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  • 1.The Price is Right! Tips to MakeYour BPO Stand Out

2. Focused on Real Estate!Marki Lemons-Ryhal 3. BPOs3Focused on Real Estate! BPOs Are generally prepared for banks Is and estimate of probable sales price Prepared by REALTORS Report must comply with ordering company guidelines No undue influences imposed by ordering company or agentsBPOs: The Agents Role in the Valuation 4. Focused on Real Estate! In Illinois, nothing in the Act shall prohibit aperson who holds a valid license under the Real Estate License Act of 2000 from performing a comparative market analysis or broker price opinion for compensation, provided that theperson does not hold himself out as being alicensed real estate appraiser. 5. Focused on Real Estate! 6. Real Estate Is A Local BusinessFocused on Real Estate!One street name in two separate locations 7. Apples to Apples Focused on Real Estate! New Construction CondoCondo Conversion 8. www.mredllc.netFocused on Real Estate! 9. Room Count GuidelinesFocused on Real Estate! A room does not have to have a minimum square foot qualificationA room without a closet is countable as abedroom 10. Know More Than AnyoneFocused on Real Estate! 11. YouTube-Private Video for Loss MitigationFocused on Real Estate! 12. What does History Tell You?Focused on Real Estate! 13. Focused on Real Estate! 14. 8/22/2012 Focused on Real Estate! 15. Focused on Real Estate! Thank you17