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Bet Shira September 2012 Bulletin

Transcript of Bet Shira September 2012 Bulletin

  • NEW YOuTH PROGRAMMeet Alex, the new Youth Director!Page 16

    familY serViCes Rosh Hashanah services for families and young childrenPage 9

    September 2012 Elul 5772/Tishrei 5773 Volume 28 No. 11

    MAZEL TOV To our cantor and coreen on their recent marriage.invite on Page 5

    Schedule of High Holy Day Services on Page 9

  • Adam Koptowsky

    Matthew and Victoria Feller

    Randy and Jane Greenberg

    Martin and Wendy Harrison

    Joan Johnson

    David and Stacey Leibowitz

    Sammi Siegel

    Harry and Anne Shearer


    LooKinG bAcK

    WELcoME bAcK bbQ


    Sympony of the Americas & The Mission chamber orchestraand cantor Kula, July 25

    B E T S H I R A C O N G R E G AT I O N w w w . b e t s h i r a . o r g


    Professional staff

    rabbibRiAn ScHULDEnFREi

    rabbi emeritusDAViD H. AUERbAcH

    Cantor MARK H. KULA

    eXeCutiVe DireCtorLoRi SoLoMon

    eCC DireCtorJUDiTH GAMPEL, ED. D

    eDuCation DireCtorMARiLYn WoLFSon

    YoutH DireCtorALEX ZAREMbA


    PresiDentJoSEPH H. SERoTA

    PresiDent-eleCtLoRi bLUM

    sisterHooD PresiDentSUZAnnE RobERTS


    ritual assistantAVRon SMoLEnSKY

    finanCe DireCtorAiLEEn LAFonT

    eXeCutiVe assistantDonnA LEiGH-TUcKER

    member serViCes/bulletin bEcKY cHoSED

    eCC assistant DireCtorARiEL KobETZ

    eCC aDmin. assistantGLADYS MARTinEZ

    eCC Pta liaisonSHiRLEY WiLLiAMS

    jeC aDmin. assistantiLEnE FREiDEL

    Alex Zaremba, our new Youth Director on his first day of work, August 6

    Social Justice Trip with Rabbi Schuldenfrei to immokalee, July 29

  • LooKinG FoRWARD

    S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 2


    conTEnTSCLERGYS CORNER4 rabbi brian schuldenfrei Overcoming A Dark Summer5 Cantor mark H. Kula Shana Means More

    FRoM oUR PRESiDEnT6 joseph H. serota: Be a Part of the Bet Shira Strategic Plan

    FRoM oUR EXEcUTiVE DiREcToR7 lori solomon Beginnings...

    SiSTERHooD8 suzanne roberts, book Club, Game Day, Cooking academy

    HiGH HoLY DAYS9-11 suzanne roberts, book Club, Game Day, Cooking academy

    RiTUAL11 religious services & Candle lighting times

    SYnAGoGUE nEWS12-13 be in the Know!

    EDUcATion14-15 bet shira: Perfect for the Young ones in Your family

    on-GoinG AnD FUTURE SYnAGoGUE EVEnTS17-19 find out What Great Programs are Going on at bet shira!

    YoUTH PRoGRAM16 meet alex Zaremba, Youth Calandar

  • overcoming A Dark Summer

    s ummer is a time of innocence; it is a season to enjoy, and in which to love. Yet, this summer

    has not afforded us these luxuries. instead it has

    forced us to confront the worst of humanity. this

    summer we saw a movie theatre, where dreams,

    stories and innocence live, turned into a mad

    mans shooting gallery, and we saw a house

    of worship desecrated by hatred and murder.

    aurora and the seikh temple robbed us of our

    innocence, and remind us that lunacy, hatred,

    and senselessness still threaten. beyond aurora

    and milwaukee, the sadness of summer was felt

    across the world. seemingly every day we saw

    the harsh tyranny of the assad regime continue

    to mercilessly and cruelly oppress the people of

    syria. the summer days have been long, but its

    light has been diminished.

    even the summer olympics failed to lift my spirits.

    most often the olympics represent the best of what

    we hope to achievepeople from all around

    the world uniting in sport and competition. but

    this olympics, with its failure to recognize the

    slaughtered israeli athletes at the munich Games

    forty years ago, compels me to ask why, and the

    answer i am left with is ugly and uncomfortable.

    Certainly, if athletes from any other country had

    been murdered, their memory would have been

    invoked. but, for the eleven jewish israelis there

    was nothing. During the olympic opening

    Ceremony with its grand torch, eleven yahrtzeit

    candles were left unlit.

    this year, instead of holding on to summer, i am

    anxious for it to end. i want this summer, its

    tragedy and harsh realities, to fade away. i believe

    that the fall will be better; that the sweetness of a

    new Year will bring goodness to the jewish people

    and all the peoples of the world. i am hopeful that

    the impending birth of our child in october will

    restore my joy. i pray to God that as we prepare

    to welcome new life, the world that awaits will be

    filled with light not the light of a dark summer

    but the light of goodness and blessing.

    Deborah and i would like to wish you a shana

    Tova - a good new year filled with Light!B E T S H I R A C O N G R E G AT I O N w w w . b e t s h i r a . o r g

    4 C L E R G Y S C O R N E R From The Pulpit: Rabbi brian Schuldenfrei

  • t he High Holy Days , rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are cal led the Yamim nora im, Days o f awe . they a re bo th delicate and intense days, and the services require a f ine musical balance embracing the comfor tab le fami l ia r i ty o f pas t wi th innovative fresh tones that move us forward. best of al l , we l is ten and we sing joining our voices for goodness in the coming year.

