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British festivals. Государственное бюджетное образовательное учреждение средняя общеобразовательная школа № 180 с углублённым изучением английского языка. Ученик 7а класса Маслов Андрей. New Year‘s Day. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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British festivals

180 7 New Years Day

The celebration of the New Year in the UK is held at night on December 31 . New Year is celebrated not only at home with the family but also with friends. People go to restaurants, cafes and clubs .Food: New Years menu in the UK includes apple pie , cake of the round form with a hole in the middle, pudding, cheese , and hot dishes - roast goose, the steaks. Decoration: the decorations usually include sprigs of holly, which are hung over the door. The central place is beautifully decorated with a fir-tree.Presents: people give small cards and Christmas toys to their friend. Valentines Day is celebrated in many countries of the world on February 14. On that day people send Valentines - special cards with an affectionate messages to their friends and relatives. You can also send a card to a person you dont know. But traditionally you mustnt write your name on it.Valentines Day


This day is celebrated in the end of March. The UK Easter is one of the major Christian festivals of the year. It is full of customs, folklore and traditional food. It is traditionally associated with the coming of spring and with chocolate eggs. Churches are decorated with flowers and early green. Easter customs are egg rolling, pancakes, Easter rabbit .

The history of the holiday is still unknown though its based on something magical and mysterious.

It is celebrated on the last Monday of May as the first day of Summer.

All people get dressed in carnival costumes and May garlands.

The symbol of this holiday is May tree which is set in the center of the city.May DAY

Halloween is a festival that takes place on October 31. It is not a public holiday but is dear for children and teenagers. This festival celebrates the return of the souls of the dead who come back to visit places where they used to live. In the evening there are a lot of Halloween parties. People dress up in funny clothes, they decorate their houses with pumpkins, children play Trick or treat . Halloween

Guy Fawkes is Britain's famous terrorist. On the 5th of November in 1605, Guy Fawkes planned to blow up The Parliament and kill the King of England, James I. But his plan was discovered. The conspirators were executed. Every year people set up fireworks and bonfires on this day. On the top of each bonfire they put a figure of Guy Fawkes. Also people wear Guy Fawkes' masks like the symbol of protest.Guy Fawkes' Night

8Christmas Day , December 25,is probably the most popular holiday in Great Britain. It is a family holiday. Traditionally all relatives and friends give each other presents. They decorate their houses in the traditional way, that is the Christmas trees are set up in houses, in the streets and churches. The Christmas trees are always decorated with fairy lights, angels and small toys. Presents are put around the tree.

Christmas Day

On the eve of the Christmas children hang their stockings so that Santa Claus could put presents into them .Santa Claus got his name from a man known as St. Nickolas who lived in Asia in the fourth century. He gave his wealth to the poor and often to children.

A typical Christmas lunch includes turkey with cranberry sauce and pudding.

The end! April Fools dayThis day is celebrated on April 1st. You can play jokes on people. When they discover the joke, you say April fool!. The most popular joke is to say that something is wrong with your dress. At school children try to pin notices like Kick me or I am a fool on each others backs.