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Terror Attacks

Terror Attacks 2014 wheresjenny.comTerror Attacks A commondefinition of terrorismis the systematic use or threatened use of violence to intimidate a population or government for political, religious, orideologicalgoals.

Terrorism in India, according to theHome Ministry, poses a significant threat to the people of India. Terrorism found in India includes ethno-nationalist terrorism, religious terrorism, left wing terrorism and narco terrorism.

The regions with long termterroristactivities have beenJammu and Kashmir, east-central and south-central India (Naxalism) and theSeven Sister States.

In August 2008, National Security Advisor M K Narayanan has said that there are as many as 800terrorist cellsoperating in the country. As of 2013, 205 of the countrys 608 districts were affected by terrorist activity.

Terror Attacks 2014 wheresjenny.comVocabularyViolence: Behaviour involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.

Intimidate: Frighten or overawe (someone), especially in order to make them do what one wants.

Assassinations: Murder (an important person) for political or religious reasons.

Confessed: Admit that one has committed a crime or done something wrong.Terror Attacks 2014 wheresjenny.com The following is alist of non-state terrorist incidentsthat have not been carried out by a government or its forces (seestate terrorismandstate-sponsored terrorism). Assassinations are listed atList of assassinated people.

There is no single accepted definition of non-state terrorism in common use, so incidents listed here are restricted to those that: Are believed to not have been state-sponsored. Are either commonly called terrorism, or meet at least some of the commonly used criteria.

Terror Attacks 2014 wheresjenny.comTerror attack in India (26/11) The2008 Mumbai attackswere twelve coordinated shooting and bombing attacks lasting four days acrossMumbai. by members ofLashkar-e-Taiba.

Ajmal Kasab, the only attacker who was captured alive, later confessed upon interrogation that the attacks were conducted with the support of Pakistan'sISI. The attacks, killing 164 people and wounding at least 308.

Terror Attacks 2014 wheresjenny.com2010 European terror plot

The2010 European terror plotwas an allegedAl-Qaedaplot to launch "commando-style" terror attacks on France, United Kingdom, and Germany. The existence of the plot was revealed in late September 2010 after it was disrupted byintelligence agencies. Thought to be ordered byOsama bin Ladenhimself the plot led to an unprecedented increase inDrone attacks in Pakistanand travel advisories from several countries to their citizens to be careful while traveling in Europe.

Terror Attacks 2014 wheresjenny.com9/11(WTC) TheSeptember 11 attacks(also referred to asSeptember11,September11th, or9/11)were a series of four coordinatedterrorist attackslaunched by theIslamic terroristgroupal-Qaedaupon theUnited StatesinNew York Cityand theWashington, D.C. metropolitan areaon Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

The attacks killed almost 3,000 people and caused at least $10 billion in property and infrastructure damage

Terror Attacks 2014 wheresjenny.comAfghanistan attacks TheApril 2012 Afghanistan attackstook place on Sunday, 15 April 2012, at around 13:00 local time (08:30UTC) when heavily armedTalibaninsurgents andsuicide bomberslaunched multiple coordinated attacks throughout Afghanistan. Insurgents launched the 2012spring offensiveon multiple locations, including government buildings, military bases, and embassies. Attacks occurred in fourAfghan provinces, includingKabulandPaktia.Different reports attribute responsibility for the attacks to either Taliban or theHaqqani networkalthough the Taliban have claimed responsibility.

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Terror Attacks 2014 wheresjenny.com

Terror Attacks 2014 wheresjenny.com