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"Draw My Life" by: Brandon Damiano

Transcript of Brandon damiano final3

  • Draw My Life

    By: Brandon Damiano

    For this project I drew my life as an elephant. The rea-son I chose an elephant is because I believe the char-acteristics of elephants best describe my life. I am intel-ligent, close with my family, and humble. This book will take you on a journey into my life. I hope you enjoy :)


  • Brandon Damiano, Born Feburary 19th 1995

  • When I was 5 we added a new member to the family. We named our dog Ruby :)

  • In the 4th grade I learned to ride the unicycle.

  • In the 10th grade I made the Mamaroneck High School Tennis Team.

  • In the June of 2013 grade I graduated from Mamaroneck High School.

  • In the summer of 2014 I visited the San Diego Zoo with my family

  • I am currently a student at Stony Brook Univer-sity and will graduate in 2017.

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