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Sri Sharda Group Of Institutions (SSGI) is one of the fastest growing premier B-schools in India.”Deeply steeped in the ethos of professionalism it prides in mentoring its students to become exceptional leaders who meet the challenges of a changing global business environment through creative and effective solutions. At SSGI, the horizons of success achievement are vast, in many ways It transcends the boundaries of mundane grades and scores. SSGI believes in sculpting distinctive personalities who can lead and galvanize the processes of change and transformation in the 21st century, both within the country and the world at large. Here, at SSGI, we lay special emphasis on developing managerial skills for the updated corporate world. This is achieved by designing special modules and Projects on the dynamic issues of the industry with a view to build a higher employability index for our students. Interaction with the industry is promoted through the medium of guest lectures, seminars, executive development programs, mentorship and live projects. SSGI recognizes the importance of high Life Skills Quotient (LSQ) and hence the success stories of a large numbers of leaders entrepreneurs and corporate personalities are shared with students time to time and endeavors are made to inculcate the qualities of sincerity, dedication, team spirit, communication, goal–setting, and constant learning amongst all its students.

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2. Title andContent Layout with List About the Institute Why SSIMT ? Our Expectations from students Academic Calendar Examination Pattern 3. About Us Sri Sharda Group of Institutions is one of the best upcoming B-schools in India with the Objectives- To impart quality education to our students in a professional environment preparing them to face global challenges. To guide the students to not only become professionals but also to become true entrepreneurs by inculcating creative thinking and independent problem solving. 4. Vision of sri sharda group of institutions To build a Management Institute to impart quality education with focus on all aspects of an individuals development. To transform into a large Institution having best of Faculty which would globally spread fragrance of knowledge and create best workforce for the corporate and the country. 5. Mission of sri sharda group of institutions To identify latent managerial talent amongst socially and economically downtrodden but potentially strong students and to groom them to successful corporate leaders. To evolve, develop and deliver dynamic learning systems to equip professionals with conscientious commitment to excellence to face business challenges. 6. Sri Sharda group of institutions is different!!!!!!!!!! WHY???????? The essence of the Sri Sharda lies in its- : ACADEMICSAcademics Placement 7. EXTRAORDINARY ACADEMICS 8. Teaching Pedagogy Internationally Acclaimed 5 Ds 9. Cont. We follow the Internationally acclaimed 5-D method of teaching consisting of - DISCUSSION: through case studies DISCOURSES: through interactive lectures DIALOGUE: for clarification and better understanding DRILL: for checking and retention of knowledge DRAMATIZATION: through projects, industrial visits, interface with the industry. 10. D- Discussion It is an instructional strategy, which have a number of virtues. They bridge the gap between theory and practice and between the academy and the workplace. 11. D- discourse Teaching is never effective without two- way communication so in our lecture theatre we ensure it to make students speak out . 12. D - Dialogue In a stress free atmosphere students are motivated to take an initiative to clarify any doubt !!!! 13. D- Drill For checking and retention of knowledge some specific assignments, surprise quizzes & live projects are under taken to drill the learning skills of students 14. D- dramatization It happened through industrial visits , summer training in reputed organizations , interface with industry . 15. Academic& Research orientedActivities 16. E- Journal---- Sri sharda times SSIMT encourages research works and provides a platform for its students as well as faculty members to showcase their creative talent. The most remarkable milestone in this direction is the quarterly magazine of the institute under the name of Sri Sharda Times which includes the articles and various creative inputs from the students, faculty members and the industry professionals 17. Motivating and vigorous session of knowledge enhancement programme A series of special guest lectures was organized for PGDM students by C. A. Anurag Singh on basics of Accounting and Tally ERP. These special guest lectures are organized with an apex motto to make students aware of the fundamental concepts of Accounting along with providing them the practical and operational knowledge of the most sought after accounting software `TALLY ERP 18. Multi-facetedPersonality Development sessions (Soft as well as Hard Skills). An Interactive Session on the theme of Skill Development in the Institutes premises with Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Singh (Dean, FMS B.H.U), Dr. Abhijeet Singh, Dr. Amit Gautam and Dr. Anurag Singh from Faculty of Management Sciences, B.H.U, Varanasi. The workshop proved to be highly beneficial for the budding managers who will be entering the corporate world in their near future. 