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    014/lBahasa InggerisKertas IJULAI2O1l50 minit JABATAN PELA!}AR.AN NEGERI TERENGGANU


    Disediakan Oleh:Guru Akram, Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Terengganu

    dengan Pembiayaan Kerajaan Negeri Terengganu


    TAHUN 6


    KERTAS 1

    Lima Puluh Minit

    t .


    Kertas soalan ini mengandungj 4O soalan

    Jawab semua. soalan.

    Tiap-tiap soalan diil$rti oleh tiga atau empat pilihan jataapan, iaitu A, Bdan C atau A, B, C dan D. Bagi setiap soelan, pilih satu jawapansahnja. Hltamlcan$awapan kamu pada kertas jawapan obiektif uangdisediakan.

    Jika kamu hendak -menukar jawapan, padamkan tanda gang telahdibuat. Kemudian hiffir*lcan jawapan yang bant.




    Kertas soalan ini mengandungi l4 httlctman bercetak.


    P er c et akan'Yay a s an I s lam T er e n g g anL! S dn. B hd.Tel: 609-666 86l I /6652/8601 Faks: 609-666 061 I10053

    0t4/l lL ihat sebelahSULIT



    Questions 1- 4

    Choose the best word to fill in the blanks'

    Pilih perlrataan yang terbaik untuk diisikan pada tempat kosong'

    l. We saw many types of birds living in an

    A. apiary

    B. aviary

    C. abattoir

    D. incinerator

    at the zoo.

    ofa tree is hard.


    [L ihat sebelah


    2. The stem of a plant is soft whereas the

    A twig

    B root

    C trunk

    D branch

    Alisha's mother uses a

    A ladle

    B sieve

    C spoon

    D spatula

    4. The

    last week.

    A tburists

    B refugees

    C passengers

    D immigrants

    to fry the fish in the wok.

    enjoyed their visit to the famous buildings in Kuala Lumpur


    Bl Kertas 1 | Pra Percubaan UPSR 201 1014/1


    Questions 5 - 7Study the pictures carefully and choose the best phrase to complete the paragraph.Lihat gambar dengan teliti dan pilih rangkai kata yang terbaik bagi melengkapkanperenggan di bawah.

    Last Thursday, Raju's brother gave him a treat at a fastfood outlet. Raiu was

    very excited. When they reached the restaurant , they ordered

    some burgers and drinks. There were many people at the restaurant. He saw several

    children playing at the

    Raiu ordered a while his brother had a bowl of

    ice-cream. He enjoyed his meal and had a wonderful tinie there.

    A some nuggets

    B a bowl of chicken soup

    C aplate of fried chicken

    D a large bowl of french fries

    A mini funfair

    B kids playpen

    C beautiful carnival

    D children playground

    A piece of apple pie

    B chocolate cupcakc

    C strawberry doughnut

    D peanut butter sandwich


    there. For dessert ,


    IL ihat sebelah



    0r4tl Bl Kertas 1 | Pra Percubaan UPSF 201 1

  • SULIT 4


    Questions 8 - 10

    Study the pictures carefully' Then choose the best answer'

    Lihat gambar dengan teliti. Pilih jawapdn yang terbaik


    [L ihat sebelah


    A The doctors examine the Patient.

    B The doctor is using a stethoscope'

    C. Siti checks the patient's stomach'

    D. Miss Sheila asks the doctor a question.

    A. She is drinking some milk in a glass.

    B. The little child is sitting on his chair.

    C, The toddler is drinking from a bottle.

    D. T'he baby is sleeping soundly in its cot.

    The two boys are playing together.

    Yapin and Mary are having a lot of fun.

    Ali. the boy who is blindlolded. is

    chasing Susan.

    Jothi is being chased by her friend,





    014t1 Bl Kertas 1 lPra Percubaan UPSR 2011



    Sure. I'd loveto go.

    A lt's ok. Thanks!

    B I am very sad, Seetha.

    C My little baby is sleeping soundly.

    D I'm worried. My son isn't feeling


    A Meng, do you want to take the o{fer?

