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  • Lets Know About The most useful Event Promotion Ideas ..??

  • Networking Develops a strong client Base

  • Networking with hotels or caterers also gives you opportunity to meet other people whom

    you need

  • Advertise in yellow pages gives good visibility with ROI to your business

  • A line of advertisement is provided free of charge in Yellow

    Pages .

  • You should also consider advertising in local newspaper for more results

  • Business Cards

  • A well designed professional broacher can cement you with

    professional clients and make them image you as a

    professional planner

  • The Broacher should contain all the

    information along with photos of you

    and a successful event

  • Always careful and select the right broacher

    for right group

  • Most Important tip: You should leave your broacher or

    business card in place of florist or caterer or photographer

    etc. that make you socialize among their clients

  • Direct Mail Marketing

  • Select the mailing list wisely for getting

    the better response from attendees

  • Use mailing list of organizations like International Special Event Society

    Meeting Professional International National Association for Catering and Events etc.

  • You can tweet quick messages to your existing

    list of people about your event

  • Be creative when you are planning to

    promote you event in social media

  • Some Other Ideas To improve

    Your Event Promotion

  • Make sure to take a series of course

    in event management

  • Invest your time with Event and Industry consultants for better

    understanding of ROI from event

  • Attend other events to understand the

    presentation ideas

  • Join some Trade organizations and subscribe to professional

    newsletter or journal for getting more ideas

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