Bar List Reds - Bells 40% £2.90 Famous Grouse 40% £2.90 Mekhong (Thai Whiskey) 35%Still...

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Transcript of Bar List Reds - Bells 40% £2.90 Famous Grouse 40% £2.90 Mekhong (Thai Whiskey) 35%Still...

  • Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most

    civilized pleasures.

    Reds Vermouths & Aperitifs per measure Martini Bianco 14.5% £2.90 Martini Rosso 14.5% £2.90 Martini Dry 14.5% £2.90 Dubonnet 14.8% £2.90 Pernod 40% £3.30 Pimms No.1 25% £3.30 Campari 25% £3.30

    Vodka Smirnoff Red Vodka 37.5% £2.90 Absolut Vodka Blue Label 40% £3.30 Grey Goose Vodka 40% £3.95

    Rum Bacardi Rum 40% £2.90 Captain Morgan Dark Rum 40% £2.90 Malibu 21% £2.90 Sang Som (Thai Rum) 40% £3.30

    Tequila Tequila Cuervo White 38% £2.90

    Gin Gordon’s Gin 37.5% £2.90 Bombay Sapphire 40% £3.30 Tanqueray 40% £3.30

    Brandy Martell VS 40% £3.50 Courvoisier VS 40% £3.50 Remy Martin VSOP 40% £4.50 Hennessey XO 40% £8.95 Remy Martin XO 40% £8.95

    Whiskey & Bourbon Bells 40% £2.90 Famous Grouse 40% £2.90 Mekhong (Thai Whiskey) 35% £3.30 Jack Daniels 40% £3.30 Jameson Irish 40% £3.30 J. Walker Black Label 40% £3.30 Glenfiddich 12 years old 40% £3.50 Glenmorrangie 10 years old 40% £4.95

    Liqueurs Archers 23% £3.00 Cointreau 40% £3.30 Drambuie 40% £3.00 Amaretto 28% £3.00 Grand Marnier 40% £3.00 Chambord 16.5% £3.30 Jägermeister 35% £3.30 Midori Melon 20% £3.00 Sambuca White 40% £3.00 Tia Maria 26.5% £3.00 Baileys 17% £3.00 Kahlua 20% £3.00 Southern Comfort 35% £3.30

    Bar List

    Draught Beers ½ Pint Pint Stella Artois 4% £2.00 £3.70 Beck’s Vier 4% £2.00 £3.70

    Bottled Beers & Ciders Bottle Singha Beer (Thai) 5.0% £3.00 Chang Beer (Thai) 5.0% £3.00 Tiger Beer (Singapore) 4.8% £3.00 Tsing Tao Beer (Chinese) 4.7% £3.00 Budweiser (USA) 4.8% £3.00 Corona (Mexico) 4.6% £3.00 Guinness (Irish stout) 4.2% £3.00 Magners (Irish cider) 4.5% £3.00

    Soft Drinks Mixer Glass Coca Cola / Diet £0.50 £1.95 Lemonade £0.50 £1.95 Soda Water £0.50 £1.95 Orange Juice £1.95 Apple Juice £1.95 Pineapple Juice £1.95 Cranberry Juice £1.95 Coconut Juice £1.95 Mango Juice £1.95 Lychee Juice £1.95 Guava Juice £1.95 Tonic Water / Slimline Tonic Water £2.25 Ginger Ale £2.25 Red Bull £2.50 J2O £2.50 Appletiser £2.50

    Mineral Water Sparkling 330ml £1.95 Still 330ml £1.95 Bottle 750ml £3.50

    Liqueur Coffee Baileys Coffee £4.50 Royal Coffee (Brandy) £4.50 Irish Coffee (Jameson) £4.50 Calypso Coffee (Tia Maria) £4.50 Russian Coffee (Vodka) £4.50

    Hot Drinks Café Americano £2.50 Café Latte £2.95 Cappuccino £2.95 Mocha £2.95 Espresso £2.20 Hot Chocolate £2.95 English Tea £1.95 Jasmine Tea £1.95 Green Tea £1.95

    Wine List

  • Signature Cocktails - £6.95 Bangkok Fizz Refreshing blend of coconut rum, citrus lime and cranberry, infused with fresh mint in a fizzy finish.

    Lychee Storm Tropical flavours of fresh lychee and vodka with pineapple juice.

    Cucumber Caipiranha Refreshing twist on the original with fresh cucumber, rum, lime and soda.

    Gorilla Guava Try Thai’s original concoction of vodka, guava juice, fresh mint and topped with ginger ale.

    Lassi Gone Wild An alcoholic twist on the original lassi drink. White Rum, vanilla and fresh lime with fresh mango puree and yogurt.

    Candy Coated Martini Sweet yet refreshing! Vodka and peach schnapps with a hint of vanilla and citrus flavours combined with pineapple juice topped with icing sugar and foam.

    Classic Cocktails - £6.95 Apple Mojito Rum, fresh apple, fresh lime, sugar syrup, mint and topped with soda.

    Strawberry Mojito Rum, fresh strawberries, fresh lime, sugar syrup and mint - topped with soda.

    Mango Daiquiri White Rum, Cointreau, fresh lime juice and fresh mango puree.

    Strawberry Daiquiri White Rum, Cointreau, fresh lime juice and fresh strawberry puree.

    Cosmopolitan Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice and fresh lime.

    Pina Colada White Rum, coconut liqueur, pineapple juice, coconut milk and sugar syrup.

    Margarita Tequila, Cointreau and fresh lime juice.

    Long Island Ice Tea Gin, Vodka, Rum, Cointreau, Tequila, fresh lime, sugar syrup - topped with coke.

