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    Glenn is the founder and CEO of Spike. For more than 15 years, Spike hasbeen delivering world-class email marketing services from our base inAuckland, New Zealand. Spike design, build, test, send and optimise emails for many of thecountry’s leading brands as well as a whole host of small to mediumbusinesses. All of these organisations have one thing in common, and that is they seeemail marketing as a key component of their marketing mix and mostimportantly want to partner with us to ensure they are maximisingcustomer lifetime value! My team will work with you to generate compelling, targeted and effectiveemail marketing campaigns that are directly linked to your businessobjectives. This is Email With Purpose, the results driven, tactically soundand proven business growth strategy that’s already used by some of NewZealand’s leading organisations. The hidden value of your business is in your database – and email is one ofthe most effective and measurable ways to unlock that potential. Glenn EdleyDirector and Email Strategist, Spike ##customerlifetimevalue

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    Definition of Terms:Sent Number - total number of people the email was sent to.Open Number - total number of people who open the email.Click Number - total number of people that click-through.CTA - Call-to-ActionAlt-tag - What you use to name imagesA/B Testing: The process of comparing two versions of an email withjust one varying element (such as subject line, photo, call-to-action orsending time)

    Database size: We have categorised the size of each send usingsmall, medium and large. 

    Subject Line: A/B testing winners have a tick

  • What also helped is constant A/B Testing. For example thesubject lines for this email were. Subject Line A: 100 Reasons to Say Thank you!Subject Line B: A HUGE thank you and we’d love your help

    Why it worked?

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    Being personal and being direct with your customersworks. In this case, the subject line has "thank you" and"help". These are two words that are proven to catchpeople's attention and get your email priority over other theemails in a crowded inbox. This was an email sent outside of the usual weeklyfrequency and so it garnered extra attention after MothersDay. The biggest Mothers Day to date for Best Blooms :) Most retailers tend to forget to take the opportunity tobuild a relationship and go straight to the next offer. Emailslike this are a great way to connect to your audience,update them of what's happening and makes them feelthat they are a part of something. Do more of them and jab,jab, jab, right hook as Gary Vaynerchuck would say!

    1: Florist

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    A/B testing your subject lines is a KEY to maximisingyour customer lifetime value. Knowing the languageand tone to use, when to use short or long subject linesand understanding your customers will help you createsubject lines that get your emails opened. Thanks to emojis, email subject lines can be muchmore expressive. In this email campaign, the winner SLcontains an emoji. Not sure if using emoji is right foryour audience? Try doing a simple subject line A/B testto see how they affect your open rates. Rememberthough you can always have too much of a good thingso use them sparingly. This is a long email but it doesn't look intimidating. Thedesign breaks up the content with a banner, subheads,2 column images, words and sentences that are boldedand other elements that make it easily digestible to thereader and help guide their eyes down the screen.

    2: Makeup

    Subject Line A: A classic is back Subject Line B: When the weather is gloomy, why notspice up your makeup look?

    Why it worked?

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    This was a new product template that worked super well.Having a one product, one offer email template works inyour arsenal is another KEY to driving sales. Having oneproduct with one call to action will always work well. In this email we used copy and images to: a. Explain why people would need it and the value of it.b. Instructions on how to use the product and,c. Additional product options that might be useful to thecustomer. The tone of the copy was light and in keeping with how thebusiness owners talk so it gets the point across quickly andwith a bit of humour.

    3: Car Care Products

    Subject line A: Introducing our new product Fireball EasyCoat ExtraSubject line B: Super easy to use Fireball Easy Coat Extra,spray on, rinse off

    Why it worked?

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    Subject line: Special deals for this Mother's Day

    This one is a bit easier to work out and I’m sure the imagegets the point across immediately - Mothers Day! Thesubject line was simple, to the point and very timely as itwas sent in the run up to Mother's Day and historicallyjewellery is something that always goes down well withour mothers :) The email template is clearly sectioned and the call toaction is simple, consistent with the subject line, eye-catching and strategically placed. Keep in mind that tyingthe content of your communications in with the events,holidays and days that apply to you will make your emailswork harder for you. Especially if you can have an angleunique to you. Take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Theseare mainstream now and if you only have one sale a yeartake advantage of the common perception of those daysand sell, sell sell!