    Hebrew language is based on derivatives of three letter root words, the three Hebrew letters, shin, nun, and Hay, can be pronounced in different ways creating meaningful words that are relevant to our hopes for the new year. the word shana is year, the word sheeneh is teach and the word shoneh is change. this wonderful root generates words offering these messages when we sing the melodious tune of leshnah toavah tikatevu as the wish for the future. of course, we want the new Year to be good. but, we want the New Year to be filled with learning and growing as well. after all, essential to the new Year is change. We all ride the ebb and flow of the constant change in our personal, professional and communal lives. We truly wish for future changes to be good.

    Reflecting on the amazing High Holy Day Shul scene makes me smile as we see each other after the passage of various amounts of time.

    We look our best, extending a shalom and shanah tovah greeting with the warmest wishes for the future year. new faces and some missing souls make the season emotionally charged. the power of our yearnings for good changes and blessings in the new Year is one of the main sources of energy in our sacred space, bet shira. Quite often people say to each other, You have not changed a bit (since last year). While the phrase is meant well, is it the best message of rosh Hashana?

    maybe, we can greet each other saying, you have changed for the better. may we experience this Holy Day season marking an onset of positive changes with moments of learning and growing so that the New Year is filled with goodness.

    this year let us add another layer to our singing. as we sing the melodies of the Yamim noraim, we should also listen to each other. Community thrives when we take note of each other, and when we stay attune that some things are the same while most things change and, we cherish the one and embrace the other. all of us know that some voices will be missing, and new voices have joined (speaking personally).

    on this rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, lets appreciate the blessings of our past and the possibilities of our future. With the multiple meanings of shana, let our voices sing out lshanah tovah umtukah!

    Shana Means More...

    S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 2

    5C L E R G Y S C O R N E RThe Voice of bet Shira:cantor Mark H. Kula

  • Join a task force and help us plan the future of bet Shira. More details to follow.

    Monday, oct. 29

    Tuesday, october 30

    Thursday, november 1

    Monday, november 5

    Thursday, november 8

    Tuesday, november 13

    Wednesday, november 14


    Ther board of Directors installation is onSaturday, September 15 at9:30 A.M. Shabbat Service. Please join us.

    B E T S H I R A C O N G R E G AT I O N w w w . b e t s h i r a . o r g

    6 F R O M O U R P R E S I D E N T be a Part of the bet Shira Strategic Plannow that summer is over, the synagogue year begins in earnest and this year that means the strategic Plan! beginning at the board of Directors retreat and continuing through the summer, lay leadership along with the professional staff have been planning for the commencement of the bet shira strategic Plan.

    earlier this year, the endowment Committee engaged a consultant who interviewed many of our congregants. The consultant wanted to find out what is right and what is wrong with our synagogue and to gauge the interest of our members to contribute towards an endowment campaign. He discovered strong support for a possible campaign, but many of the respondents said that they

    would only contribute if they knew that bet shira had a vision and plan for the future. after discussion at the board, it was decided that the creation of a strategic plan is the right thing for us to do for many reasons and is long over due.

    as a result, this fall and winter, the entire congregation will be invited to be a part of the planning process. We will start with an on-line survey which will invite all our members to provide us with their thoughts and concerns. We will establish seven task forces to address finances, youth (JEC and youth department), early childhood, ritual, programming (adults), leadership/governance, and membership. We will have a steering committee to oversee the process. each task force will meet at least two times, but will solicit input from all congregants whether or not they can attend the meetings. We will also have drafters whose responsibility will be to record the findings of the task forces and begin to put together the plan.

    You will learn more about the opportunities to participate in the near future. Dates for meetings have already been scheduled. Please pay attention to the website and the bulletin. You can always contact lori solomon if you have questions or email me at [email protected]

    be a part of the process and help us plan the future of bet shira.

    joseph H. serota

    There will not be a meet-ing in September due to High Holy Days.

    boARD MEETinG



    Wednesday, September 19 at 12:00 P.M.Speaker: Dr. Abe benyunes

    Topic: Unetaneh Tokef: Defining its relevance from generation to generation: Peace with the past,understanding the present, renewal in the future.

    $10 Per Person, Reservations a Must!Please RSVP to the Administration office,305-238-2601 by Monday, September 17.

    For more information please contact Debbie Troner, our Lunch and Learncoordinator, at 305-238-8236.

  • S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 2

    7F R O M O U R E X E C U T I V E D I R E C TO R


    Rosh Hashanah starts at sundown on Sunday, September 16 Place your order now and avoid the September rush! cost: $45 Please make your check payable to bet Shira Sisterhood & mail or drop it off at bet Shira. Your check is your confirmation! options: Arrangements can be round or oval. Flowers can be multicolor or white. E-mail orders only: E-mail your order to iane Deutsch at [email protected]: All orders must be received by Thursday, September 13. Delivery: Flowers will be delivered on Sunday, September 16.


    Hurry up...the new Year is right around the corner!

