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Transcript of Bugsy Siegel Powerpoint

  • 1. WANTED Benjamin Bugsy Siegel Dead or Alive $10,000 REWARD For participation in organized crime

2. BUGSY SIEGEL The purpose of this PowerPoint is to teach you about the wrongdoings and accomplishments of a famous Jewish gangster from New York City 3. New York Police Department Case report Name: Benjamin Siegel DOB: February 28 th1906 City/State of Birth: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY Occupation: Organized crime 4. New York Police Department Case report City of Residence:Beverly Hills, California Nationality: American Religious Beliefs: Judaism Spouse: Esta Krakower 5. Early Life

  • Joined gang on the Lower East side of Manhattan
  • Committed many thefts
  • came up with his pushcart idea
  • Befriended Meyer Lansky, an amateur mobster
  • Mobs hitman


  • Son of Max Siegel and Jennie Goldstein
  • Married to Esta Krakower
  • Father of Millicent and Barbara Siegel
  • Had many Hollywood mistresses
  • Serious affair with Virginia Hill

FAMILY 7. Becoming a G

  • Became a Bootlegger in NY, NJ and Philadelphia
  • part of Murder Inc.
  • Ended the Castellammarese War by killing Joe Masseria
  • Established ties with Charles Lucky Luciano
  • 1932- arrested for bootlegging & gambling

8. Harry Greenberg Trial

  • Participated in murder of Harry Big Greenie Greenberg
  • Murder occurred on November 22, 1939
  • Tried for murder- later acquitted
  • Trial ruined his reputation
  • Nickname formed from this trial

9. Bugsy

  • Nickname derived from his violent temper
  • Hated the nickname
  • Based on slang name bugs meaning crazy
  • Never called Bugsy face to face
  • Violently react to being called Bugsy


  • Sent to California in 1937 by east coast mob
  • Develop organized gambling rackets

Set up a national wire service to help the East Coast mob quicken their returns Gained entry to Hollywoods inner circle

  • Set up a national wire service to help the East Coast mob quicken their returns
  • Gained entry to Hollywoods inner circle


  • Land given to Siegel by Mayer Lansky to help him reinvent himself
  • Immediately gave away desert land wanted nothing to do with it
  • Lansky finally convinced Siegel to take on the project
  • Worked under William R. Wilkerson onthe Flamingo Hotel

LAS VEGAS 12. The Flamingo

  • Under wilson, siegel found black market supplies to fuel construction
  • Wilkerson put siegel in charge in 1946
  • Siegel took over project in may 1946
  • Spent way more money than the project had accounted for
  • Hotel was opened on December 26 th , 1946- 9 months before scheduled opening in hopes of helping to pay back debts

13. Death June 20 th1947

  • Beverly Hills Home
  • Shot twice in the head Shot fired through skull
  • Eye found in other side of room
  • Ex mobster Eddie Cannizzaro

14. R.I.P 15.

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  • End