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THREE AREAS TO COVER Classification Raise Care

DEFINITIONBetta is any of a genus (Betta of the family Anabantidae) of small brilliantly colored longfined freshwater boney fish of Southeastern Asia.

(Merriam-Webster, 2012, p. 1).

CLASSIFICATIONSmaller type fish (2.375inches long) Carnivore. Two main color: Cornflower Blue

Fiery Red

C L A S S I F I C AT I O N ( C O N T I N U E ) Male: are more beautiful than the female. Have longer fins.

Build the bubble nest..Aggressive.

Take care of the eggs.

C L A S S I F I C AT I O N ( C O N T I N U E )

Female: are less beautiful than the male.Have shorter fins.

Produce eggs.Less aggressive.

Not allow to take care the eggs.

RAISEOne male in a tank. Female is allow to mate with the male when she is ready. Separate the tank during the reproduction



Remove the female after mating. Allow the male to take care the eggs (2 or

3 days).Warm water (temperature 25-31oC).

Tanks size. (small or big).

RAISE (CONTINUE) There are 12 steps to build the tanks.

CARESFoods. (carnivore, eat variety of food).1. Feed once or twice a day. (left over food

spoil the water).2. Fray eat micro worms(2 or 4 drops); morning and evening (repeat 2 or 3 weeks).

CARES (CONTINUE)Four steps to keep Betta healthy :1. Provide a suitable bowl or aquarium for

your Betta fish.2. Feed your Betta fish adequate and appropriate food.

CARES (CONTINUE)3. Keep the fish bowl or aquarium clean.4. Reduce sources of stress for your Betta

fish in order to keep it healthy.

CARES (CONTINUE)Causes Betta to die:1. Starvation.

2. Chilling.3. Nitrite & Ammonia poisoning.

4. Sick.

CARES (CONTINUE)Symptom of sick Betta: 1. Not cheerful 2. Fins not open. 3. White fuzz on the body or fin/s. 4. Yellow spot on the body.

CARES (CONTINUE)5. Red bumps.6. Strange color spot.

7. Not interested in eating.

CARES (CONTINUE)Deceases that attack Betta:1. Fin rot.

2. Velvet.3. Ich.

CARES (CONTINUE)Treatment and ways to avoid sick Betta1. Provide clean warm water. 2. Right amount of food. 3. Right temperature. 4. Recognized whats wrong (sick or not sick)

CARES (CONTINUE)5. Isolate the sick.6. Clean the bowl regularly.

7. Diagnose the illness.8. Administer proper doses of antibiotics,

if necessary

CONCLUSIONSmall fish that that has two basic color and several others. Thy are carnivore. Live in warm water.

CONCLUSION(CONTINUE)When they are sick we can see the symptom. Easy to treat and care for.