    Fellow congregant Lisa Kaplan Gitlin, from Everything Paper, is selling Jewish new Year cards and is donating 20% of the sales back to Sisterhood. You can make an appointment over the phone or even order your cards online!

    call Lisa at 305.962.2730 for more information. order your cards by the middle of August because the holi-days will be here soon! 305-665-1561 / 305-962-2730 (cell)[email protected]


    Dear members,

    Early on August 1, 2011, I drove through the gate of Bet Shira Congregation for my first day at work and was greeted by a wave from the security guard. Parked in front of the building were a Pinecrest police car and a fire rescue emergency vehicle responding to an alarm. I thus began the challenge of being your executive Director. it was the beginning of 5772 and the beginning of a new journey for me.

    the past year has been eventful, rewarding, productive, enjoyable, successful and, at times, stressful and frustrating. i have worked closely with our lay leadership and partnered with all our professional staff to form a team. together we have listened and learned what our members want and need, and through brainstorming and implementation we are becoming a thriving community. this is an ongoing process. join us and be a part of bet shiras future. We need your help, ideas and support in our strategic planning process. Please see the Presidents message on page 6 for details on how you can be involved.

    as i begin my second year, i look forward to working with you on a strategic plan and then implementing it for future generations. make bet shira your community by being involved. Volunteer for a committee, join us to pray, celebrate, sing, eat, laugh and share your vision for our future by being involved on a task force.join us to welcome in the new Year. see page 9 for the complete schedule and details of bet shiras High Holy Day services and celebrations.

    I hope to see you on campus. Please contact me at [email protected] , 305-238-2601 or come by the office with your questions, concerns, comments or to just say hello. my door is always open. it is the beginning of 5773; it is the beginning of our future.

    i wish you and your family a very healthy and happy new Year!

    Kol tov, lori

  • 8B E T S H I R A C O N G R E G AT I O N w w w . b e t s h i r a . o r g

    S I S T E R H O O D B O O K C L U B

    SEPTEMbEROne Day in the Life of Ivan DenisovichAlexander Solzhenitsyn

    DAY TiME booK cLUb

    summer saw sisterhood busy in planning a calendar with many varied activities for the year ahead. the Welcome back bbQ was outstanding because of the hard work of all who volunteered on behalf of the synagogue. sisterhood picked up some new memberships and appreciation is extended to all those who worked the table. of small but notable programming in august a happy report is made of an evening of insightful education with a speaker on the topic of A Lone Soldiers Family Speaks, hosted in

    the home of Dr. ann ballen, with enthusiastic attendance on august 21st. riveting accounts remind us to appreciate the mantle of duty and honor that individuals carry in defense of a nation and a heritage. there were two book reviews in August. On August 28th Sisterhood Book Club had its fi rst review of the season in the Hare With amber eyes by edmund de Waal, an excellent biographical memoir of the ephrussi family of bankers, held at the home of mary Kranztler. review was engaging and well-attended; we welcome new readers to join us at will.

    Cooking academy: sisterhood will be offering a series of classes in different cuisines, dietary observant, at Bet Shira. The fi rst class is, Low-Fat, Healthy High Holiday meals, taught by our caterer sarah Davidoff of a fare to remember on tuesday, september 4th at 10 a.m. at bet shira. Class begins promptly! Cost is $30 pp by check only payable to sisterhood. stephanie bull is chair; e-mail: [email protected]

    membership renewal forms are mailed out by now and available on-line, too. join sisterhood and be invited to a special Paid-up luncheon on Wednesday, october 17th. sisterhood is a part of the Womens league of the Conservative movement. Questions? Contact membership chair Debbie brodie-Weiss at [email protected]


    suzanne roberts

    e-mail: [email protected]: 305-298-2984

    Wednesday, September 5th at 10:30 Bet Shira.

    What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank by Nathan Englander. Facilitator: Sharon Glick - [email protected]

    SiSTERHooD booK cLUb Meets Tuesday, September 11th at 7:30 pm at the home of Dr. Robin Schaffer.

    One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander

    GAME DAYThursdays 10-Noon at Bet ShiraCome learn how to play mah jonng, canasta, Scrabble, pick up sticks and more! Its a great way to get to know people and pick up a new game.


    B O O K C L U B

  • S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 2

    9H I G H H O LY DAYS

  • 1 0 H I G H H O LY DAYS

    B E T S H I R A C O N G R E G AT I O N w w w . b e t s h i r a . o r g

    Torah Fund Pins for 5773 (2012-2013)

    Uri Uri: Awake Greet the new Dawn! Please join the Sisterhood Women of bet Shira in the

    continued support of Torah Fund. it is our responsibil-ity, to ensure the education of our childrens future,

    Rabbis, cantors, Teachers and Leaders.

    Torah Fund gives every woman in our community an opportunity to do this.

    Donation:$180: benefactor

    $300: Guardian Level$600: Associate Patron

    $1,200: Patron$2,500: Scholarship (Annual)$5,000: Keter Kavod (Annual)

    Torah Fund, The Jewish Theological Seminary3080 broadway, new York, nY 10027

    Lucy Zelman (Torah Fund chair)

    11440 SW 102 212. Miami, Florida 33176305-238-3124 [email protected]

  • S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 2

    1 1H I G H H O LY DAYS & R E L I G I O U S S E R V I C E S


    robert tenDriCH CHaPel

    Sundays 9:30 A.M.

    Weekdays 7:30 A.M.

    Labor Day 9:30 A.M. Minyan


    arin staCeY aPPlebaum sanCtuarY

    Friday nights 6:30 P.M.

    Saturday Mornings 9:30 A.M.


    September 7 at 7:16 P.M.

    Havdalah September 8 at 8:21 P.M.

    September 14 at 7:09 P.M.

    Havdalah September 15 at 8:14 P.M.

    September 21 at 7:01 P.M.

    Havdalah September 22 at 8:06 P.M.

    September 28 at 6:53 P.M.