    Long Beach Gin, Vodka, Rum, Cointreau, Tequila, fresh lime, sugar syrup and top with cranberry juice.

    French Martini Vodka, Chambord & pineapple juice.

    Mai Tai Dark rum, Amaretto, orange juice, pineapple juice - topped with grenadine.

    Blue Hawaiian White rum, coconut liqueur, Blue Curacao and pineapple juice.

    Mocktails - £3.95 Cranberry Cooler Cranberry juice, fresh lime, sugar syrup - topped with soda.

    Bora-Bora Pineapple juice, fresh lime, sugar syrup - topped with ginger ale and dash of grenadine.

    Toothless Shark Orange juice, fresh lime, sugar syrup and a dash of grenadine.

    Strawberry Kick Fresh strawberries, mint, sugar syrup and cranberry juice.

    George’s Special Mango juice, lychees, lemonade and dash of grenadine.

    Sala-Sala Thai Sala syrup, fresh lime and topped with soda.


    European Selection

    taste 175ml bottle

    1. Chardonnay (2) £16.95 Georges Duboeuf, Vin de Pays d’Oc, France Elegant with delicate buttery fruits with a hint of peach and a zesty lemon finish.

    2. Sauvignon Blanc (1) £17.50 Domaine La Prade, VdP des Cotes de Tongues, Southern France Crisp, fresh and clean Sauvignon with pear and gooseberry fruits.

    3. Viognier (1-2) £20.50 Delas Freres, Vin de Pays d’Oc, France Bursting with Viognier character: apricots, peaches and preserved citrus fruit. The palate is both smooth and fresh, with hints of spice. Ideal with food with a bit of spice.

    4. Petit Chablis (1) £23.95 Thierry Hamelin, Burgundy, France Modern, ripe Chablis with good weight and intensity.

    5. Gewurztraminer Signature (2) £24.95 Rene Mure, Alsace, France Controlled yet expressive, this wine offers the characteristic exotic aromas of Gewurztraminer – rose petals, lychee and gingerbread.

    6. Sancerre ‘Les Boffants’ (1) £25.50 Charles Dupuy, Loire Valley, France Ripe and pungent with complex fruit flavours of gooseberry and herbs.

    7. Chablis 1er Cru “Fourchaume” (1) £34.50 Jean Marc Brocard, Burgundy, France An exotic nose of pineapple, mango and aniseed is followed by a harmonious palate with an added hint of honeyed fruit, and a refreshing mineral finish.

    8. Chassagne Montrachet (2-3) £45.50 Domaine Philippe Colin, Burgundy, France A stylish refined nose perfumed with vanilla and excellent concentration. Long intense finish.

    9. Candidato Blanco (Viura) (1-2) £4.20 £15.95 Vino de la Tierra de Castilla, Spain On the nose there are fruity notes of green apples, grapefruit and quince as well as strong floral notes. Silky and smooth on the palate with well-balanced flavours and a fresh, dry finish.

    10. Pinot Grigio delle Dolomiti (2) £4.70 £17.50 Mezzacorona, Italy Elegant, dry Pinot Grigio with apple and banana fruit aromas, floral lift in the mouth, and a clean, crisp finish.

    11. Villa Antinori Bianco (1) £22.95 (Trebbiano & Malvasia, Pinot Bianco & Pinot Grigio, Riesling) Tuscany IGT, Italy Intense aromatic notes of yellow rose lead to a fresh, medium-bodied palate and a nicely lingering finish. Works well with Thai cuisine.

    12. Gavi di Gavi La Meirana (2-3) £24.95 Bruno Broglia, Piedmont, Italy Great texture and precision, with a distinctive greengage/apricot flavour and fine grip on the palate. Fresh, genuinely characterful Gavi.

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  • bottle

    48. Cava Brut René Barbier Spain (Dry) NV £18.95 A very elegant Cava, with soft fruit aromas of peach and melon and a fine mousse.

    49. Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Col de’Salici, Italy £21.95 A delightful Prosecco. Clean as a whistle, with green apple fruit, floral notes and a delicate finish.

    50. Champagne Testulat Blanc de Noirs, France NV £39.95 Rich, fruity champagne with notes of vanilla and peaches. Elegant and well-balanced.

    51. Champagne Moët & Chandon France NV £52.95 Delicate a with a vine and lime blossom attack followed by a mellow and harmonious finish.

    52. Champagne Bollinger France NV £54.95 A bone dry, full bodied champagne with a mature, toasty flavour and rich aroma.

    53. Champagne Veuve Clicquot France NV £59.95 Well structured with a symphony of fruit flavours and fine balance with toasty aromas.

    54. Champagne Laurent-Perrier Rose France NV £75.00 Deep salmon-pink colour, fruity, fresh and intense followed by a full bodied yet elegant mouthfeel.


    Sparkling & Champagne

    WhitesNew WorldSelection

    Taste Guide 1 to 3

    1 = dry to 3 = medium dry

    Wines by the glass are also available in 125ml measures


    taste 175ml bottle

    45. Pinot Grigio Rosé (2) £4.70 £17.50 Mannara, IGT Veneto, Italy A delicate rosé with lifted aromas of spring flowers and strawberries, red berry fruit on the palate and a soft, round finish.

    46. Gran Hacienda Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé (2-3) £17.95 Santa Rita, Maipo Valley, Chile A full-on fruity rosé with a vibrant colour, masses of berry flavour and a dry yet well-rounded palate.

    47. Zinfandel Rosé (3) £18.95 Beringer, California, United States Fruity aromas and flavours of ripe strawberries and some spicy clove/nutmeg notes. Soft, well-rounded palate, in a medium style.

    Taste Guide 1 to 3