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II - -Z L GOVERNMENT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA HISTORIC PRESERV A nON OFFICE * * * HlSTORIC PRESERVATION REVIEW BOARD APPLICATION FOR HISTORIC LANDMARK OR HISTORIC DISTRICT DESIGNATION New Designation Amendment of a previous designation Please summarize any amendment(s) _____________________ Property name .Qa.'\'f\ f( any part ofthe interior is b g nominated, it must be specifically identified and described in the narrative statemen . Address5jI7-5 . C.O \ \ (z 0 7..) 7Z \:, Date received 9/, l;/MI H.P.O. staff () Office of Planning, 801 North Capitol Street, NE, Suite 3000, Washington, D.C. 20002 (202) 442-8800 fax (202) 535-2497 NPS FOlm 10900 OMB No 100240018 (Oct 1990) Uni ted States Department of the Interior National Park Service National Regist er of Historic Places Registration Form This form IS for use In nomi natmg or requesting determinations for individual properties and districts. See instructions in How to Complete the NatIOnal Reglstero! Hrstonc Places RegIstration Form (National Register Bulletin 16A). Complete each Item by marking "x" in the appropriate box or by entenng IIle Information requested . it any Item does not apply to the property berng documented. enter "N/A" for "not applicable. For functions. architectural classification, malena/s, and areas of significance, enter only categories and subcategOries from the instructions. Place additional entries and narrative Items on cont,nual:on sheels (NPS Form 10900a). Use a typewriler. word processor or compuler. 10 complete all items. 1. Name of Property historic name Brightwood Street Railroad Company Car Barn other names Electrical Generating Substation Number Five 2. Location street & number 5929 Georgia Avenue NW o not for publication city or town Wash in,9c:.; to"' n"'.-=D:.;C=--____________________ _ ____ o vicinity Distrr ct of state Colllmbia code DC County code 001 zip code 3. State/Federal Agency Certification As Ihe deSignated authority under Ihe National Historic Preservation Acl of 1966. as amended. I hereby cenify that this [3] nomination 0 request for determl" atlon of eligibility meets the documentation standards for registering properties in the National Register of Historic Places and meel s the procedural and professional requiremenls sel forth in 36 CFR Part 60. In my opinion. the property I)