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  • 8/3/2019 Breakup Cafe


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    Cafe where the break ups happened

  • 8/3/2019 Breakup Cafe


    lanza1521 2011

    All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of lanza1521.

    Authors note:

    Hello fellow WonderBangers/Wonderful VIPs! My name is Yssa/lanza1521.This is my very first fanfic/one-shot and

    probably the last. This story just popped out of my head when I was listening to Davichis song Mulbyeong. What

    inspired me to write is the sound of their voices, if you listen to the song youll hear SoHee and YooBins voice

    (well not really their voice but it sounds like them)So I came up with the idea of making a one-shot. I just

    wanted to write down what I have imagined in my mind. I have no plans to be a future fanfic writer so Ill just

    probably stick to photo manipulation in the future. I have no writing experience and English is not my first

    language so please be easy on me

    I dedicate this to TOOBIN & HEEDRAGON shippers

    I hope you all enjoy, although Ill warn you that this is a heartbreak story. Regardless, read away!

  • 8/3/2019 Breakup Cafe


    ^ v ^ Please take note of the song first before reading the one-shot, thank you^ v ^I recommend that you watch the song with eng subs @ YT, the voices of Davichi on that song sound like SoBin!

    credits tojstasimplesubfor the video w/ eng sub

    *lines in the song sung by SOHEE*

    *lines in the song sung by YOOBIN*

    Water Bottle - MulbyeongBy Davichi

    After waking up from a dream like breakup

    You linger in my two sad eyes

    My tears fill the water bottle

    Undrinkable, It remains...

    It quietly comes into my heart

    Where the one that break my heart could be

    Delicate flowers slowly whither, more and more

    I love you, I need you

    I never once said goodbye

    Why am I hurt, why am I sad

    It's just a normal, uneventful day

    I love you I love you

    I stand before you yelling this

    This is not goodbye, this is not goodbyeBut why are you not answering me

    The rain and the tears fill

    Because you are not under my umbrella

    my small shoulders, drenched, and shake

    I love you, I need you

    I never once said goodbye

    Why am I hurt, why am I sad

    It's just a normal, uneventful day

    I love you I love you

    I stand before you yelling thisThis is not goodbye, this is not goodbye

    But why are you not answering me
  • 8/3/2019 Breakup Cafe


    11:30pm, an ordinary night somewhere in Korea, year 2010

    .......... Sohees POV ..........

    Lets break up...

    Lets break up...

    Lets break up...

    These three words keep echoing in my mind as I stare at his retreating back. After several

    minutes trickled by just staring at the now empty seat opposite me, those three words finally

    sunk in. The scene that happened several minutes before now playing in my head...

    Several minutes ago

    As I enter the cafe I crane my neck trying to look for his familiar figure. As my eyes settled on our

    regular table I saw the back of his familiar form.

    Oppa! I called out to him as I wave my hand approaching the table

    Hearing my voice he turned his head and raised his hand slightly not wanting too much

    attention on him.

    Sorry, did you wait long? We kinda ended our schedule a little late today so I came straight

    away. I explained as I sit opposite him

    Not really, I just got here myself. he said slightly smiling

    Oh, really? I said relieved, then smiled brightly

    .......... awkward silence ..........

    Uhm, so how are you? Arent you tired, you just came back from your schedule? he asked

    This is our first time meeting in two years. After the plane landed in Korean soil we, the other

    Wonder Girls and I, immediately had to go to our first schedule. Our schedule was so packed

    that I had no time to meet him. The full two weeks of our stay in Korea was packed with

    rehearsals and tapings.

    Since this is our last schedule before going back to the states our manager said that we would

    finish early. But since itisour last schedule it lasted an hour longer. Its a good thing I asked to

    meet with him 1 hour after our schedule so I wasnt that late.

  • 8/3/2019 Breakup Cafe


    Not really, since Im still jet lagged, at this time Im still wide awake.I said

    Seeing his tired face I asked him immediately Why Oppa, are you tired? Do you want to go

    home? We could just meet tom-

    No, its okay. We can talk now since were already here. immediately cutting off what I wassaying

    His voice was kinda sad and he looked tired as if he hadnt slept for days.