    4: JewelleryWhy it worked?

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    Subject line: Kickstart your New Year's resolution with 10%off!

    This particular email got 15% more clicks than Sprint Fit'slist average. Putting "New Year's Resolution" and "10% off"on the Subject line was super timely and prompted peopleto click on the email. The main image used for the email was not only relevant tothe message it speaks to the majority of their audience -body builders. It’s a good idea to use short sentences or paragraphs andget straight to the point. The timing of this email wasexcellent as common New Year's resolutions are to get fit,lose weight and go to the gym. And, having a unique saleoffer was sure to drive people's interest to click through.

    5: SupplementsWhy it worked?

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    It’s the simple things that work and we believe an email'ssubject is usually underestimated and has not enough timespent crafting it. If you want to really increase your open rate, you need tostart focusing on the top part of the email. For example, inthis case, it was the pre-header that drove an increase of10% on the open rate compared to the list average. The email’s content asked people to book a service withPitstop to get ready for the holiday season. A time of theyear people spend a lot of time in their vehicles at higherspeeds than their usual day to day commute. The excellentoffer and and the clear call to action resulted in that buttongetting 19% of all the clicks. So, keep in mind the combination of a good subject line andcongruent offer in the pre-header will have a positive impacton the open rate. Subject line: Is your vehicle ready for the holidayseason? Try our safe driving checklist.

    6: AutomotiveWhy it worked?

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    The combination of personalised greeting + special discountfor these valued customers performed really well for thiscampaign. This is something out of the ordinary for them soit really got their customers attention. Even with the mention of a time constraint in the mainimages alt-text (Offer lasts for one day - Monday), the openrate performed 37% better than the list average. Offering an offer on top of an already good offer for existingcustomers saw a nice spike in sales from card holders overthe next week too. Although it wasn't the point, the click rate was good too.People wanted to find out more.

    Subject line: %%First_Name%%, we've got a special discountjust for you

    7: CreditWhy it worked?

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    Subject line: Turn mobile phones into your business phonesystem

    Call To Action - The best way to move your customer ontothe next step of the journey or conversation is by a clear callto action button. Make sure you have a clear CTA. (So important it’s on a newline) Being a new offer that had to be explained and ‘sold’ there ismore copy than usual in this email. So it wasn’t too much ofa surprise that we saw most of the clicks landed on both ofthe CTA button -'Find Out More Now' and 'Redeem Now'. Always remember to use eye-catching, relevant and goodquality images and photos. In this case, it's a guy in a blazerholding a phone. And it worked - receiving 13% of the clicks. The open rate for this campaign was 14% higher comparedto the list average too :)

    8: TechnologyWhy it worked?

  • Subject Line: Important Notice: new Gilmours order formenclosed

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    Including a phrase like, "Important Notice" in your subjectline is sure to get the attention of your customers. It willstand out for them if you use phrases like that sparingly andget their attention. On the top left section, the main subject of the email is nicelysummarised by the image. It is made clear that the transitionfrom Toops to Gilmours was successful and customers willneed to take note of the changes. What's interesting thoughis that even with the presence of a button, we found thatmost of the clicks were on the "click here" hyperlink whichwas in the middle of the paragraph. This could only meanthat the readers are taking the time to read the contents ofthe email. Also, while it might seem ‘old hat’ we’ve been trained overmany, many years now that click here means exactly that,click here. Google knows that Blue font works best to andthey’ve been testing since they started. This particular email garnered the highest click to open ratefor a small database send and trumped the industry averageof 2.24%.

    9: GroceryWhy it worked?

  • 10: Loyalty Programme

    Subject Line: Redeem your $20 reward!

    Database Size:

    With a no fuss and straightforward subject line thecustomers immediately knew what to expect when theyopened the email - they have a $20 reward. Sweet! Even with the big image that occupies almost half of thepage, 53% of the clicks landed on the Redeem Now button.Why? Notice that the 'Redeem Now' button has a differentcolour than the rest of the email. While it still complementsthe email, it stands out and is easy to see by the readers. This email received one of the highest open rates for a sendwith a medium sized database and these guys send a lot ofemail so it had to work very hard to stand out.

    Why it worked?


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