    Havdalah September 29 at 7:58 P.M.

    in MEMoRiAM

    Richard GreyFather of Martin (Amy) Grey

    Peter GrossmanFather of Janine (Michael) Stone

    Michael CannonUncle of nancy crair and brother in law of Edy cannon

    Barbara WaasMother of Martin (Karen) Waas

    TASHLicHPlease join us Monday, September 17 5:30 P.M.69th Place & 120th Street.on Rosh Hashanah afternoon, it is customary to gather at a body of natural running water to symbolically cast off all errors, sins and insensitivities of the past year. We cast a few crumbs of bread in the running water symbolically thus discarding the bad of the past in the hope of starting anew. We ask God to again show us mercy and subdue our iniquities and that God will cast our sins into the depths of the seas.


    it is customary to memorialize loved ones during the High Holy Day period at Yizkor on Yom Kippur, and by cemetery visitations. bet Shira will hold the annual cemetery memorial service, conducted by Rabbi brian Schuldenfrei and cantor Mark H. Kula on Sunday, September 23, at 12:00 P.M. at Mt. nebo/Kendall. Please participate in this service and visit the graves of your loved ones. if you have questions, please call the clergy.

    MAKE A LULAV SHAKE!be a part of bet Shiras Sukkot celebration, and do a wonderful Mitzvah. Return this form with your check for $40 by Wednesday, September 21. be a PART, not APART!





  • B E T S H I R A C O N G R E G AT I O N w w w . b e t s h i r a . o r g

    1 2

    *Donations are as of august, 20

    FA I R S H A R E FA M I L I E S

    Priscilla AdlerJuan Aguilar and Ann BallenMartin and Marleen ApplebaumRay and Fredrica ApplebaumAbraham and Helene BenyunesWilliam and Carol BerkBarry and Lori BlumSteven and Shelly BrodieDavid Burstyn and Clara MilikowskiEdythe CannonPenn and Sheila ChabrowMartin and Linda CohenRobert and Deborah CohenJeffrey and Beth DavidsonSteven and Iane DeutschBernard and Liliane EcksteinEugene and Karen EisnerNeal and Eileen FarrMichael and Clara FelsherIsaac FisherMax FormanRobin FormanHarvey and Gloria FriedmanPaul and Renee GershenAmir and Jane GoldSteven GoldsteinGerald and Maya GreenbergSteven Gretenstein and Barbara ShrutBrian and Lisa GitlinBarry and Valerie GubernickJoshua and Ana HarrisRoberto and Betty HorwitzPhineas and Ilene HyamsSteven and Laurel IsicoffGeoffrey and Linda JamesLarry and Susan JayDaniel and Elaine KatzMartin and Sandy KatzSteven and Susan KobetzDan and Rina KrauthamerCantor Mark H. Kula and Coreen DuffyJeremy and Courtney LarkinDavid and Stacey LeibowitzMichael and Michell LevinNatalie LiebmanAlan and Patricia LivingstoneAllen Lubitz

    Neil and Madelyn MessingerMichael and Susana NovakMichael and Marlene OlinPaul and Velma PapierSidney and Nadine PertnoySharon PresbyGolda RetchkimanJosh RodsteinMurray and Susan RolnickBritt and Lisa RosenJoseph and Cheryl RosenCurt and Tracy RosnerDavid and Patricia RothJeffrey and Faye RothLen and Randi RothenbergJonathan and Jill RubinBeno and Rosa SchechterFred and Judy SchildAdam and Lauren SchwartzJohn and Zelda SchwebelRabbis Brian and Deborah SchuldenfreiJoseph and Gail SerotaIra and Susan ShapiroJerome and Lois ShapiroSteven and Ruth ShereIsaac and Elena ShterembergWilliam and Karen SiegelMarc and Patti SilvermanMoises and Esther SimpserBrian and Meryl SpectorRobert and Linda SpiegelmanCliff and Shelly StamlerBernard and Carol SteinJay and Riva SteinmanRobert and Michele StoneElayne TendrichMichael and Amy ThorpeDan and Aliza TorbatiMichael and Deborah TronerSteven VajdaMalvin and Irene WeinbergerJack and Phyllis YaffaBruce and Betsy YegelwelKenneth and Lisa YoungSteven and Deborah ZeichnerDaniel and Regina Zelonker

    WE THAnK oUR 2012-2013 FAiR SHARE FAMiLiES.ToDAH RobAH!*

  • S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 2

    1 3S Y N A G O G U E E V E N T S & N E W S

    To Meredith and Grant Gussin on the birth of their son, James benjamin Gussin. Paternal grandparents are Geoffrey and Linda James.

    To Neil and Maddy Messinger on the birth of their granddaughter, Leora bryn Messinger. Parents are Aileen and Gordon Messinger.

    To Rolando Sanz and Dr. Jacqueline Horwitz Sanz on the birth of their daughter,Luisa Eva Sanz. Grandparents are Roberto and betty Horwitz.Great grandparents are bernie and Liliane Eckstein. Uncles and Aunts are Michael and Suzie novak, beno and Rosa Schecter.

    To Robert and Debbie Cohen on the engagement of their son Jeremy cohen to Diana Kost.

    To Joe and Marilyn Wolfson on the marriage of their daughter, Farah Wolfson to Steve Hoffman.

    Join us Monday & Wednesday mornings at 9:15 in the Simcha court! $10/class

    Stacey Harris, Certifi ed Personal Trainer/Fitness in-

    structor 305.389.3037 [email protected]

    lshanah tovah!

    only 3 to 4 hours can make a difference! from the tikkun olam committee, we wish a sweet new

    year to you and your family. to make the new year even sweeter not only for your family but also for people in need of help, we urge you to make a resolution to participate in a tikkun olam project this year. the tikkun olum committee has is working on a number of projects that will allow you to do real, meaningful service in as little as 3 or 4 hours.

