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  • B A N Q U E B O N H Ô T E & C I E S A

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    The Convergence of Two Traditions

    Private Banking

    Customised Solutions

    Institutional Management

    Independent Asset Managers

    Bonhôte Services

    Bonhôte Fund Solutions

    Neuchâtel’s Historic Ties

    Berne, Centre of Influence

    Bienne, a Union of Two Cultures

    Geneva, Crossroads of the World

    Lausanne, an axis of innovation and growth

    Solothurn – Switzerland’s Baroque jewel

    Welcome! As you peruse these pages you will discover an institution that dates back over two centuries. Our bank was founded in 1815 in Neuchâtel by Louis Petitmaître. Eighty years later, in 1895, it was acquired by the Bonhôte family, whose name it still bears today. Yves de Montmollin, its CEO, and the executive team are all experienced bankers with specialised expertise in wealth management. Like myself, they are partners at Banque Bonhôte & Cie. They all hold a personal financial stake in the Bank, as do many of our staff, and participate actively in its future. There is no greater assurance of stability and rigour than the knowledge that the people you are dealing with have a direct stake in the long-term development of our business, and the pride that we take in our banking heritage is brought to bear in servicing the needs of investors.

    A Word of Welcome from the Chairman

    Jean Berthoud, Chairman

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    « Expertise acquired in the world’s

    major financial marketplaces. »

    Jean-Paul Jeckelmann Chief Investment Officer

    Robin Richard Chief Client Officer

    Olivier Vollenweider Chief Operating Officer

    Yves de Montmollin Chief Executive Officer

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    The Convergence of Two Traditions

    The Bonhôte family acquired the Bank in the 19th century. They were the initiators of our corporate culture, which places great emphasis on the personal relationships and mutual trust that we establish with each of our clients.

    In 1992, Jean Berthoud and a group of partners bought out the Bank returning it to private hands. Jean Berthoud, whose own banking heritage dates back to 1785, was CEO of the Bank before his appointment as Chairman of the Board in 2010.

    In 2014, Yves de Montmollin took over the management of the bank. He chairs the Group’s Executive Board comprising Olivier Vollenweider, Jean- Paul Jeckelmann and Robin Richard.

    Their solid, multidisciplinary experience acquired in the major financial centres in the United States, Europe and Asia is brought to bear in all the Bank’s dealings with its clients. The dynamic approach of this tight-knit, highly motivated team is enhanced by the personal financial stake that each partner has in the future of the Bank. The decision-making process capitalises on the interaction of ideas, ensuring that strategic choices are informed, objective, and risk-managed. The efficiency of our organisation also relies on our high calibre staff whose primary commitment is to provide an outstanding service to our clients.

    Banque Bonhôte & Cie SA, founded in 1815,

    has a unique identity deriving from the convergence of

    two banking traditions.

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    « A special client relationship. »

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    Our detailed knowledge of your expectations allows you to benefit from advice and follow-up that are perfectly tailored to your situation.

    Taking the long view, we believe firmly in the virtues of active management and alternative strategies which in the proper doses combine to reduce volatility in portfolios.

    We are determined to remain focused on our financial management skills since this is where we possess real added value.

    Set up in its current form in 1992, Banque Bonhôte has since experienced remarkable growth.

    In an environment which is constantly changing, dealing with the complexity of financial markets requires significant resources and focused expertise. Our company therefore continually enhances its human and technological skills in order to satisfy the most exacting requirements.

    Its flexible and dynamic organisation enables Banque Bonhôte to offer its private clients a wide range of services that reflect the refined and professional approach it has adopted in the field of global wealth management.


    A Dynamic Spirit

    Private Banking

    Even more than a full range of wealth management

    services, we offer you a partner-like relationship

    designed to achieve your objectives in full.

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    « The human size of our Bank promotes

    efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness

    to deal with fast-paced markets. »

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    Based on this information, we determine the most appropriate investment strategy. We then move on to asset allocation and to choosing securities, countries, investment themes and finally which currencies that will be incorporated in your portfolio.

    Setting your strategy is crucial, as this will influence a substantial portion of your portfolio’s performance.

    As part of asset allocation, your portfolio will then be actively and individually managed in line with our anticipation of market trends.

    Reports containing summarised, transparent information on the performance of your assets are made available to you by our team at regular intervals.

    In an increasingly complex environment, wealth creation and preservation is a key factor in achieving your objectives.

    We firmly believe that a well-structured and regularly updated asset allocation process can contribute decisively to creating added value.

    Our investment process is designed to prioritise companies which have a positive impact on responsible social development. We also offer discretionary mandates in responsible investment, taking into account the environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria of the companies selected for securities portfolios.

    Customised Solutions

    Portfolio Management

    Customised Solutions

    Using a targeted approach we define your risk profile

    and return objective.

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    « It is by continually honing our expertise

    that we provide real added value. »

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    Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of your expectations, you can benefit from advice and subsequent asset management which are both precisely tailored to your circumstances. As we give preference to long-term strategies, we firmly believe in active asset management, which can be combined with alternative investment strategies to reduce portfolio risk.

    Our investment philosophy, alongside our efficiency in implementation and our flexibility, gives you a unique opportunity within the world of asset management.

    We are determined to remain focused on our financial management skills since this is where we possess real added value. When it comes to financial research, we can rely on our analysts as well as the results obtained from our network at the heart of the financial community.

    Being independent allows us to select the best outside providers, such as financial consultants and global depositaries, in order to offer you truly personalised solutions.

    Finally, as a member of the Swiss stock exchange and as an issuer of traditional and alternative investment funds, our Bank can provide you with expertise on the basis of discretionary management mandates, specialist advice and trading services.

    Our Values

    Our Strengths

    Institutional Management

    Even more than a full range of wealth management

    services, we would like to offer you a partner-like

    relationship designed to achieve your objectives

    in full.

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    « Our team of analysts is close to the markets.

    They will advise you actively on your

    investment decisions and keep you regularly

    informed on new proposals, in accordance with

    your time horizon and investment profile. »

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    In addition to the complete services of a custodian bank, our human size guarantees personalised administrative follow-up enabling you to focus on your core business.

    Our experience in wealth management helps target your requirements precisely, giving rise to innovative services.

    You benefit from the support of a dedicated and dynamic team, leveraging multidisciplinary experience and acknowledged expertise.

    Our advisers will be more than happy to assist you at our offices in Neuchâtel, Bern, Bienne Geneva and Lausanne for your convenience.

    As a member of the Swiss stock exchange and in association with respected brokers, we can provide you with access to most of the world’s securities trading centres.

    As all orders go directly to our own trading room, they will be executed instantly hence, your transactions will remain strictly confidential.

    Bonhôte Access, our IT solution for professionals, provides secure, detailed viewing of your clients’ portfolios.


    Trading Services


    Independent Asset Managers

    By choosing Banque