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How Ancillary Sales Can Optimize Revenues and Customer Experience

How Ancillary Sales Can Drive Revenues and Optimize Customer ExperienceSam K.Research AnalystConfidential

Why Me? Confidential

Research & Business Objectives Confidential


Executive SummaryConfidential

E-commerce is growing!

Key Performance Indicators

Detailed FindingsAncillary P&S are a Priority!How Much a Priority is it to Grow Revenues From Cross-Sell of Ancillary P&S?Confidential77% of respondents offer ancillaries through their online channels.

Performance Indicators81% are on or above target!How Has the Sales Revenue of your Ancillary Products Performed Against Targets outset for this Program Overall?Confidential

What Impact have your Ancillary P&S Sales had on the Following Areas?Confidential

What Strategies Will your Company Employ to Respond to Decreasing Margins in your Digital Channels?


Companies Test Their Ancillary P&S to Great Results!What Testing Methods, if any, Do You Use for Ancillary P&S?Confidential

But Challenges ExistConfidential

What Are your Biggest Challenges in Selling Ancillary P&S?Confidential

Why Do You Not Sell Ancillary P&S on your Website?Confidential

Where on your Website Do you Suggest Ancillary P&S?Confidential

Again SummaryConfidential

Next Steps

The CEO or Middle Managers wont know the CX more than the customers themselves! Integrate online ancillaries in customer journey more directly.Companies need to more closely engage with CX.Confidential

Sam K.ResearcherThank you!Confidential