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  • 1.Poetic Writing Shape/Concrete Poems

2. What is concrete poetry?
3. Concrete, or shape poetry is poetry where the arrangement of the words is just as important as the conventional elements of the poem (e.g. meaning of words, rhythm, rhyme, etc.) when conveying the intended effect.
It can also be referred to as visual poetry because the words themselves form a picture.
4. Background
The earliest known shape poem was written by the Green Poet Simias of Rhodes (300 B.C.).
5. He wrote a poem in the shape of an axe andalso wrote a famous poem in the shape of an egg, meant to be written on one.
6. The term Concrete Poetry was coined in the 1950s. In 1956 an international exhibition of concrete poetry was shown in So Paulo, Brazil, by the group Noigandres.
7. A Brazilian concrete poetry manifesto was published: Using words as part of a specific visual work allows for the words themselves to become part of the poetry, rather than just unseen vehicles for ideas.
8. Characteristics
* Involves brainstorming or ideas
* The purpose is to connect the readers ideas of the poems with the appearance
* The subject can be anything, that can be expressed in a shape
* The tone is often lighthearted, the shape of the poem is more important than the sound of the poem
9. * Structure: The lines and stanzas take the shape of the subject
* Rhyme scheme: The poems often do not rhyme and do not have to, but can if you wish
CREATE a concrete poem that draws on inspiration from our BIG IDEA
10. Examples:
11. 12. 13. Time for your turn....