POETRY BOOK REQUIREMENTS. TYPES OF POEM I Can’t Write a Poem Acrostic Haiku...

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Transcript of POETRY BOOK REQUIREMENTS. TYPES OF POEM I Can’t Write a Poem Acrostic Haiku...

Poetry Book Requirements


Types of PoemI Cant Write a PoemAcrosticHaikuExaggerationCinquainClerihewFree VerseTanka ConcreteQuaternRictameterLimerickMagazine (EC)

Each Poem Must:Have a title that is in quotation marks.Be labeled as to what format type it is. (clerihew, etc.)Have a visual illustration that relates to the meaning of the poem.

Poetry Book Formatting RequirementsCover Page: Includes an interesting title, the authors name, and a visualTable of Contents: Includes the names of each poem (in ) and the page number it is found on.Each page needs to be numbered.Each page should average a minimum of two poems per page. Mix it up buttercup.

I Cant Write a PoemCreate a list of excuses/reasons/etc. why you cant write or dont want to write a poem. This is a great way to let the creative juices start flowing!

Example:I Can't Write a Poem Forget it -Bruce LanskyYou must be kidding.I'm still half asleep. My eyes keep closing.My brain isn't working.I don't have a pencil.I don't have any paper.My desk is wobbly.I don't know what to write about.And besides, I don't even know how to write a poem.I've got a headache. I need to see the nurse.Time's up? Uh oh!All I have is a dumb list of excuses.You like it? Really? No kidding.Thanks a lot. Would you like to see another one?

AcrosticFormed by writing a phrase (three of more words) vertically down the page One letter per line / All capital letters Each line of poetry must begin with the letter on that line and must pertain to the word Must use more than three words per line Does not have to rhyme Use adjectives and phrases that describe the word

Acrostic Example

HaikuOriginated in Japan An experience with nature Three lines Unrhymed Seventeen syllables Line 1 five (5) syllablesLine 2 seven (7) syllablesLine 3 five (5) syllables

Haiku ExampleSnowflakes falling downIn a whirl of dancing gleeCold ballerinas

Drifting overheadMaking shadows on the groundThe clouds swiftly fly.

ExaggerationDo you know someone who ALWAYS has to one-up you? Do any of your friends constantly stretch the truth to look better than they actually are? Well, in this poem the person who can exaggerate the best wins! Five or more linesAbout a person, place, or thingExaggeration is the key!

Exaggeration ExampleMy Mom Is Better Than Your Mom- Bruce LanskyMy mom is better than your mom.The oatmeal she makes is so good for me I could bench press 100 pounds when I was five.She says "Have a bright day," as I walk out the door, ready to get straight As in school.She makes spinach and Brussels sprouts so delicious I always ask for seconds.People are always telling her, "Youre so beautiful, you should be a model." But she always responds, "Its not your outer beauty but your inner beauty that counts most."She never nags me to do my homework. Instead, she asks "How are you doing with your homework? Need some help?" I never do. I want her to be proud of me.And when she puts me to bed at night, she tucks me, gives me a kiss,and Im asleepjust like that.My mom is nicer than your mom.

Cinquain*1st line - 2 syllables - announce the topic*2nd line - 4 syllables - describe the topic*3rd line - 6 syllables - express action*4th line - 8 syllables - express feeling or describe the subject*5th line - synonym of 1st line - 2 syllables - renames the topic

Cinquain ExamplesSnowmanChubby, cheerfulWaiting, grinning, winkingIcy weather keeps him smilingFrosty

Friendship UnderstandingTalking, caring, sharingTaking and giving all at onceBest pals

ClerihewThey are four lines long.

The first and second lines rhyme with each other, and the third and fourth lines rhyme with each other. The first line names a person, and the second line ends with something that rhymes with the name of the person. A clerihew should be funny.

Clerihew ExampleThe enemy of Harry Potter Was a scheming plotter. I can't tell you what he's called; I'd be ashamed To name "he who must not be named.

Our art teacher, Mrs. Shaw, Really knows how to draw. But her awful paintings Have caused many faintings.

Free VerseMore than five linesNo real rhyme schemeCan be about anythingHave fun!

Free Verse ExampleFog- Carl Sandburg

The fog comeson little cat feet.

It sits lookingover harbor and cityon silent haunchesand then moves on.

TankaA Tanka consists of 5 lines.

First line: 5

Second line: 7

Third line: 5

Fourth line: 7

Fifth line: 5

The lines do NOT repeat!

Tanka ExamplesThe leaves change colorWhen the fall winds start to blow,Yellow, orange and brownAre the colors of fall leaves,Slowly falling from the trees.Beautiful mountainsRivers with cold, cold water.White cold snow on rocksTrees over the place with frostWhite sparkly snow everywhere.

ConcreteIncorporates poetically pleasing words with a strong visual component Words form the shape of the subject and poem You may draw the shape of the subject of the poem and write your words around the outline of the shape Words do not have to rhyme Tells the reader about the subject using as many interesting words as possible Uses action words, feeling words, and describing words Try to use words that touch on all five senses

Concrete ExampleTriangleIama veryspecialshape I havethree points andthree lines straight.Look through my wordsand you will see, the shapethat I am meant to be. I'm justnot words caught in a tangle. Lookclose to see a small triangle. My anglesadd to one hundred and eighty degrees, youlearn this at school with your abc's. Practice yourmaths and you will see, some other fine examples of me.

QuaternFour sets of four stanzas. A stanza has four lines. Each line has eight syllables.The first line repeats throughout.Line One is repeated in Line Six, Line Eleven, and Line Sixteen.

Quatern ExampleMessage In A BottleThe tide carried the note to shoreSecret words from a time beforeIn a bottle sent long agoFor a love she did not yet knowWith the sun reaching the sea floorThe tide carried the note to shoreGlass glinting in the rays of sunNote inside meant for a loved oneGlistening he saw from the beachBut the bottle still out of reachThe tide carried the note to shoreHe did know what the contents boreHeart pounding he raced to the seaMy love, I still remember theeSecret words to be read once moreThe tide carried the note to shore.


A rictameter is a nine line poem. The 1st and last lines are the same with syllable count as follows:line 1-2 syllables

2-4 syllables

3-6 syllables

4-8 syllables

5-l0 syllables

6-8 syllables

7-6 syllables

8-4 syllables

9-2 syllables (first and last lines are identical)

Rictameter ExampleCome back

I'm calling you

I know you can hear me

It's so painful to be ignored

One day you'll call and no-one will listen

Then you will know what it is like

Why don't you answer me

I need your help

Come back

Limerick THE RULES OF LIMERICKSThey are five lines long.Lines 1, 2, and 5 rhyme. (8 Syllables) Lines 3 and 4 rhyme with each other. (6 Syllables) They have a distinctive rhythm (Syllable Count)They are usually funny.They are usually about a person.

Limerick ExampleThere once was a man from PeruWhose wife loved to make a beef stewBut once, by pure mistakeIn the stove she did bakeThat stinky old man of Peru

Magazine/ Found PoemInventive poetry that uses words/phrases/etc. from print (magazines, newspaper, etc.) to create at least a five line poem! Steps: 1-Scan the written material for catchy words and phrases.2-Cut them out.3- Arrange these words and phrases to make your poem.

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