    B. I don't want you to attend the dinner.

    C. John, would you like to join me tonight?

    D. Do you wish to stay at home this evening?


    014/l Bl Kertas 1 tPra percubaan UPSR 2011 tlihat sebelahSULIT

  • T'hanks forhelping out,Raju.


    I u'il l, murn!






    It's riry pleasure.

    No problem. I can't help you.

    I'm sure you will help me too.

    You're welcome. You're clever too.

    A Yes, they will have some.

    B Of course. I'11 brry from you.

    C Surel We indeed need a short break.

    D Congratulationsl You're very kind.

    A You are a naughty boy, Choo.

    B Be more careful the next time.

    C You hurt your elborv during that game.

    D' Next time play carelessiy and get hurtagain!

    ol4tl Bl Kertas 1 | Pra Percubaan UPSR 201 1 lLihat sebelahSULIT

    Llome and havesome refreshments!

  • SULIT 7

    SECTION CQuestions 16 -20

    Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.Pilih jawapan yang terbaik untuk rnalengkapknn ayat-ayot berikut.

    16. Encik Hashim is standing in his gardenAso

    B but

    C and

    D because

    talking to his neighbour.


    IL ihat sebelah


    17. How many roomsAdo

    B does

    C done

    D doing

    the bungalow have?

    18 They are going to that university, _ they?Ais

    B are

    C isn't

    D aren't

    19 There isn'tA much

    B many

    C afew

    D a little

    rice left in the pot.

    20 Rita's pother can ,i qB tolthe concert tomorrow.

    A sent

    B send

    C sends

    D sending

    0r4tl Bl Kertas 1 lPra Percubaan UPSR 2011

  • SULIT ol4lt

    Question 21

    choose the word that has the similar meaning as the word underlined.

    Pilth perkataan yang sume erti dengan perkataon yaig bergaris'

    2l Kellie's Castle is an ancient building which is situated in Perak.

    A old

    B new

    C modern

    D haunted

    Questions 22 -23

    Based on the pictures, choose the answer with the correct spelling.

    Berdnsarksn gambar-gambar di bawah, pilih perkataan yang mempunyai eirnnyang


    22 Encik Hassan placed the long table in the of the room'

    A sentre

    B centeer

    C centre t

    D senteer

    23 Chong and Ravi went

    A swiming

    B swimming *a!qC swiimming

    D shwimming

    014||B|Kertasl IPraPercubaanUPSR20l l l l ihatsebelahSULIT


    at the nearby pond.I


  • SULIT 0r4ll

    Questions 24 - 25

    Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation'

    Pitih ayat yang mempunyai tandabaca yang betul'

    24 A The old man works in Pak Man and Mak Minah shop'

    B The old man works in Pak's Man and Mak Minah's shop'

    C The old man works in Pak Man's and Mak Minah's shop'

    D The old man work's in Pak Man's and Mak Minah's shop'

    25 A Ouch. that hurts a lot!

    B Ouch! that hurts a lot.

    C Ouch! That hurts, a lot.

    D Ouch! That hurts a lot!


    Questions 26 - 30

    Based on the picture, choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that

    follows.Berdasarkon gambar, pilih jawapan yang terbaik untuk diisikan pada tempat futsong

    dalam teks yang berikut'

    Last school holidays, Encik Ramlan took his family to Jakarta. They

    26 there for a few daYs. TheY took 27 flight there. They

    waited at the 28 . Encik Ramlan was sitting - 29 to his wife' Puan

    Khatijah. 30 daughter, Nisa is holding a doll in her hand.

    0L4tl Bl Kertas 1 I Pra Percubaan UPSR 201 1 [Lihat sebelahSULIT

  • SUI, IT


    B goes

    C rvent

    D going

    27 Aa


    C the

    D one

    28 A office

    B slation

    C airport

    D building

    29 A next

    B away

    C beside

    D in front

    30 A His

    B Her

    C Our

    D They


    10 01411

    IL ihat sebela.h

    SULITBl Kertas 1 lPra Percubaan UPSR 201 1


    Questions 3f - 35

    Read the dialogue below carefully and answer the questions that fbllow.