19. ONE DAY WORKSHOP ON SUCCESSTHROUGH VALUE CREATION SSIMT had the privilege of organizing workshop on SUCCESS THROUGH VALUE CREATION on 1st of September of 2012.National fame Management Guru Mr.Shivo remained very effective in his unique style of delivery and expression. Mr.Shivo being a consciousness evolution guide helped and inspired common people, students and businessman to adopt changes induced by fast evolving cosmic consciousness 20. INTERACTIVE SESSION WAS ORGANIZEDON THE THEME WHAT S NEXT In the month of January an interactive session was organized on the theme of What s Next by Dr.S.k.Singh,Dean F.M.S.,B.H.U.It had developed new insights in the spheres of corporate skills. The session was motivating for the students as well as faculties. 21. WORKSHOP ON SOFT SKILL DEVELOPMENT An Interactive Session of 2 days is being organized on 16th and 17th of Feb, 2013, on the theme of Skill Development in the Institutes premises with Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Singh (Dean, FMS B.H.U), Dr. Abhijeet Singh, Dr. Amit Gautam and Dr. Anurag Singh from Faculty of Management Sciences, B.H.U, Varanasi. The workshop proved to be highly beneficial for the budding managers who will be entering the corporate world in their near future. 22. EDUCATIONAL TRIPTO B.H.U. An educational trip was organized for SSIMT students from 29th to 30th September 2012.They were taken to Faculty of Management Studies,BHU,Varanasi Workshop were being conducted at BHU Varanasi with all our best efforts 23. Beyondclassroomteaching 24. SUMMERTRAINING PROJECT REPORT PRESENTATION- PRASTUTI PRASTUTI 2012.In this event, Summer Training Project Report Presentation Competition organized by SMS Lucknow at their campus. In this competition our student Mr.Abhishek Kapoor,PGDM IInd year added the feathers to the cap of our prestigious institute by securing second prize. 25. BIZ QUIZ There are a lot of ways to become a failure, but never taking a chance is the most successful. It was this reason that the SSIMT decided to take this chance and organize a Biz Quiz for students under the guidance of event coordinator Mrs.Amita Nigam (Asst.Prof.) It all came on 8th of Nov 2012 at SSIMT where Blue team (consisting of PGDM second year students) and Red team (consisting of PGDM first year students) battled against each other in Business Quiz 26. DEBATE COMPETITION- FDI IN RETAIL INDUSTRY In our Scheduled Monthly Activities an interesting Debate Competition was organized between first year and second year students of management in 8th of December 2012 on the the topic of FDI IN RETAIL INDUSTRY, overall the session was knowledge enhancing. 27. U.P. QUIZ KING-2013 In its relentless pursuit for instilling competitive temperament and enhanced intellectual capacity in the students, the institute had initiated U.P. Quiz King- 2013 competition in October 2012, in more than 37 districts of U.P. which had arrived its finality through various rounds of grilling. The final round of the U.P. Quiz King was held on 9th. February at 10.30 A.M. in the impressive campus of the SSIMT at Gosaiganj, Lucknow 28. STUDENT OF THE YEAR Award It is a matter of proud for us to announce the name of the Student of the year as Mr.Abhishek Kapoor. As the candidature for this award is evaluated on the basis Of ability, performance and conduct of the student, he seems to be the most deserving candidate for the same. He is an outstanding achiever in academics as Well as in co-curricular activities 29. Intellectual capital of SSIMTis strong faculty base . Teaching is one profession that creates all other profession . 30. (U I 3) -UNIQUE INDUSTRY -INSTITUTE INTERFACE . For professional excellence and success, we invite senior executives of large organizations to come and speak to our students and share their knowledge. 31. Students open up their heart .. Life in the college has been full of fun & learning throughout I feel proud to be a part of this organization . Everybody in the campus has been helpful always & it feels great to be a part of Sri Sharda Family- ABHISHEK KAPOOR It is a wonderful experience to be at S.S.I.M.T. In my duration of being here, I have learnt several good practices and ethical standards which have enhanced the overall quality of my personal and professional life that certainly will help me in boosting my professional career as soon as I enter the corporate world- USMAN GHANI NOORI 32. What we expect from students ????? Punctuality Timely submission of assignments Follow up of duly assigned projects Go through compiled notes before every lecture Ensure their maximum attendance Follow the norms which have been prescribed for dress code , identity card & library card etc. Decent class room behavior 33. Cont We aim to foster environment which will prepare students to cope up with challenges of highly dynamic corporate environment .Therefore it is expected from the students to mentally prepare for some extra sessions 34. Brief Overview of Examination Pattern 70% 15% 10% 5% Total credits =100 External Exams Internal Exams Surprises Quizes Attendance 35. Examination Pattern of BBA 20% 5% 5% 70% Total Credit=100 Internal Attendance Assignment External