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Windows 10Keyboard Shortcuts25 Built-in Macros For a More Efficient Windows Experience

Win KeyPress and release Toggles between the Start menu and DesktopPress and hold Runs Win key macro shortcuts

Win + F1Opens Windows 10 Helpon a Bing search web page

Win + PrtScnCaptures an image of the current screenStores the image in the Pictures / Screenshots folder

Win + numberRuns the application pinned on the taskbarat the number indicated Numbers count 1-9 from left to right and zero for 10


Win + ArrowLeft/Right Arrow keys dock the active windowto the left/right side of screenUp/Down Arrow keys resize the active windowand alternate between maximize/minimize/restore Use the Shift key to jump between multiple monitors

Win + TabOpens the Virtual Desktop screenUse Win + Ctrl + Left/Right arrow keys to navigateUse Win + Ctrl + D to create a new virtual desktopUse Win + F4 to exit a virtual desktop

Win + AOpens the Action Center sidebar to view notifications and quick access iconsPress Esc to close

Win + BSets the focus in the notification area(System Tray at bottom right of Taskbar)Use the Arrow keys to navigate left/rightPress Enter to activate a selected icon

Win + COpens Cortana in listening mode Cortana must be active/availableand has no effect if not active/available

Win + DShows the DesktopMinimizes all open applications / windows Repeat to restore applications

Win + EOpens Windows File ExplorerUse Alt + F4 (or X) to close

Win + FOpens the Feedback window used to report bugs and give feedback Additional enhancements are available if participating in the Windows Insider program

Win + GOpens the Windows Game bar(when game is active)

Win + HOpens the Share sidebar panelfor access to metro apps that share content

Win + IOpens the Windows Settings page Use the search box to find specific settings Or Tab, Arrow, and Enter to select categories

Win + KOpens the Wireless Connections sidebar panelTab between optionsand press Enter to select

Win + LLocks the screen and requires the password to log back in

Win + MMinimizes all open applications / windowsUse Shift + M to restore

Win + OLocks the device orientation

Win + POpens the Projector / Multiple screen sidebar panelTab between screen optionsand press Enter to select

Win + ROpens the Run dialogEnter a command, application filename, or URLand press Enter to run the action

Win + SActivates the Search optioneither Cortana or Windows search in text modeType what you want to find and select from the results list

Win + TCycles through the icons pinned to the TaskbarPress Enter to activate the selected icon

Win + UOpens the Usability / Accessibility settings windowOr Win + Enter to launch Narrator

Win + VCycles current notifications

Win + XOpens the Power User menuThis is the same as right-clicking the start button

Example: Win + X, U, U to shutdown

SummaryThere are lots of shortcuts available some will be used more than othersThe place to start is to learn a few most used to start and then add as needed

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