    We are thrilled to begin this year with ProjeCt isaiaH, which collects food for the Kosher food bank. once again, our goal is to collect 1,800 cans of food. bags will be distributed at rosh Hashanah services. Please fi ll them with cans of kosher food (vegetables, tuna, fruit, etc.) during the holidays and return them at the Kol nidre service. anyone wishing to help in advance can join us on september 12 to assemble the Project isaiah bags. We look forward to your assistance in making this project a success.

    PineCrest GarDens Clean uP join a group of bet shira volunteers to clean and beautify Pinecrest Gardens. its hard work, but very rewarding and in an ideal setting. Details will appear next month.

    familY aCtiVitY DaY at tHe CHaPman PartnersHiP in Homestead will offer a chance for people of all ages including children to brighten the day for homeless families and to have a great time doing a great mitzvah. We will provide more details next month on this and other upcoming family-friendly projects.

    as always, in addition to Project isaiah, we continue with ColleCtions for a number of local agencies. for the KosHer fooD banK, bring your non-perishable food products to the donation bin located outside the synagogue offi ce. We are also collecting books and magazines for the food bank and the CHaPman PartnersHiP, and we also welcome donations of hygiene products and unused, unexpired medical products for the oPen Door CliniC and other agencies. thank you to all of you (including the staff and campers at Camp Gilah) who donated school supplies and food during our summer collection drives. thank you also to everyone who donated clothing and blood at the Welcome back barbecue.

    in closing, we again want to urge you to participate in tikkun olam this year. Please join us at one of our projects, let us know what community service projects you are engaged in, and feel free to share any suggestions or ideas.

    uPCominG eVents:Project isaiah, september 12Pinecrest Gardens Cleanup, october 26family activity Day at Chapman Partnership, november 4

    uPCominG meetinGs: tuesday, september 11 at 7:30 P.m.tuesday, october 9 at 7:30 P.m.

    jerry Greenberg, Karen siegel, and steve spannCo-Chairs tikkun olam [email protected] [email protected]

    TiKKUn oLAM



    SiSTER SYnAGoGUEbet Shira is proud partner synagogue of a Masorti synagogue in israel: congregation netzach Yisrael in Ashkelon. Visit

  • Monday, September 3 Labor Day - No Sessions

    Thursday, September 6 First P.T.A. Meeting of the Year9 A.M. in the school library

    Friday, September 7 Jammies and Jeans Shabbat for the Tots in our Family6:00 P.M. Service6:30 P.M. RSVP for complimentary Pizza Dinner

    Wednesday, September 12 Back to School Night A chance for our parents to visit our stimulating class-rooms and learn about their childrens hands-on pre-school experiences.Playgroup, Pre-nursery and nursery Parents7:00 P.M.- 8:00 P.M.Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Parents8:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M.

    Monday, Tuesday September 17, 18 Rosh Hashanah - No Ses-sions

    Thursday, September 20 School Committee Meeting11:15 A.M. in the school library

    Tuesday, September 25Erev Yom Kippur12:00 P.M. Dismissal

    Wednesday, September 26 Yom Kippur - No Sessions

    Ecc HAPPEninGS

    B E T S H I R A C O N G R E G AT I O N w w w . b e t s h i r a . o r g

    1 4 E A R LY C H I L D H O O D E D U C AT I O N

    Educationally Speaking Judith Gampel, Ed. D

    Here we are again starting a fresh new year. rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are upon us reminding us to take a few moments to reflect on this last year and to begin again with a fresh attitude. let 5773 be the year that

    your family dedicates to finding more time to practice the teachings of our heritage and to enjoying more inspiration and happiness from your family. our early Childhood Center opens the door for so many wonderful family celebrations. You are all invited to our weekly erev shabbat assemblies, friday mornings at 11:15 a.m., as well as our thanksgiving Celebration in november, our lDor VDor Generation to Generation Day in February, our Modern Seder in March and our Kids art fair in may. in addition, it would be our privilege if you would participate in our many opportunities for study with our Clergy Conversation, Directors Coffees, mixers, Holidays to Go Programs and family education programs scheduled throughout the school Daniel Gordiss becoming a jewish Parent, he tell us that beyond the sweetness that we hope for at the start of a new year, rosh Hashanah also asks us to reflect on the unpredictability of life. as parents it is paramount that

    we teach our children that we can handle unexpected changes or disappointments that the new year may bring. Below follows a new five step process that Conscious Discipline offers us to help our children self-regulate which is essential for social, emotional, academic and life success:

    WELcoME bAcK

    Welcome back to bet Shira E.c.c.! We hope that you had a fun-filled summer. We are so excited about the beginning of our new school year! i cant wait to see you at our Kindergarten and Preschool orientations!

    my family and i wish you and yours a year of health, hope, love and peace.

  • Ecc HAPPEninGS

    JEc MEETinGSSunday, September 9 9:30 A.M.

    Tuesday, november 13 7:30 P.M.

    Tuesday, January 8 7:30 P.M.

    Tuesday, March 12 7:30 P.M.

    Sunday, April 14 10:30 A.M.


