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Brain Busters. Got it on the brain?. Instructions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Brain Busters

  • Split the class into even groups of 4 or less. Each team will compete against the other teams in the class. Print the gameboard and place it somewhere where it is visible for the students (middle of the circle, tacked to the board, etc.). Find a game piece for each team (chekkers, pieces of paper, coins, etc.). The teacher should also give each group the table with the categories and number values so they can keep track of what has been used. The game is split into 4 categories: Lights, Camera, Action (Charades) in which you act out the bold words, Sketch It (Pictionary), Word Play, and Figure It Out (Trivia). The first team picks a category along with a number value. Click on the chosen value to link to the question. One member of the team will act out or draw while their group tries to guess the answer. You must take turns acting and drawing. The team as a whole tries to determine the answer in Word Play and Figure It Out. The number value correlates with the number of spaces the team gets to move if they get the question right. If they get the question wrong they dont get to move. The questions get harder as the value increases.After the question pops up, the timer starts. Each category has its own time limit. Lights, Camera, Action (45 seconds); Sketch It (45 seconds); Word Play (1 minute); and Figure It Out (30 seconds). After their time expires a slide will pop up declaring their time has run out. DONT GET ANSY AND CLICK! It will pop up on its own. If the team answers the question before their time runs out for Lights, Camera, Action and Sketch It, click on the mailbox to get back to the category page. In Word Play and Figure It Out the answer is provided on a different slide. If the students answer the question before time runs out, click on the balloon to link to the answer. If the hand or stoplight pops up, the students must give an answer. After they answer click anywhere on the screen to link to the answer slide.The first team to get to the finish line wins.

  • Figure It OutWord PlaySketch ItLights, Camera, Action

  • Lights, Camera, Action1Your next role is a dentist.

  • Lights, Camera, Action2Save someone with CPR.

  • Lights, Camera, Action3Be a chiropractor.

  • Lights, Camera, Action4Grow up. Stop acting like a kid.

  • Lights, Camera, Action5Do you know what an athletic trainer does?

  • Lights, Camera, Action6Surgeon, can you remove my gallbladder?

  • Sketch It1Draw a stethoscope with your eyes closedno peeking!

    Name a health professional that would use a stethoscope.

  • Sketch It2Draw an x-ray.

    Name a health professional that associates with x-rays.

  • Sketch It3Draw contacts.

    Name a health professional that prescribes contacts for patients.

  • Sketch It4Draw an oxygen tank.

    Name a health professional that would advise the use of an oxygen tank.

  • Sketch It5Draw a guitar with your eyes closedno peeking!

    Name a health professional that would use a guitar.

  • Sketch It6Draw a microscope.

    Name a health professional that would use a microscope.

  • Word Play1Fill in the blanks. a _ _ e _ g _ _ _.

  • Word Play1 Answerallergist

  • Word Play2What does a podiatrist specialize in?

  • Word Play2 AnswerDiagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases of the human foot.

  • Word Play3Unscramble.a t g d i s o l o r i

  • radiologistWord Play3 Answer

  • Word Play4Fill in the blanks._ b s _ e _ r _ c _ a _

  • obstetricianWord Play4 Answer

  • Word Play5Define epidemiologist. I dare you!

  • The branch of medicine that deals with the study of the causes, distribution, and control of disease in populations.Word Play5 Answer

  • Word Play6Unscramble. e t l h s s e a i t o n o i s g

  • Word Play6 Answeranesthesiologist

  • Figure It Out1Too much sodium can lead to: cancer tooth decay high blood pressure low blood pressure

  • Figure It Out1 AnswerThe correct answer is c high blood pressure.

  • Figure It Out2After what event did the first heart specialist emerge? Kennedy Assassination World War I Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue Civil War

  • The correct answer is b after World War I. Figure It Out2 Answer

  • Figure It Out3What are antibiotics used to kill? germs viral infections white blood cells bacterial infections

  • Figure It Out3 AnswerThe correct answer is d bacterial infections.

  • Figure It Out4What is another name for the eardrum? tympanic membrane cochlea pinna ossicle

  • Figure It Out4 AnswerThe correct answer is a tympanic membrane.

  • Figure It Out5People with Down Syndrome have an extra chromosome on what pair?a. 20thb. 21stc. 23rdd. None of the above

  • Figure It Out5 AnswerThe correct answer is c 21st pair.

  • Figure It Out6What is the second major cause of death in the world?a. drugsb. cancerc. alcohold. tobacco

  • Figure It Out6 AnswerThe correct answer is d tobacco.