    No Oppa, you look kinda tired we can just-

    Sohee-ah, I need to tell you something. He immediately cut me off

    You can tell it to me tomorrow, you look so tired, lets- Lets break up. He blurted out

    -go home... What? I asked confused at what he just said

    I said lets break up. He repeated with a serious look

    What? Oppa why are you saying that? Is it because I didnt have the time for you? You know

    our schedule was packed right? I thought youd understand since you know these tight

    schedules too...I asked baffled

    Im sorry Sohee-ah, I cannot continue anymore. These past two years you were gone I realized

    we cannot continue our long-distance relationship. Our schedules are so busy. You with your

    impending American debut, me our comeback in Japan. We are always miles apart, we cannot

    have a decent time meeting each other.

    But Oppa, just like what you said its been two years and we still manage to contact each

    other, e-mails, texts, calls...

    Thats just what I was trying to say Sohee. We cannot continue this, its not healthy. We

    contact each other, yes but the time difference, its not convenient for us most of the time. Im

    sorry Sohee-ah but I think we should break up.With that last statement he stood up and walked

    out o the cafe and walked out of my life.

  • 8/3/2019 Breakup Cafe


    11:30pm, an ordinary night somewhere in Korea, year 2010

    .......... YooBins POV ..........

    Lets break up...

    Lets break up...

    Lets break up...

    These three words keep echoing in my mind as I stare at his smiling face, with his dimples

    showing. He is smiling but he isnt smiling back at me, he is smiling at someone else. I can see

    them happily conversing inside the house while Im here, looking through the large glass

    window from the outside. An outsider. I came to his house right after our last schedule ended.

    We, the other Wonder Girls and I, didnt have free time when we got here in Korea so I didnt

    have a chance to see him. I took out a letter from my bag and inserted it in between thehouses gate. With a defeated sigh, I left.

    2 years earlier

    Entering the cafe I craned my neck and stood on tip-toes looking for his familiar figure.

    Binnie-ah, Im here! I heard him shout, facing atwhere the shout came I saw him waving his

    hand at me

    I waved back at him and started for where he was sitting. When I sat down opposite him he was

    still smiling ear to ear. His dimples were showing, making his features softer and more boyish. I

    find his dimples cute and so out of place because when not smiling he has a very serious face.

    Why are you smiling brightly? I asked his still smiling face

    Nothing, I just cant stop smiling when I see you. he said playfully pinching my cheeks

    Aigoo, Oppa you should be careful you have an image to protect. I said to him

    Before he was considered the jokester of the group Big Bang, he was called Bingu-TOP by his

    dongsaengs. But then YG-nim reprimanded him and said he should act maturely since he is theoldest member of his group and should set an example for his dongsaengs.

    Aigoo, you know Im only like this with you right? he said while cutely doing the flower boy


    I jokingly glared at him

  • 8/3/2019 Breakup Cafe


    Arasso, arasso. Anyway I ordered our regular drinks right before you came. Iced coffee for you

    and Espresso for me, is that okay?

    Uhm actually Oppa I just wanted to say something quickly

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot. What were you going to tell me thats so important?He immediatelyasked therefore cutting off what I was saying

    Oppa, do you remember when I told you JYP-nim said that he had big plans for us? I nervously

    asked him

    Yeah, I remember. What about it?he replied

    JYP-nim announced a while ago that we willpush our luck in the U.S. market early next year.

    Wow Binnie, thats great! he saidexcitedly

    But Oppa, our stay is indefinite, JYP-nim said since we are venturing into another country we

    will start as rookies again. We will become busy re-recording our songs in English. Another thing

    is that he said he got us a contract with the Jonas Brothers as their opening act for their concert


    Binnie-ah thats even better! At leastWonder Girls will have someone to back you guys up!

    Oppa, you dont understand. We will be gone a long time, we dont even know if we could go

    back to Korea for holidays.

    Binnie-ah, what are you trying to say? he asked slightly concerned

    With a sigh I said without looking at him, Oppa, Im saying we should breakup.

    At the same time those last 2 words came out of my mouth the waitress announced her

    presence with our drinks and served it at our table. After the waitress left there was an

    awkward silence at our table.

    After what seemed like forever he finally spoke up.

    What did you just say? he asked obviously confused and dumbfounded

    Lets break up. I answered, tears stinging my eyes

    Why are you saying that? Even if youre busy we could still be together, like having a long-

    distance relationship. His voice sounding a little panicked

    Oppa, you know those relationships doesnt work out so well. I answered him sadly

  • 8/3/2019 Breakup Cafe


    No! I know someone whos in a long-distance relationship and it turned out well for them,

    Binnie-ah... his voice sounding wobbly

    Oppa... I dont wantto keep your hopes up. What if someday I tell you Illbe home for Chuseok

    or Christmas but then Im suddenly detained because something important came up? What if I

    can go home to Korea but then youre too busy with work or youre not there because youre

    busy promoting in Japan?

