returning to London.

    Not only was Lord Youngs visit a great success, but also theStart-up Career Milk Round resulted in at least one Buckinghamstudent being appointed to a job. Well done to Kristian MacKieand Afshin Dastmalchi of the Buckingham Business EnterpriseSociety for arranging an excellent event.

    Lord Young living up tohis name at the

    Start-up Career MilkRound


    BuckinghamStudent offeredplace at RichardIvey BusinessSchoolBusiness School student Jil Maassen recently landed aplace on an International Masters course at theprestigious Richard Ivey Business School in Canada. Sheexplained, "At the beginning of the year I started toconsider my life after Buckingham. Having looked atmany options, I decided on a Master of Science in the areaof management. I chose this programme as I was lookingfor participation in the CEMS MIM programme (CEMS is aglobal alliance of academic and corporate institutionsdedicated to educating and preparing future generationsof international business leaders). Richard Ivey is ahighly selective Canadian University with a veryinternational student spectrum. Looking at the entryrequirements, it seemed very daunting and unachievableto be accepted. However, I decided to give it a try as I didnot want to regret not trying. Not only high grades butalso motivation was necessary to make a positiveimpression on the admission board. Of course, thisrequired commitment and hard work but the advantagesit will provide me in my future outweigh the initial effort.The goal of the Ivey MSc/CEMS MIM programme ininternational management is to create the leaders oftomorrow through critical, creative thinking and informed decision-making. It is a very practical programme which is taught through hands-on experiencein consulting-based international business projects, internships around the world and international ex-changes. For example, in the 16 months of my Masters Iwill be studying in a different country every term, including Canada, India, Spain and Hong Kong. Eventhough it was a lot of work and took a lot of courage andambition, I am very glad about my decision and look forward to a new experience."

    In wishing Jil success in her new MSc programme, Andreas Schroeder, one of her referees, highlighted to theNewsletter that withgreat effort andapplication allBuckinghamstudents can creategreat opportunitiesfor themselves.

  • 3Facility DevelopmentsCome On StreamRadcliffe Centre open for BusinessDuring the year a number of improvements in learning spacehave taken place for Business students. The refurbishment of theRadcliffe Centre was completed in March giving the University amuch needed new lecture facility. Complete with new rakedseating, under-floor heating, new lighting and sound system theUniversity is proud to have the up-to-date lecture theatre, whichcan also be used by students and community alike, as a concertvenue.

    Former student Polly Richards (see Introducing) was amazedwhen she was shown theupgraded lecture theatre,it looks like a real lecturetheatre, I couldnt believeit was the same building,so comfortable, and lightand airy. Students will beable to see their notesnow!

    The new Centre is already in use bystudents, staff; and forBuckingham residentsa new venue for plays, musical events,debates andexhibitions.

    New Study Areas in theADR Building In another improvement project, quiet study areas (pods) havebeen installed into the ADR Building so that students can eitherwork individually, or as a small group on their studies. (seephoto) Students have welcomed these facilities, especially whenthey have been preparing for group presentations, Its a quietarea that allows us to practice away from other distractions.

    CanadianProfessorpresentsresearch on theIT productivityparadoxProfessor Benoit Aubert of HEC Montreal presented hislatest research on the link between organizational ITspending and productivity increase to Business Schoolstaff and students in April. A wide range of studies andanecdotal evidence have shown that it is very difficult toforesee to what extent IT spending will impact firm pro-ductivity (the IT productivity paradox). Based on datafrom Canadian and New Zealand companies Prof Aubertwas able to show how the IT spending by itself has littleimpact if it was not accompanied by training andstaff-development. His findings provide an importantnew approach for understanding the IT productivityparadox and suggest that firms should consider their ITinvestments in the context of developing widerorganizational capabilities.

    Prof Auberts presentation was of particular interest toour growing cohort of postgraduate students as he put anemphasis on explaining the methods used for collect