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Bet Shira September 2012 Bulletin

Transcript of Bet Shira September 2012 Bulletin

  • NEW YOuTH PROGRAMMeet Alex, the new Youth Director!Page 16

    familY serViCes Rosh Hashanah services for families and young childrenPage 9

    September 2012 Elul 5772/Tishrei 5773 Volume 28 No. 11

    MAZEL TOV To our cantor and coreen on their recent marriage.invite on Page 5

    Schedule of High Holy Day Services on Page 9

  • Adam Koptowsky

    Matthew and Victoria Feller

    Randy and Jane Greenberg

    Martin and Wendy Harrison

    Joan Johnson

    David and Stacey Leibowitz

    Sammi Siegel

    Harry and Anne Shearer


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    WELcoME bAcK bbQ


    Sympony of the Americas & The Mission chamber orchestraand cantor Kula, July 25

    B E T S H I R A C O N G R E G AT I O N w w w . b e t s h i r a . o r g


    Professional staff

    rabbibRiAn ScHULDEnFREi

    rabbi emeritusDAViD H. AUERbAcH

    Cantor MARK H. KULA

    eXeCutiVe DireCtorLoRi SoLoMon

    eCC DireCtorJUDiTH GAMPEL, ED. D

    eDuCation DireCtorMARiLYn WoLFSon

    YoutH DireCtorALEX ZAREMbA


    PresiDentJoSEPH H. SERoTA

    PresiDent-eleCtLoRi bLUM

    sisterHooD PresiDentSUZAnnE RobERTS


    ritual assistantAVRon SMoLEnSKY

    finanCe DireCtorAiLEEn LAFonT

    eXeCutiVe assistantDonnA LEiGH-TUcKER

    member serViCes/bulletin bEcKY cHoSED

    eCC assistant DireCtorARiEL KobETZ

    eCC aDmin. assistantGLADYS MARTinEZ

    eCC Pta liaisonSHiRLEY WiLLiAMS

    jeC aDmin. assistantiLEnE FREiDEL

    Alex Zaremba, our new Youth Director on his first day of work, August 6

    Social Justice Trip with Rabbi Schuldenfrei to immokalee, July 29

  • LooKinG FoRWARD

    S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 2


    conTEnTSCLERGYS CORNER4 rabbi brian schuldenfrei Overcoming A Dark Summer5 Cantor mark H. Kula Shana Means More

    FRoM oUR PRESiDEnT6 joseph H. serota: Be a Part of the Bet Shira Strategic Plan

    FRoM oUR EXEcUTiVE DiREcToR7 lori solomon Beginnings...

    SiSTERHooD8 suzanne roberts, book Club, Game Day, Cooking academy

    HiGH HoLY DAYS9-11 suzanne roberts, book Club, Game Day, Cooking academy

    RiTUAL11 religious services & Candle lighting times

    SYnAGoGUE nEWS12-13 be in the Know!

    EDUcATion14-15 bet shira: Perfect for the Young ones in Your family

    on-GoinG AnD FUTURE SYnAGoGUE EVEnTS17-19 find out What Great Programs are Going on at bet shira!

    YoUTH PRoGRAM16 meet alex Zaremba, Youth Calandar

  • overcoming A Dark Summer

    s ummer is a time of innocence; it is a season to enjoy, and in which to love. Yet, this summer

    has not afforded us these luxuries. instead it has

    forced us to confront the worst of humanity. this

    summer we saw a movie theatre, where dreams,

    stories and innocence live, turned into a mad

    mans shooting gallery, and we saw a house

    of worship desecrated by hatred and murder.

    aurora and the seikh temple robbed us of our

    innocence, and remind us that lunacy, hatred,

    and senselessness still threaten. beyond aurora

    and milwaukee, the sadness of summer was felt

    across the world. seemingly every day we saw

    the harsh tyranny of the assad regime continue

    to mercilessly and cruelly oppress the people of

    syria. the summer days have been long, but its

    light has been diminished.

    even the summer olympics failed to lift my spirits.

    most often the olympics represent the best of what

    we hope to achievepeople from all around

    the world uniting in sport and competition. but

    this olympics, with its failure to recognize the

    slaughtered israeli athletes at the munich Games

    forty years ago, compels me to ask why, and the

    answer i am left with is ugly and uncomfortable.