    Binnie-ah, Ill just go to you then. If you cant go home Ill just fly to the U.S. Its okay I know we

    will be busy early next year in Japan, but since there will be connecting flights in Japan to US I

    can easily book a flightwhen we have no schedules up.

    Oppa, what if while you are in the US but then I cant meet with you? I cant bear to see you

    wait for me and end up disappointed because I cannot meet with you and then all your efforts

    will be a waste... a tear trickled down my cheek

    Binnie-ah... he cradled my tear stained cheek

    I rested my cheek on his hand revelling on the feel of his gentle touch.

    Holding his hand on my cheek I slowly removed it and then said

    Im sorry Oppa... With those words I stood up and left the cafe with tears running down my


    Even when I heard him calling out my name I didnt look back at him. Instead I just ran and left

    him there, left him forever.

    The year-end specials came; Big bang and Wonder Girls were paired up again due to popular

    demand by fans of both groups. Since the break-up we hadnt talked with each other. The PD-

    nims told us we could pair up with whoever we want since itll be a couple performance.

    Knowing that I cannot pick him I chose Seungri, Oppa in return chose Sunmi. The other members

    know of our break-up so they didnt say anything. During the recording I cannot help but look at

    Oppa and Sunmis performance. I can feel Oppas emotions when hes rapping my part in

    Nobody. During the fan-service Seungri wanted to cheer me up so he asked me if we could do

    our routine again, he said its for the fans but I know he just wanted me to be distracted. Evenwhen were doing the routine I cannot help but feel Oppas stare. I know he must still be hurting.

    But I know hell get over me because hes strong. Hes Choi Seunghyun, he can easily move on

    and replace me. I want him to be happy, I want him to be free. While Im gone I want him to

    have choices. What if when Im gone he falls for someone but because hes still attached to me

    he cannot freely pursue that person. I dont want him to hate me in the future for keeping him

    shackled in a relationship with uncertain future.

  • 8/3/2019 Breakup Cafe


    .......... Sohees POV ..........

    In a daze I walked out of the cafe.

    I walked aimlessly for what seems hours. I didnt notice where my feet had taken me when a

    familiar building appeared in my line of view. It was Jiyong oppas apartment building. I didnt

    know how long I was standing in front of the building when I noticed a familiar form inside the

    dark lobby. There was the familiar orange glow of a lit cigarette in between his fingers. Inhaling

    deeply then puffing out the last of his cigarette he crushed it on the trashcans ashtray and

    started to leave.

    Oppa, wait! I shouted, with his back to me

    He froze, his back stiffened. Then he turned facing me.

    I walked to the front steps of the building then shouted Oppa, I love you! Please dont do this

    to us, give us a chance. Dont do this please. You love me right?

    He didnt say anything. He just stood there standing, staring sadly at me.

    When he didnt say anything I realized we had really broken up. Suddenly it started to rain just

    as my tears started to fall down my cheeks. Thankful that the rain hid my tears, I finally said to

    him I wish you well. Then I started to run until I reached a small nearby park and there I let

    out a sob, my shoulders shaking. Drenched from the rain I cried my heart out.

    Same old story that everybody knows, it's one heart holding on, one heart letting go.

  • 8/3/2019 Breakup Cafe


    .......... YooBins POV ..........

    After I left his house I didnt know that the strong wind blew my letter away, the letter that

    contains my heart, of whats left of it after our break-up.

    Inside the cafe where everything have started and ended, sitting with our favourite drinks atour table I recalled what I had written in that letter...

  • 8/3/2019 Breakup Cafe


    Standing up with unshed tears I left without touching the drinks. As I got out the cafe it was

    raining. Its a good thing I have an umbrella with me. Walking out of the cafe I realize out of

    habit I was about to snuggle into someone but it turned out to be thin air. Whenever it was

    raining during our dates Oppa would hold the umbrella for us and snuggle me into him so I

    wouldnt get wet from the rain.

    Pabo I said knocking on my head slightly not noticing that tears are now running down my


    Why are you sad? Werent you the one who insisted on breaking up? You shouldnt be the one

    hurting because you asked for it. And stop thinking about the past, aigoo pabo-yah, you cant

    just cry out of a sudden in the rain because you miss him. People would think you insane. Just

    move on and be happy for him. I tried to convince myself while standing still on the street

    crying my heart out under the umbrella.

    Sometimes you have to hold your head up high, blink away the tears, and say good-bye.