    Sunday, September 30 Dinner in the Sukkah

    S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 2

    1 5J E W I S H E D U C AT I O N C E N T E R

    JEc news for the new YearMarilyn Wolfson

    Hebrew blessings are easy to recognize since they all begin with Baruch atah (Blessed art thou).

    so allow us at this time of the High Holy Days to say to all our congregation familybaruch atah adonai eloheinu melech Ha-olam, shekacha lo baolamo. (Blessed are You, our God, King of the Universe, who has this in His universe.)

    along with a new number for our jewish year 5773, we have a number of new teachers on our staff: Congregant and educator Golda retchkiman is the lead Hebrew Teacher, and our pull out specialist. Efrat Horwitz,

    a former bsC staff member, is now our Hebrew specialist for Grades Gan (K) thru Bet (2). Steve Hoffman has joined the JEC as Activity Director. He will combine movement and jewish learning. Debbie blank will be our art activities specialist. alex Zarmeda bsC Youth Director teaching 7th grade and coordinating jr. Congregation.

    Our returning & tenured teachers are Farrah (Wolfson) Hoffman, Elyse Molk, Shayna (Lippman) Diaz, Sam Rosen, Joshua Clarin, Shula Leshetz, Tammy Her-nandez, shunit roth, eric friedman and always, the mentors of our superb staff, rabbi schuldenfrei and Cantor Kula. every Director has to have a producer so ilene freidel will be at the front desk to assist staff, students and parents in any way possible.

    Why is our 5773 curriculum so outstanding? Its brand new, innovative and digitally interactive. It is time for our children to combine their standard classroom learning with hands on computer learning. the advancements in the ever changing educational and religious environment is always being monitored and adjusted by our knowledgeable and dedicated group of professionals.

    this year has also brought us a new VP of education.

    betty Horwitz will be working with the jeC and bsC board to assist us in all our endeavors. We have established a room parent for each of our classes, added jr. Congregation back into higher grades schedules and added and changed some of our holiday celebrations. We will be participating with the congregation in mega shabbat. and the list goes on!

    What doesnt change? our commitment to jewish education has a tradition of teaching, values & ethics, encouraging our children to always be aware of the responsibility and obligations to the jewish Community and the world at large.

    Come and join us in worship, spend time in our classrooms, volunteer to help our school.

    make the jeC a priority and join us in the mitzvah of guiding a generation of jewish children.

    on behalf of the jeC students, faculty and staff

    LShana Tovah,For a Good Year.

  • B E T S H I R A C O N G R E G AT I O N w w w . b e t s h i r a . o r g

    1 6YoUTH EVEnTS!

    YO U T H bet Shira Youth Program new beginnings at bet Shira

    September Fun Facts:In Australia and NZ, Fathers Day is celebrated on the fi rst Sunday of September.national Honey Month(in honor of Rosh Hashana), Piano Month & 9/16-9/22 is national clean Hands Week. (So wash your hands!)Famous birthdays: beyonce(4); Adam Sandler (9); Dan Marino(15); Stephen King(21); T-Pain(30)

    * For a birthday shout-out in next months bulletin, e-mail Alex!

    Arvot USY, Kadima & Yachad Kickoffat Rapids WaterparkSunday, September 9 cost is $35/per kid*this cost does not include transportation or snacksAll RSVPs must be into the Youth Directors offi ce by September 3

    USY Epic Journey Adventure Time: The beginning 9/5 Regional Arvot Water Park -9/9 Repairing the World 9/12 Rosh Hashana Car Wash -9/16 Rosh Hashana Service 9/17-18

    Yom Kippur Service 9/26

    Kadima Team Kadima: Together Strong 9/6 Regional Arvot Water Park -9/9 changing Times & Apemen 9/13 Rosh Hashana Service 9/17-18

    Yom Kippur Service 9/26

    Yachad Regional Arvot Water Park -9/9 The Golden Rule - 9/23

    The Humanity olympics- 9/30

    cleanse Your Soul - clean Your car!

    Get your car cleaned this Rosh Hashanah by the amazing

    bet Shira Youth volunteers!board of Directors is treating with Pizza!

    $5 Wash- best Price in town!Sunday, September 16th @

    bet Shira Parking Lot12-3 p.m.

    FoR inFo AboUT AnY EVEnT, oR To RSVP: E-mail [email protected]

    Meet Alex!

    We are excited to introduce Alex Zaremba to the bet Shira

    community! Alex is going to lead our youth department and direct

    our youth programs. if you havent met him yet, please stop by and

    say Hello!

    Alex Zarembas - Free Pizza Septemba: All Month Long pizza is FREE and Alex is giving out choco-late-honey candies in honor of Rosh Hashanah!

    Riddle of the Month:Give me food, and i will live; give me water, and i will die. What am i?

    *Watch for the answer next month!

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    Please inform our offi ce of any signifi cant life cycle event such as births, engagements, weddings, illness or deaths by

    calling the offi ce at 305-238-2601.

    S e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 2

    1 7U P C O M I N G E V E N T SYoUTH EVEnTS!

  • B E T S H I R A C O N G R E G AT I O N w w w . b e t s h i r a . o r g

    1 8 S Y N A G O G U E E V E N T S

    *Please note the new start time is 6:30 P.M. for service, and 7:30 P.M. for community Shabbat Dinner. A Traditional Service will be held in The Robert Tendrich chapel, and the instrumental Service will be in the Arin Stacey Applebaum Sanctuary.

