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An initiative by to educate on new media e.g. blogging

Transcript of Blog Hands On Training

  • 1. Blog Hands-On Specially for RSVP by Peggy

2. Training Requirements Internet Access Email Account Can use Internet Browser Switch between browser windows / tabs Ctrl+C to Copy Ctrl+V to Paste 3. Outline Understand Blogging (20 min) Signups & Setup (1hr 40 min) Create Posts (45 min) Marketing & Resources (15 min)Total Duration = 3 hours 4. Understand Blogging A website where articles / posts are posted regularly and displayed in reversechronologicalorder Web Log Individual articles on a blog are calledblog posts, posts or entries 5. Understand Blogging Adding or Maintaining an article / postin an existing blog is called blogging A person who posts these entries iscalled a blogger Made up of text, hyperlinks, images, videoes and widgets etc 6. Understand Blogging Writing Style: Conversational Contents: Focus on a specific Area of Interest Personal experience Feelings Controversial 7. Understand Blogging Characteristics of a Blog Empowers You Moderation (SPAMS / Comments /Blacklist / Block IP Address) Ease of Blogging (Post-date articles,draft, Categorize by Month or Tags) RSS Feeds Changing Skins Site Statistics Add fun stuff (call widgets) 8. Understand Blogging Characteristics of a Blog (Cont) Brings like-minded people together Share experience and learn Widget like Interactive Blog Comments Pingbacks / trackbacks 9. Understand Blogging Still confused? Watch this video on Youtube! 10. Signups (optional if time permits)Tip: You dont have to useyour real name for signups 11. Wordpress Easy to use and maintain For non-techie blogger Understand Limitations No Ads e.g. Google Ad Sense No promotion of products through paid posts (e.g. payperpost) No Javascript Not for business 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Setup a Blog (Wordpress) Add an Avatar and update your profile 17. Setup a Blog (Wordpress) 1. Go to Manage >> Pages 2. Edit About Page 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. http://www.technorati.comUpdate this page and scroll down 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. http://www.mybloglog.comIf you have no yahoo email account, click join now If you have yahoo email account, Sign In. 35. fill up the form to create an account 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. http://www.mybloglog.comCopy this code 43. 44. 2. Click on the Configure button 1. Drag a Text 1 Widget to Sidebar 45. http://www.mybloglog.com1. Paste the code in Text 1sConfiguration screen2. Click on x on the screen.3. Click Save Changes buttonCopy this code 46. This is MyBlogLog Widget 47. Setup a Blog (Wordpress) Dashboard Familiarization 48. Setup a Blog (Wordpress) Dashboard Familiarization 49. Setup a Blog (Wordpress) 50. Create a Post (Text) 51. Create a Post (Text)Formatting Add your title here Tools Add your text here 52. Upload Picture (Photobucket) Click on either link 53. Upload Picture (Photobucket) 54. Upload Picture (Photobucket) Select a PictureClick Open button 55. Upload Picture (Photobucket) 56. Upload Picture (Photobucket) The uploading progress 57. Upload Picture (Photobucket) 58. Create a Post (Text + Picture) Click on Insert/Edit image button 59. Posting Youtube Video 60. Create a Post (Text + Video) 61. Create a Post (Text + Video) 62. Blog Comments Lets all try this! Commenting on your neighbours blog entry Reply to the Comment Managing Comments 63. Market Your Blog Through friends and colleagues Add your blog address at every likely social networking site(e.g. facebook) Visit and post in forums(signature links to blog e.g. MyHomeTown.SG) Blog Community sites(E.g. Meta Blog Aggregator Sites(E.g., 64. Resources Blog Search Engines Google: Microsoft: Blog Communitiese.g. , 65. Resources Blog Aggregators International Local 66. Resources Blog Engines http://MyHomeTown.SG Photo / Video / Slides Hosting 67. Who can Blog? Everyone can and so can You! 68. Thank You! If you have further questions, ask athttp://MyHomeTown.SG