    Baca dailog di hawah dengan teliti daniawab soalan-soalan berikut

    3l Horv long was the boys' school holidays ?

    A 4 days

    B 5 days

    C 6 days

    D 7 days


    Bl Kertas 1 I Pra Percubaah UPSR 201 1 fl, ihat sebelah




    Chong Beng, Balan and Helmi are all neighbours and good friends. They were

    going to have a one -week holiday and were planning what they wanted to do"

    Chong Beng



    Chong Beng



    Chong Beng


    Chong Beng


    Why don't we go for a two-day camping trip tomorrow?

    We can do that on Sunday. I think tomorrow is a good day for us to

    spend quality time with our own family since everyone will be at homc.

    I agree with Balan. Saturday is everyone's rest day. What about a trip to

    the museum? We can see lots of historical a(ifacts which are


    Good idea! But let's rest for one day after the camping trip so we can

    have some indoor activities as well. Otherwise we'll get too worn out.

    That's true. What about going fishing?

    Sounds nice. Let's fish and camp at the same time.

    Killing two birds with 6ne stone. Great idea!

    I think it's time to also work on the 5000-piece puzzle we bought last

    year. What do you think?

    Ler's do the puzzle bit by bit daily, in the evenings.

    Good. Well, guys, it's all agreed then. We'lI do as we have planned.

  • SUI,IT 0t4tl

    32 When did they ptan to go camPing?

    A Saturday and SundaY

    B Friday and SaturdaY -'h

    C Sunday and MondaY

    D Monday and TuesdaY

    33 Why was Saturday an important day for them?

    A To do their homework

    B To play some outdoor activities

    C To spend quality time with the family

    D To go fishing, camping and visiting the zoo

    34 The phrase (Kitling two birds with one stone' means

    A to count wronglY

    B to aim carefullY at the birds

    C to use a stone to hit two birds

    D to do two things at the same tiryre

    35 They planned to do theirjigsaw puzzle

    A one day

    B someday

    C next year

    D every day

    AMft Bl Kertas 1 tPra Percubaan UPSR 2011 [Lihat sebelah




    Questions 36 - 40

    Read the news report and answer the questions that follows.

    Baca berita di bawah dengan teliti dan jawab soalan-soalan berikut.

    36 How did the fire start at the factory?

    A. Due to a short circuit

    B. Due to a big explosion

    C. Due to a lighted cigarette

    D. Due to a lighted match stick

    0l4ll Bl Kertas 1 | Pra Percubaan UPSR 2011 U'ihat sebelah



    Seremban, Tuesday - A fire broke out in a textile factory. The fire started when

    a short circuit occurred at the production area ofthe factory. The fire spread very fast'

    No one saw the fire as it was already 8.00 p.m. All the workers had gone home.

    There was only Hassan, 35, the security guard of the factory. The fire spread to the

    storeroom where the gas tanks were kept'

    The sound of exploding tanks made Hassan realized there was a fire.

    He said, "I ran to the storeroom where the flame was blazing. So I quickly

    phoned the fire brigade".

    Within minutes, two fire engihes

    hours to put out the fire. Fortunately, there

    be about RM2 million.

    rushed to the scene. It took the firemen three

    were no deaths in the fire. Loss is estimated to

  • 14 014/rSULIT

    37 Where were the factory workers?

    A They were working

    B They were in the office.

    C They were having their dinner.

    D They had gone home after a hard day's work.

    38 How did Hassan know about the fire?

    A The sound ofpeople shouting

    B The loud siren of the fire engine

    C The loud explosion at the store room

    D The loud screaming of all the workers

    39 What time do you think the firemen retumed to their station?

    A 10.30 a.m.

    B 11.00 p.m.

    C 11.30 a.m.

    D 12.00 p.m. ,

    40 From the report, we know that

    A The security guard died in the fire

    B There were two casualties in the fire

    C The f'actory owner lost about RM2 million

    D The fire started due to a liehted match stick


    0r4/r Bl Kertas 1 lPra Percubaan UPSR 201 1 SUI,I l '