Lecture Busters

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Educational research is clear: the traditional teacher-centered lecture format is not highly effective with regards to student learning outcomes. This presentation presents a few ways to interactively "bust up" lectures. Note that this ppt show is not meant to stand alone-- it is just one part of an interactive, face-to-face presentation.

Transcript of Lecture Busters

  • 1. Lecture Busters Keeping Students Engaged Dr Hugh Crumley Center for Instructional Technology

2. Lectures: true or false? Students maintain attention for about 40 min Students forget most things learned in lectures Pauses in lectures for discussion increase retention 3. 4. Forget most things Students forget mostthings learned in lectures? 5. Pauses in lectures for discussion increase retention? 6. Plan

  • Cycle of learning
  • Quick ways to engage & assess
  • Personal Response System

7. Kolbs Experiential Learning (1984) Experience Reflect Conceptualize Experiment Kolb, D. A. (1984)Experiential Learning , Englewood Cliffs, NJ.: Prentice Hall. 8. Two sentences

  • Explain Kolbs model in two sentences
  • Your audience: a 12 year old

9. In the classroom

  • 15 minute time limit
  • Variety of activities
  • Formative assessment
  • CATs

10. CATs: Think Pair Share 11. CATs: Minute Papers 12. 13. 14. 15. Question: Multiple Choice

  • Which of these things does not belong?
  • Salsa
  • Orangutan
  • Dandruff
  • E-coli

16. WHY? 17. Question: answer series

  • Put the following historical events in order
  • World War II
  • World War I
  • The Renaissance
  • Introduction of the McRib Sandwich
  • (answer format:ABCD )

18. Question: Numeric question

  • The sum of twice a number plus 13 is 75.
  • Find the number.

19. Question: Short Answer

  • Who do you consider the most dangerous person in the world?
    • Press a letter to enteralphamode
    • Use keysto change letters

20. Peer Instruction 1 of 2

  • The earths seasons are largely a result of the earths changing distance from the sun.


  • The earths seasons are largely a result of the earths changing distance from the sun.

Peer Instruction 2 of 2 22. Analog works too. 23. Democrat Nominee? 24. Elected in November? 25. Activity

  • In groups, 10 minutes
  • CAT or PRS alternative for your field
  • Demo for workshop

26. Credits

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This work is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial-ShareAlike2.5 License . Hugh Crumley, Duke Center for Instructional Technologycrumley@duke.edu