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Transcript of Bret Harte Pio · PDF file The Oratorical Fest took place in the cafeteria Friday, January 17,...

  • Issue #7

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    February 5, 2014

    Bret Harte Pioneer IN THIS ISSUE… News Continuation of Challenge Day and Oratorical Fest Page 2 Features Americas Finest News Source, The Onion Page 3 Better Know a Teacher Mr. Ostrom Page 4 Doubts about Einstein’s Space Time Theory Page 6

    On Monday, January 13, Challenge Day was held from 8:50 to about 2:55 in the gym for all 7th graders. Ms. Pena, a therapist for our school, says, “Challenge Day is a program for 7th grade students. Every child is invited and it’s basically to help the students build self esteem, to decrease violence in the school or bullying." Mr. Hughes thinks Challenge Day contributes to Bret Harte’s work against bullying and violence. "Challenge Day is an experience for students to better understand each other, how they are hurt and hurt each other, and build community to prevent bullying," he said. According to Mr. Hughes, we did not have this program last year because it was too expensive for Bret Harte at the time, but after receiving a grant from the district specified for the 7th graders to be a part of it, we now have done Challenge Day. At the beginning of Challenge Day, the students registered, were greeted, and got to meet everyone in the gym. During Challenge Day the students participated in large and small group activities. Ms. Pena says the program consist of many things such as music or dance. She explains it as "fun" and "a great program for kids." She also added her experience with past challenge days. “I've went to one of the programs and I really enjoyed the process, there’s about 20-25 adult volunteers from the school and outside community program, its a very well structured program, really great for kids,” she said. Continued On Page 2…

    Students Become Emotional At First Ever Challenge Day At Bret Harte By Claire Chao

    The Oratorical Fest took place in the cafeteria Friday, January 17, during 2nd period. The sixth grade competition was based on interpretation, expression, articulation, and stage presence in memoriam of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The judges were Marcel Jones, Ms. Harris, Ms. Loera, and Ms. Peña. Marcel Jones, a UC Berkeley student, said they were looking for, “Someone who seems to relate to the material.” The competitors were: Maya Nichols with the poem “Standing Tall” by Jamie McKenzie, Eleanor Wikstrom interpreted the poem “The Million Man March” by Maya Angelou. Anthony Powell recited “America’s Greatest Farmer” by George Washington Carver. Ben Schneider rapped “Young and Positive,” and Hezekiah Pemberton presented “The Ballad or the Landlord” by Langston Hughes. Daniela Benitez recited an original poem entitled; “Freedom” and a group made up of Donald Tyler, Junior Maile, Hezekiah Haylett also went up with “Standing Tall”. Continued On Page 2…

    Students Perform At Bret Harte Oratorical Fest By Valentina Legaspi & Adriana Villegas

    Mr. Brown’s Boys Men Of Color performing during the Oratorical Fest Photo%Credit:%Valentina%Legaspi%

  • News Issue #7

    Page 2

    February 5, 2014

    In first place came Eleanor Wikstrom with 152 points. Maya Nichols in second with 151 and in third place with 149 points was Hezekiah Pemberton. 8th graders Jocelyn Gomez and Amari Padilla co-hosted the Oratorical Fest. Jocelyn Gomez said, “The Oratorical Fest is a good way for kids to develop public speaking skills…Most of them did pretty good you can tell that some of them were pretty nervous, but they still did pretty good. 7th grader, Roman Romo supported this by saying, “I felt a little bit nervous because there were a lot of kids. Once you were there performing everything came off.” Although it was only a 6th grade competition, that did not stop 7th and 8th graders from participating. Mr. Brown’s Boys and Men of color recited “One Today” from the Inauguration of President Obama by Richard Blanco. 8th grader, T.J. Lackey said, “We did this to prove how much we appreciate black history month.” Roman explained that they worked really hard on their piece as well, “We started December 1st and we did it until [Jan. 17] now… probably 8 weeks,” Jocelyn Gomez was happy that we “Brought this tradition back to this school.”


