Biggest Adwords Mistakes - Pubcon Vegas 2014

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Biggest Adwords Mistakes - Pubcon 2014

Transcript of Biggest Adwords Mistakes - Pubcon Vegas 2014

  • 1. Biggest AdWords MistakesPresented by: Maria Corcoran

2. 67Accounts42Countries200,000Ads20+Languages540,000KeywordsBiggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 2 3. AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 3 4. A person who never madea mistake never triedanything new.Biggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 4 5. 11BiddingBiggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 5 6. Create a script to check for your analyticstracking, or manually check Maintain a conversion event mappingMissing Inaccurateor IncompleteConversionTrackingBiggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 6 7. Autohotkey.comSTEPS TO USE THIS PROGRAM1. Download Auto Hotkey2. Unzip the file we send and launch program .ahk3. Grab list of URLs input into URL input file, save4. Execute the file5. Hit Ctrl Alt W1. Pop up opens asking for what string of text you are looking for in the code.2. Enter the text and hit enter6. When completed, a file will be generated that has the information of whateveror not your text was in the source code.Biggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 7 8. Bidding on termsto please othersBe willing to testanything, but besure to use datadriven decisions AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 8 9. Emphasis on HighFunnel/LowConversionKeywordsAvoid the lure of high traffic low conversionkeywords AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 9 10. Have a methodology to your bid strategy 3 Keyword Segments 3 Sub SegmentsDont ever set itand forget it AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 10 11. 3x3 Performance SegmentationFILTERSVolume Leaders EfficiencyThreatsVisibilityStrugglesSORTSConversionSuccessNon-ConvertingSpendIgnoredImpressionsConversions > 0Conversions = 0Cost > 0Cost = 0Impressions > 0Rev.(Conv.)ROAS(CPA)CV CE CPPos.NV NE NPPos.IV IE IPPos.CTR(Bounce)CostImp. Q ScoreBiggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 11 12. AutomationBiggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 12 13. 11Bidding2Optimization2Biggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 13 14. Not understandinghow match typeswork togetherEXACT & PHRASE MATCHYou keep on using those words, I do notthink it means what you think it means AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 14 15. Ad Diagnosis ToolBiggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 15 16. Dont Give up on Keyword DataBiggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 16 17. Google Webmaster ToolsBiggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 17 18. Learn to LOVE Negative KeywordsAccountExact CampaignsPhrase CampaignsModified BroadCampaignsBroad CampaignsExact Keywords:Regular & RelevantExact Close VariantsPhrase Keywords:Regular & RelevantExact Close VariantsModified BroadKeywordsBroad KeywordsExclude IrrelevantExact Close VariantsNegative ExactExclude IrrelevantPhrase Close VariantsNegative PhraseNegative PhraseBiggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 18 19. Relying too heavilyon Broad MatchKeywords AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 19 20. MisalignedMessaging & UserExperienceBiggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 20 21. 11Bidding2Optimization233CampaignSettingsBiggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 21 22. Ad Rotation Settings Optimize for clicks (default setting) Optimize for conversions Rotate evenly Rotate indefinitely AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 22 23. Think you dont need Ad Extensions? Ad extensions are part of ranking algorithm! Bid + (expected CTR + LP + Ad + Extensions) =Ad rankExample: extended headers 8 % increasein CTRExample: extended headers + Site Links +Call out extensions 13% increase in CTRBiggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 23 24. Auto Opt in GEO & Language Targeting Target to the region you are trying to advertise to Localization of ad copy and LP content Take a common offer and customize to region AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 24 25. 11Bidding2Optimization233CampaignSettings44On GoingEducationBiggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 25 26. Read, Participate, ReadBiggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 26 27. 11Bidding2Optimization233CampaignSettings44On GoingEducation55TimeManagementBiggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 27 28. Invest 2-4 hours per week for testingnew betas/areas of opportunitiesDont getparalyzed AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 28 29. Time Management10%25%20%10%20%15%Portfolio/Campaign budgetoptimizationReporting/AnalysisAd Copy updates andoptimizationKeyword updatesoptimizationNew opportunities & accountinnovationAccount maintenanceBiggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 29 30. 11Bidding2Optimization233CampaignSettings44On GoingEducation55TimeManagementSummaryBiggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 30 31. Dont rely solelyon GoogleAdWordsBiggest AdWords Mistakes, @mariacorcoran 31