Bridging the Cancer Gap in Uganda through Rotary Cancer Run

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The Uganda Rotary Cancer Program initiated an annual fundraising event called the Rotary Cancer Run in August 2012 in order to raise funds for the Construction of a Rotary Cancer Ward via St Francis Hospital Nsambya. Thanks to the support of Rotary International, Rotary Uganda and our local partners Pepsi Uganda, Centenary Bank and the general public, we will be completing the ward a year ahead of schedule..alas our journey.

Transcript of Bridging the Cancer Gap in Uganda through Rotary Cancer Run


  • Cancer Statistics

    There is a steady rise in the number of Ugandans suffering from various forms of cancer

    Today cancer kills more people in Uganda than the combined effect of TB,

    Malaria and HIV/AIDS

    Cancer awareness is still very low and most victims get to know too late. Whether one is educated or not. Doctors, traders, teachers, businessmen, bankers, labourers all generally check for cancer late

    Over 70% of the people diagnosed with cancer at the UCI are found to be in advanced stages (4th stage). Dr. Fred Okuku.

  • The Cancer cycle

    Poverty and ignorance

    Very expensive treatment,


    High rate of advanced diagnosis

    Low rate of testing and

    early detection

    We need to CARE a little more for humanity. Cancer can be managed if we all came together

  • Where we have been

    Ground breaking for the ward

    Cancer Ward site 2011

    Cancer Ward site 2011

    Project cost UGX 1.3 bn

  • Where we have been (First cancer run - 2012)

    Cancer ward 2012

    UGX 150m

    UGX 100m

    UGX 50m

    UGX 20m

    50 cartons of water

  • Where we have been (Second cancer run - 2013)

    UGX 100m UGX 20m

    UGX 20m 500 bags of cement

    All roofing sheets

    UGX 160m 400 cartons of water

  • Where we are

    AISPO 340m Centenary Bank 83m 3rd Rotary Cancer Run Gap to be closed 300m Equipment to be acquired through Rotary family and The Rotary

    Foundation Training of staff through Rotary Vocational Training Teams

    Progress so far 80% of the ward is complete


  • Infrastructure Awareness creation Counselling and testing

    Cancer ward 2015

    Where we are going

    The road map

    Launch January 2015 Diagnostic and Pediatrics

    center Regional outreach

  • Our Journey in pictures

  • Thanks

  • Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due,

    when it is in your power to do it Proverbs 3:27


    Slide Number 1Cancer Statistics The Cancer cycle Where we have beenWhere we have been (First cancer run - 2012)Where we have been (Second cancer run - 2013) Where we are Where we are goingOur Journey in pictures ThanksSlide Number 11Slide Number 12