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    conTRibUTionSRABBI SCHuLDENFREIS DISCRETIONARY FuND in appreciation of rabbi brian schuldenfrei in richard Greys memory Martin and Amy Grey in appreciation of septembers morning minyan Bet Shira Minyannaires in honor of maris and Harvey bocks 45th wedding anniversary Will & Nancy Heller in honor of regina Zelonker Michael and Martha Backer in memory of bertha Yagoda Esther Yagoda in memory of Donald Palay Richard and Sheila Wagner in memory of julia Goldstein Jan and Niki Spitzer in memory of leah eisenmesser Jan and Niki Spitzer in memory of lester Gretenstein Steven Gretenstein and Barbara Shrut in memory of malka shujman Abraham and Ada Shujman in memory of minnie and samuel blocher Morton and Sybil Lucoff in memory of samuel eckstein Bernard and Liliane Eckstein in memory of susan rader Neal and Eileen Farr in memory of Yacov torbati Dan and Aliza Torbatiin appreciation of David edelman David and Joan Kobrin in appreciation of rabbi schuldenfreis care and concern David and Joan Kobrin

    in honor of rita and bill levins 55th wedding anniversary Chavurah Chai in memory of alex Weber Mr. Alan Weber in memory of Herbert Hochfelsen Len and Randi Rothenberg in memory of Pauline sheingold Michael and Marlene Olin

    RABBI AuERBACHS DISCRETIONARY FuND in memory of morrie fox Richard and Mindy Gotterer in memory of Phyllis and maurice bleich Martin and Marleen Applebaum in honor of rabbi auerbach blessing elul, rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Allen and Mary Eagle in honor of rabbi David H. auerbach for blessing the month of av Allen and Mary Eagle in memory of richard Grey Richard and Mindy Gotterer

    CANTORS DISCRETIONARY FuND in appreciation of Dr. benyunes and bris of ethan Chace flicker Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Flicker in honor of birth of leora bryn messinger John and Zelda Schwebel in honor of birth of reid a. benson Albert, Jan, Brad and Courtney Cohen

    in honor of birth of granddaughter leora bryn messinger Robert and Linda Spiegelman in honor of birth of grandson james benjamin Gussin Robert and Linda Spiegelman in honor of Cantor mark H. Kula and Coreen Duffys marriage Robert and Deborah Cohen, Robert and Mary Krantzler, Robert and Linda Spiegelman, Havurah Chai, Gail Tescher, Jack and Phyllis Yaffa in honor of Cantor mark H. Kula Minyannaires at The Palace, Nathan and Beverly Rose in honor of Cantor mark H. Kulas birthday and great torah reading Allen and Mary Eagle in honor of Dr. abraham benyunes Jon Baumgard in honor of jeremy Cohen and Diana Kosts engagement Albert, Jan, Brad and Courtney Cohen in honor of the birth of Dafna Greenberg Malvin and Irene Weinberger in honor of the birth of leora bryn messinger Malvin and Irene Weinberger in memory of anna longo Dennis and Barbara Longo in memory of esta Pierce Ms. Shelly Werner in memory of Harry friedman Myrna Hyman in memory of irene schwebel John and Zelda Schwebel in memory of jerome Gampel Ross and Judith Gampel

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    in memory of joseph Kranberg and Dorothy Honig Burton and Naomi Honig in memory of louis Holzman and marven Katz Beverly Katz in memory of lucille forman Robin Forman in memory of max troper Moises and Esther Simpser in memory of nancy bennett Michael and Martha Backer in memory of Paula segall Malvin and Irene Weinberger in memory of Peter Grossman Albert, Jan, Brad and Courtney Cohen in memory of richard Grey Barry and Lori Blum, Albert, Jan, Brad and Courtney Cohen, Larry, Susan, Brian & Jay Morrison in memory of salomon simpser Moises and Esther Simpser in memory of samuel eckstein Beno and Rosa Schechter in memory of seymour siegel Barry and Ronna Siegel in memory of stanley silverman James and Cheryl Fishman in memory of stanley Young Kenneth and Lisa Young speedy recovery of Geoffrey james Malcolm and Nurit Cohen in appreciation of all the shiragram Well wishes Peter and Suzanne Ballen in appreciation of David edelman Samantha Kobrin in honor of Grayson michaels birth, Grandson of irene & mal Weinberger

    conTRibUTionSNeil and Madelyn Messinger in honor of Phoebe jean Dallaus birth, granddaughter of fredi and ray applebaum Jeremy and Fran Farkas in honor of rita and bill levins 55th wedding anniversary Robert and Linda Spiegelman in honor of the birth of my 16th Grandchild Adeline Tytell in honor of Valerie & Victor Katz bnai mitzvah anniversary Jose and Lana Katz in memory of albert m. segall Malvin and Irene Weinberger in memory of blanche messinger Neil and Madelyn Messinger in memory of Debbie burstein Michael and Clara Felsher in memory of edgar ballen Peter and Suzanne Ballen in memory of Goldie Kaminsky Howard and Diane Kuker & Family in memory of Hannah margulies Malvin and Irene Weinberger in memory of morrie fox Malvin and Irene Weinberger in memory of ruth rosenberg Malvin and Irene Weinberger in memory of ruth rothenberg Len and Randi Rothenberg in memory of tess Hyams Phineas and Ilene Hyams in memory of Zev Haims Martin and Hagit Simkovic

    EARLY CHILDHOOD FuND in appreciation of rabbi schuldenfrei Performing sienas baby naming Jason and Karen Levine in honor of birth of Dafna ann Greenberg

    Bob & Marian Siegel in honor of birth of james benjamin Gussin Steven and Susan Kobetz, Ruben and Geraldine Gurvichin memory of ada boyer Paul and Velma Papier in memory of annie berger Hy (Herman) and Marilyn Berger in memory of beloved daughter, arin s. applebaum Ray and Fredrica Applebaum in memory of burton Yagoda robin forman in memory of Peter Grossman Ruben and Geraldine Gurvich, Steven and Susan Kobetz, Mary Lopert, Marc and Danielle Spiegelman, Robert and Michele Stone in memory of sam Hoffman Allen Lubitz in memory of theodore lubitz Allen Lubitzin memory of samuel ives Marshall Ives


    in honor of Debbie troners birthday Bob & Marian Siegel in memory of Chaim freimark Robin Forman in memory of Hannah margulies Martin and Amy Grey in memory of Peter Grossman Roberto and Betty Horwitz, Scott and Michelle Sarason, Robert and Linda Spiegelman in memory of stephen Gould Barry and Jennifer Gould

