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BottomlineTechnologiesMelissa CraigChannel Development ManagerBottomline [email protected]

#[email protected]

Blue HorseshoeSupply Chain Summit


10,000+Global CustomersOffices in US, EMEA & Asia-Pac

1,500+Employees Worldwide$300M+NASDAQ EPAYBottomline Technologies provides payment, invoice and banking solutions to corporations, financial institutions and banks around the world. 3

Reduce the burden on your IT and AP resourcesAccelerate the migration to electronic paymentsLower costs and earn rebatesIncrease productivity and efficiencyAutomate processing from capture to storageReduce costs, errors, and manual stepsImprove productivity and services levelsAccelerate payment lifecycle and capture early payment discountsStreamlined, End-to-End Payables Automation


Bottomline in the Microsoft Dynamics Community

Microsofts Technology Adoption Program (TAP)Microsoft Gold Certified ISV Partner

Microsoft Dynamics Presidents Club

Business-Critical SharePoint Program

We also know credentials are a big part of validating that the vendor you do business with is a real player in the Microsoft market. Bottomline invests heavily in our resources and products and have an array of credentials, partnerships and awards that reflect our presence in this space.

Highlighting a few:Were a Microsofts Business-Critical SharePoint Partner, a program that validates solutions deployed on SharePoint that provide businesses ROI for economical and strategic benefits. Were also a part of the Microsoft Technology Adoption Program, a program that offers early feedback on new products or updatesas well as give important customers a heads-up on what Microsoft is up to. Participation is by invitation only and participants must make a serious commitment to testing and feedback were proud to be a part of this program and have been for many years.Lastly is our Microsoft Presidents Club Award; each year Microsoft recognizes its highest-performing Dynamics partners for demonstrating exceptional levels of growth while delivering innovative solutions that have helped their customers drive their businesses forward.

The bottomline is youve invested heavily in Microsoft with Dynamics and we have as well and can trust that well be able to support your needs.

5Transform AP Client Snapshot

62%Pressures Driving a Focus on AP AutomationSource: Aberdeen Group, 2014High error rate

Demand for operational efficiency

Lack of cash flow predictability

Mandate to reduce costs

Risk of payments fraud

61%15%19%10%Regulatory compliance

11%7This graphic that reflects an Aberdeen study which tells us companies are looking to drive operational efficiencies and reduce costs as the primary reasons to look at AP automation, which I sure resonates with many of you on the call today. We know there can be a number of other reasons and this list is not all inclusive but interestingly enough, these two are directly related in that if you drive more efficiencies, youll naturally reduce costs.

But why are costs so high and why is there such a lack of proficiency with vendor invoice processing?

Vendorprints invoiceCheck issuedAccounts Payable opens invoiceVendor Deposits checkVendormails invoiceVendor receives checkApprover 1Approver 2Vendorheads to bankManual entry into financial systems

AP Paper-Based World

BuyerThe primary reason AP departments lack efficiency and elongated time to process invoices is simply because for most, its still a paper-based world with many manual touch points. The majority of invoices are received via mail, although email attachments are becoming more prevalent but often still opened and printed, bringing you back to paper. In some cases, companies are still decentralized and have no visibility to invoices and where they are in the process. In other scenarios, AP may receive and manually route for coding and approval, often multiple approvals are needed, or deal with matching exceptions and need to contact the buyer for corrective action or approval. All the while manually keying data into your Dynamics system. So it can be a very chaotic process as this illustration depicts.

Click to advanceThe manual process doesnt stop there as the net outcome of invoices being vouchered in Dynamics are payments, which lead to other manual processes whether it be print checks or having to manage and maintain vendor back details for electronic payments. The net result, is a slow, labor intensive, and costly process.

Bottomline provides solutions for payments as well but focus here today is on invoice processing.8Transform AP OverviewCaptureCapture & Verify

Transform Active CaptureIntegration with

Transform AP AX Real-Time ConnectorWorkflow



Audit Match



Transform AP

Well start with an overview of Transform AP and youll see that it can be broken down into 3 areas.

First and foremost, AP automation is predicated on getting invoices captured electronically, whether this be scanning paper documents or automatically receiving invoices as email attachments. Regardless of how it comes to your business, by imaging and utilizing data capture such as our Transform Active Capture, paper can be eliminated from the downstream process and metadata collected automatically through OCR without manual data entry.

Now for some organizations, they may not want to touch the paper process at all and Bottomline provides an Invoice Data Capture Service whereby vendors send invoices to a PO Lockbox or specified email address and simply remove the internal mailroom function and capture process altogether.

Once this is achieved, driving workflow automation through automated matching, GL Coding and approvals online while being able to audit and track each step of the process, generate reports and key performance metrics is vital and this is achieved with Transform AP for SharePoint.

Regardless of where you are in the process, real-time validation and data integrity are key. Thus, integrating seamlessly into Dynamics through our Connector provides tremendous value throughout the invoice lifecycle, all the way through to automatic voucher creation, without any re-keying of data.

Lets take a closer look at each of these


Real-time integration with DynamicsReal TimePackaged solution with standard out-of-the-box functionalityPackagedLeverage your existing SharePoint platform for new capabilitiesLeverageDecrease Costs, Improve Accountability, Visibility and Reporting, Increase ProductivityEfficienciesTransform AP Benefits

In summary, the Bottomline Transform AP solution, provides a real-time integrated solution that leverages your SharePoint platform by offering a packaged solution with standard out-of-the-box functionality that allows for configurations based on requirements whereby companies will undoubtedly realize the many benefits of gained efficiencies and drive down costs to obtain a return on their investment.