Bali Terror

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How Indonesia discriminates against Australian citizens

Transcript of Bali Terror

  • Indonesia hates Aussies?

    Who does it suit to keep an innocent woman locked in hell for 20 years? See for the explosive new movie that finally blows the whistle on Australias rampant airport crime

    According to Schapelles Indonesian lawyer, in a fax to ex-pm John Howard (which he ignored), the highest sentence ever given to an Indonesian for a similar amount of marijuana was 5 years - and one Indonesian man found with 161 kilos (40 times as much), got just 10 years. Meanwhile a peaceful Australian citizen gets more time than the most vicious murderers and terrorists.

    Bali prison boss gets just four years for drugs and weapons charges.

    Sydney Morning Herald, 11 March 2008 Ex-Bali prison chief jailed

    Given 20 years for 4.2 kilos of marijuana