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    conTRibUTionSPRAYERBOOK FuNDin honor of Debbie troners special birthday Bobbie and Bill Cohen in memory of isadore tendrich Helen Tendrich in memory of james stauffer Lawrence and Suzanne Roberts in memory of moie tendrich Helen Tendrich in memory of morris forman Robin Forman in memory of seena Cohen Andrew and Ellen Leinoff


    in appreciation of michael and martha backers kindness and always seeing the glass half full Jack and Phyllis Yaffa


    in appreciation of barry Wrights 3 years service as tikkun olam co-chair Paul and Velma Papier in honor of birth of leora bryn messinger daughter of aileen and Gordon messinger Michel and Connie Nahmad, Fred and Judy Schildin honor of birth of grandson james benjamin Gussin Fred and Judy Schild

    in honor of David and irene mermelstein Daniel and Regina Zelonker in honor of Debbie troners birthday with love Kenneth and Sharon Glick in honor of jeremy Cohen & Diana Kosts engagement Robert and Deborah Cohen in honor of lois shapiros birthday Paul and Velma Papier in memory of asher nathanian Dan and Aliza Torbati in memory of bertha Yagoda Robin Forman in memory of florence Kaire Robert and Stephanie Bull in memory of Harry Yaffa Jack and Phyllis Yaffa in memory of Herbert Gruenfeld Joseph and Lillian Sheingold in memory of Hyem Vaupen Bill and Rita Winegar in memory of irving Dunn Golda Retchkiman in memory of laura liebman Natalie Liebman in memory of moe stamler Cliff and Shelly Stamler in memory of Peter Grossman Sidney and Nadine Pertnoy in memory of rachel l. jacobs Paul and Velma Papier in memory of ramona ritari jackson William and Carol Berk in memory of richard Grey Dulce Blacher & Family, Ilana Levitt, Sidney and Nadine Pertnoy

    in memory of rivka shimoni Dan and Aliza Torbati in memory of sami rohr Golda Retchkiman in memory of William jacobs Paul and Velma Papier in memory of Zelda Yaffa Jack and Phyllis Yaffain honor of al Weinsteins 2nd bar mitzvah Edythe Cannon in honor of Grayson michaels birth, Grandson of irene & mal Weinberger Michel and Connie Nahmad in honor of levi Cannons birth, son of marshall & juliette Cannon Edythe Cannon in memory of ada urett Beverly Fisher in memory of estelle rooff Edythe Cannon in memory of judy Holzman Robert and Linda Spiegelman in memory of miriam Cannon Edythe Cannon in memory of nettie Pollack Jack and Phyllis Yaffa in memory of Pauline sheingold Joseph and Lillian Sheingold in memory of rose Yaffa Jack and Phyllis Yaffa in memory of samuel sander Joseph and Jacqueline Koptowsky in memory of sarah Gershen Paul and Renee Gershen in memory of sol Herzog Martin and Sandy Katz in memory of stanley Cannon

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    conTRibUTionSEdythe Cannon speedy recovery of fran larkin Edythe Cannon speedy recovery of Harriet rudoff Edythe Cannon speedy recovery of myron Applebaum Double Chai Ray and Fredrica Applebaum


    in appreciation of aliyah Gary Altman in honor of Debbie troners birthday Roberta Shevin in honor of michael and Debbie troners birthdays John Ricisak and Susannah Troner in memory of beatrice Weinberger Mort & Gwen Weinberger in memory of David forman Robin Forman in memory of elena mindlin Michael Gorsline and Cindy Mindlin in memory of florence rosenthal Howard and Lynn Zusman in memory of Gertrude frankel Michel & Midge Sztanski in memory of Hannah margulies Diane Grusky in memory of Harry Diamond Jeffrey and Loree Feiler

    in memory of irving schwartz Jeffrey and Loree Feiler in memory of mary and jim Harrell William and Carol Berk in memory of Peter Grossman Alberto and Deborah Mizrahi, James Casey and Joan Fleischman, Edward & Dianne Schmidt, Judith Matus, Howard and Lynn Zusman in memory of richard Grey Kenneth & Adrian Dubow, Isaac and Elena Shteremberg, Morrie and Leigh Siegel in memory of Wolf Wahrman Howard and Lynn Zusman in appreciation of lovely birthday wishes from: Bob and Linda Spiegelman, Elayne Tendrich, John and Zelda Schwebel, Judie Berger & Richard & Diane Baileyin memory of reba Kalinowsky Zelda Silverman


    in memory of alyse miller Joseph Miller in memory of ben akerman Bernard and Cindy Akerman in memory of Cela stone Geoffrey and Linda James in memory of Celia sadousky Gail Tescher in memory of family Yahrzeits Madelyn Saul in memory of mortimer sokol David and Shelley Sokol in memory of samuel eckstein

    Bernard and Liliane Eckstein in memory of sonia smelansky Gail Tescherin memory of luis Kratenstein Robin Denison in memory of Pamela Cohen Salvador and Sara Cohen

    YOuTH FuND

    in honor of birth of james benjamin Gussin Albert, Jan, Brad and Courtney Cohen in memory of robert sterling David and Shelley Sokol

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