Building a Brand with New Media & Traditional Media

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This was a presentation at the 2011 Ohio Growth Summit in Columbus, OH. It talks about finding the strengths of individual media channels, and aligning them to the goals and strengths of your business of product.

Transcript of Building a Brand with New Media & Traditional Media

  • 1. Full Circle:Using Traditional & New Mediato Build a Well Rounded Brand #fullcircle #OGS11
  • 2. Kyle Stuef The Whole Brain Group Marketing Degree from Eastern Michigan University Background in both New and Traditional Media #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 3. What Well Cover1. What exactly is branding? What is MY brand?2. When does Traditional Media make sense for me?3. When does New Media make sense for me?4. Cant we all just get along? #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 4. #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 5. When I Say Brand... Do you think this? LOGO STANDARDS Pantone uncoated colors preferred method for business cards and other printed materials. Uncoated or matte stock is preferred. PMS PMS the whole brain group 452U 129U RGB values for all digital applications. RGB RGB the whole brain group R184/G177/B146 R239/G182/B29 RGB values for all digital applications. HEX HEX the whole brain group B8-B1-92 EF-B6-1D Four color printing is not recommended. CMYK CMYK the whole brain group C30/Y25/M46/K0 C6/M29/Y100/K0 One color applications. This version is preferred for most applications over 1 inch diameter. BLACK BLACK the whole brain group 100 35 Use for applications less than one inch diameter. BLACK the whole brain group 100#fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 6. #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 7. What is Branding?a brand is a promise to potential clients (you must deliver each and every time) a brand is a handshake (and weak handshakes suck)a brand crafts how they feel about you (disconnect breeds distrust) #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 8. The Secret Formula #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 9. What is YOUR Promise? Are you an expert? Are you a resource?Are you the top widget maker?Are you a customer service king? #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 10. Im AwesomeHow do I tell everyone?(with Traditional Media) #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 11. What Does Traditional Media Look Like? #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 12. Why Traditional Media? Not everyone uses New Media as well as we do Brand recall (usually) requires numerous touch-points Show them youre more than a logo and a color scheme Build a more complete picture Step outside your avatar and 140 characters Play to each channels strength #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 13. If a brand falls in the forest (Should it have used a sound?)Information delivered viamusic is learned up to 60times faster & retained upto 100 times longer thanthe same informationdelivered by speech alone.according to a Cambridge University study, 2003 #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 14. Like a good neighbor, ______________ The best part of waking up, _________ Motel 6 will leave the _______________ When you lled in the blanks, Did you sing the song? #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 15. #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 16. Im AwesomeHow do I tell everyone? (with New Media) #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 17. What Does New Media Look Like? #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 18. Why New Media? Listen to & Learn from others in your eld Listen to & Learn from your customer base Build relationships & engage customers Brand ambassadors who help you spread your message Establish expertise and brand voice through long form Become human Analytics, Analytics, Analytics #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 19. Where Do I Start? Decide on your overall goalHow does this t into my marketing goal(s)? Do your research (Competitors) Pick your 1st channel #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 20. What is YOUR Goal? Are you trying to nd new clients? Are you trying to become a resource? Are you trying to network? Are you engaging your current clients? Are you trying to build a movement?Are you trying to market a product/service? #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 21. Where is My Soapbox? Popular Options: 1. Facebook 2. Twitter 3. Blog4. Specialty Networks #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 22. Play Nicely Together It doesnt have to be one or the other They should compliment and enhance each other Take advantage of New Medias analytics for your Traditional Media efforts Promote and Share #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 23. Things to Remember Keep an eye on your goalsMake sure all of your channels play nicely together Be mindful of which channel you are using Keep your goals limber (they will evolve) #fullcircle // #OGS11
  • 24. What Have We Learned? Branding boils down to trust Branding must carry into every touch-point Have a strategy - overall and for each channel Make sure your strategy is limber and adaptable Understand the return o