    Students didn’t know what to expect before the event. 7th grader Ray Wahab says, “ I thought it was gonna be fun.” Others, like 7th grader Alicia Matias and 7th grader Morgan Pearson both say there first thought was that it would be “boring” Many students very much enjoyed Challenge Day, and was very overwhelmed with emotions like 7th grader Danielle Mumma, "We got out of our comfort zone and just let it all out by crying, it was emotional but nice ." During Challenge Day many activities were done that really opened up students, such as getting into groups and talking about things that has impacted the students. Matias says, “I was glad I was there because it really helped me to see other kids who go through a lot, and me not knowing,” 7th grader Vtee Kheng says at the end of the day it was sad because they talked about what was going on in their lives,” 7th grader Jenny Kwan says she liked Challenge Day. “You can let go of your feelings and it makes you feel better in the inside after you’re done crying and you just let it all out,” Kwan said. Many students said they learned a lot from the day. “I learned not to judge other people because I don't know what its like to be

    Winner Eleanor Wikstrom reciting “The Million Man March” at the Oratorical Fest. Photo%Credit:%Valentina%Legaspi%

    Students Become Emotional At First Ever Challenge Day At Bret Harte Continued From Page 1…

    Students Perform at Bret Harte Oratorical Fest Continued from page 1…


    in their shoes I don't know what they’ve been or are going through,” Mathis said. Danielle Mumma said she had also taken away the same lesson, “We learned to be ourselves and not to judge people so quick because we didn't know what they've been through.” Kheng agreed, “I learned that I shouldn't judge anyone before I get to know them.” 7th grader Asia Hardiman said, "I learned to always keep moving forward and keep your head up" For Matias, her favorite activity was when there was a line on the floor and the instructor would say something that students could relate to and if the student has been through it or are going through it they cross the line. She says it gave her comfort knowing that some people aren't alone with their issues, and that a lot of people going threw things feel alone and by doing this students know they're not alone, there are people who can relate. Kheng agrees this was his favorite activity as well, "I liked it because I learn not to mess with anyone now that I see what they are going through." Pearson says her favorite activity was when the students had gotten up and danced. . Ray Wahab and Roman Romo both say their favorite activity was when they had gotten into small groups and discussed things that impacted their lives or someone who had passed away in your life. "It was my favorite because it shows that other people also had a family member that they really love pass away,” Wahab said. Mr. Hughes says he has seen many students “improve” after this program, “I have seen several students change as a result as well as say that they feel like it was a positive experience to have that kind of space to express themselves and understand where other people. are coming from,” he said.

  • Features Issue #7

    Page 3

    February 5, 2014


    Do you find newspapers boring? Do you find yourself dozing off while reading an article you know absolutely nothing about? Do you feel the need to laugh while reading a newspaper? Then why not check out The Onion. The Onion is an actual newspaper and website that combines satire, inappropriate humor and real life topics to create hilarious and clever articles. Tim Keck and Christopher Johnson in Chicago, Illinois founded The Onion in 1988. In an interview with Wiki news, former Onion president, Sean Mills, said Christopher Johnson’s uncle came up with the name for the newspaper while eating a onion sandwich. “He (Tim Keck) told me…literally that his (Christopher Johnson) uncle said he

    should call it The Onion when he saw him and Chris Johnson eating an onion sandwich.” Said Mills. Since the Onion staff’s food budget was so low, they would have to resort to eating plain white bread and onions, which is why Johnson’s uncle was eating an onion sandwich. At first, The Onion was a big success in major university towns, such as Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago. After the creation of its website in 1996, The Onion gained attention across the U.S. Part of what has made The Onion so popular, is the style of humor it has. One style of humor that adds to the experience is Deadpan. Deadpan is a type of humor in which the comedian tells the joke without changing his or her facial expressions and body language. Basically, if you have seen someone tell a joke while looking bored or uninterested, that’s


    Deadpan. Now, Deadpan works a little differently when written. The way The Onion pulls it off is that the writers report and portrays the fake articles the paper is known for, as real and legitimate stories. Some of these stories include, “Man Wo