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  • She's a Witch!

  • Monte Python and the Holy Grail comically depicts the psychological aspects ofWitchcraft in psychopathology with the concept of generalization

  • Psychology Basis

  • Psychopathology~ the study of psychological and behavioral dysfunction occurring in mental disorder or in social disorganization

  • Ancient Theory~ Witchcraft is an ancient theory, regarding fear of someone equipped with supernatural abilities~ It is believed that women accused of witchcraft may have had a mental illness

  • The Malleus Maleficarum, written in Latin, is the most infamous witch hunting manualsIt was used for 300 years to distinguish and exterminate witches

  • Media

  • Peasant 1: We have found a witch, may we burn her?(cheers)Vladimir: How do you known she is a witch?Peasant 2: She looks like one!

  • V=Vladimir P=PeasantV: So, why do witches burn? (long pause)P2: Cuz they're made of... wood?V: So, how do we tell if she is made of wood?V: Does wood sink in water?P1: No

    P3: No. It floats!V: What also floats in water?King: A Duck!V: Exactly! So, logically...P1(thinking): If she weighs the same as a duck... she's made of wood!

  • This ties into another concept from Psychology, generalization~ Generalization is the process in which an organism responds to stimuli that are similar to the conditioned stimuli

  • Connection

  • The generalized face of witches as we know them is to have a big nose

  • ~Is it valid that the ancient theory of supernatural women, also known as witches, are generalized through the comedy of Monte Python and the Holy Grail? ----->Yes

  • My Take~My take on it is that witches have been made out to be an ugly person, but they may of in fact just been a little different. Generalization is always a process that as humans use. Familiarity is a safety mechanism to remind us how we've handled situations that we've already experienced to know if it's safe or not. Its interesting that witches have been made into a scary part of one of the most fun holidays, with roots from a very gruesome past.

  • SourcesShe's a witch!Here is the youtube link to watch the video, I would suggest it for a good laugh:

    Meriam-Websters dictionary of psychopathalogy