    Certainly, if athletes from any other country had

    been murdered, their memory would have been

    invoked. but, for the eleven jewish israelis there

    was nothing. During the olympic opening

    Ceremony with its grand torch, eleven yahrtzeit

    candles were left unlit.

    this year, instead of holding on to summer, i am

    anxious for it to end. i want this summer, its

    tragedy and harsh realities, to fade away. i believe

    that the fall will be better; that the sweetness of a

    new Year will bring goodness to the jewish people

    and all the peoples of the world. i am hopeful that

    the impending birth of our child in october will

    restore my joy. i pray to God that as we prepare

    to welcome new life, the world that awaits will be

    filled with light not the light of a dark summer

    but the light of goodness and blessing.

    Deborah and i would like to wish you a shana

    Tova - a good new year filled with Light!B E T S H I R A C O N G R E G AT I O N w w w . b e t s h i r a . o r g

    4 C L E R G Y S C O R N E R From The Pulpit: Rabbi brian Schuldenfrei

  • t he High Holy Days , rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are cal led the Yamim nora im, Days o f awe . they a re bo th delicate and intense days, and the services require a f ine musical balance embracing the comfor tab le fami l ia r i ty o f pas t wi th innovative fresh tones that move us forward. best of al l , we l is ten and we sing joining our voices for goodness in the coming year.

    Hebrew language is based on derivatives of three letter root words, the three Hebrew letters, shin, nun, and Hay, can be pronounced in different ways creating meaningful words that are relevant to our hopes for the new year. the word shana is year, the word sheeneh is teach and the word shoneh is change. this wonderful root generates words offering these messages when we sing the melodious tune of leshnah toavah tikatevu as the wish for the future. of course, we want the new Year to be good. but, we want the New Year to be filled with learning and growing as well. after all, essential to the new Year is change. We all ride the ebb and flow of the constant change in our personal, professional and communal lives. We truly wish for future changes to be good.

    Reflecting on the amazing High Holy Day Shul scene makes me smile as we see each other after the passage of various amounts of time.

    We look our best, extending a shalom and shanah tovah greeting with the warmest wishes for the future year. new faces and some missing souls make the season emotionally charged. the power of our yearnings for good changes and blessings in the new Year is one of the main sources of energy in our sacred space, bet shira. Quite often people say to each other, You have not changed a bit (since last year). While the phrase is meant well, is it the best message of rosh Hashana?

    maybe, we can greet each other saying, you have changed for the better. may we experience this Holy Day season marking an onset of positive changes with moments of learning and growing so that the New Year is filled with goodness.

    this year let us add another layer to our singing. as we sing the melodies of the Yamim noraim, we should also listen to each other. Community thrives when we take note of each other, and when we stay attune that some things are the same while most things change and, we cherish the one and embrace the other. all of us know that some voices will be missing, and new voices have joined (speaking personally).

    on this rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, lets appreciate the blessings of our past and the possibilities of our future. With the multiple meanings of shana, let our voices sing out lshanah tovah umtukah!

    Shana Means More...

    S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 2

    5C L E R G Y S C O R N E RThe Voice of bet Shira:cantor Mark H. Kula

  • Join a task force and help us plan the future of bet Shira. More details to follow.

    Monday, oct. 29

    Tuesday, october 30

    Thursday, november 1

    Monday, november 5

    Thursday, november 8

    Tuesday, november 13

    Wednesday, november 14


    Ther board of Directors installation is onSaturday, September 15 at9:30 A.M. Shabbat Service. Please join us.

    B E T S H I R A C O N G R E G AT I O N w w w . b e t s h i r a . o r g

    6 F R O M O U R P R E S I D E N T be a Part of the bet Shira Strategic Plannow that summer is over, the synagogue year begins in earnest and this year that means the strategic Plan! beginning at the board of Directors retreat and continuing through the summer, lay leadership along with the professional staff have been planning for the commencement of the bet shira strategic Plan.

    earlier this year, the endowment Committee engaged a consultant who interviewed many of our congregants. The consultant wanted to find out what is right and what is wrong with our synagogue and to gauge the interest of our members to contribute towards an endowment campaign. He discovered strong support for a possible campaign, but many of the respondents said that they

    would only contribute if they knew that bet shira had a vision and plan for the future. after discussion at the board, it was decided that the creation of a strategic plan is the right thing for us to do for many reasons and is long over due.

    as a result, this fall and winter, the entire congregation will be invited to be a part of the planning process. We will start with an on-line survey which will invite all our members to provide us with their thoughts and concerns. We will establish seven task forces to address finances, youth (JEC and youth department), early childhood, ritual, programming (adults), leadership/governance, and membership. We will have a steering committee to oversee the process. each task force