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  • 8/9/2019 Bahasa Inggeris a3


    Facts and Statistics

    Location:Eastern Asia, southern half of the Korean Peninsula

    bordering the East Sea and the Yellow Sea


    Climate:temperate, with rainfall heavier in summer than winter

    Population:48,598,!5 "#ul$ %&&4 est'(

    Ethnic Make-up:homogeneous "e)*ept for about %&,&&&


    Religions:no affiliation 4-, +hristian %-, .uddhist%-,

    +onfu*ianist -, other -


    Korean Famil !alues

    The family is the most important part of Korean


    In Confucian tradition, the father is the head ofthe family and it is his responsibility to provide food,

    clothing and shelter, and to approve the marriages of

    family members.

    The eldest son has special duties: rst to his

    parents, then to his brothers from older to younger,

    then to his sons, then to his wife, and lastly to his

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  • 8/9/2019 Bahasa Inggeris a3


    Confucianism stresses duty, loyalty, honour, lial

    piety, respect for age and seniority, and sincerity.

    Korean #ncestors

    ncestors are based on the male family line.

    Children are raised to believe they can never

    repay their debt to their parents, hence the popularity

    of ancestor worship.

    They hold ancestral ceremonies for the previous

    three generations -parents, grandparents, and greatgrandparents' several times a year, particularly on

    Chuso and /ew 0ear"s 1ay.

    2n Chuso, people coo and set out food to

    celebrate their ancestors.

    $he Concept o" Ki%un

    Kibun is a word with no literal 3nglish translation4

    the closest terms are pride, face, mood, feelings, or

    state of mind.

    If you hurt someone"s ibun you hurt their pride,

    cause them to lose dignity, and lose face. Korean

    interpersonal relationships operate on the principle of

    harmony. It is important to maintain a peaceful,

    comfortable atmosphere at all times, even if it means

    telling a 5white lie5.

    Kibun enters into every facet of Korean life.

    It is important to now how to (udge the state of

    someone else"s ibun, how to avoid hurting it, and

    how to eep your own ibun at the same time.

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    In business, a manager"s ibun is damaged if his

    subordinates do not show proper respect.

    subordinate"s ibun is damaged if his manager

    critici6es him in public. /unchi is the ability to determine another

    person"s ibun by using the eye.

    7ince this is a culture where social harmony is

    crucial, being able to (udge another person"s state of

    mind is critical to maintain the person"s ibun.

    /unchi is accomplished by watching body

    language and listening to the tone of voice as well aswhat is said.

    Etiquette & Customs in South Korea

    Meeting Eti&uette

    8reetings follow strict rules of protocol.

    any 7outh Koreans shae hands with

    e9patriates after the bow, thereby blending both

    cultural styles.

    The person of lower status bows to the person of

    higher status, yet it is the most senior person who

    initiates the handshae.

    The person who initiates the bow says, 5manna

    suh pangopsumnida5, which means 5pleased to

    meet you.5

    Information about the other person will be given

    to the person they are being introduced to in advance

    of the actual meeting.

    ;ait to be introduced at a social gathering.

    ;hen you leave a social gathering, say goodbye

    and bow to each person individually.

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    Gi"t Giving Eti&uette

    8ifts e9press a great deal about a relationship

    and are always reciprocated.

    It is inconsiderate to give someone an e9pensive

    gift if you now that they cannot a%ord to reciprocate


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    /f $ou are invited to a South Korean0s house1

    It is common for guests to meet at a commonspot and travel together.

    0ou may arrive up to *$ minutes late without

    giving o%ence.

    @emove your shoes before entering the house.

    The hosts greet each guest individually.

    The host pours drins for the guests in their

    presence. The hostess does not pour drins. The hosts usually accompany guests to the gate

    or to their car because they believe that it is insulting

    to wish your guests farewell indoors.

    7end a than you note the following day after

    being invited to dinner.

    $a%le manners

    ;ait to be told where to sit. There is often a strict

    protocol to be followed.

    The eldest are served rst.

    The oldest or most senior person is the one who

    starts the eating process.

    /ever point your chopstics. 1o not pierce your food with chopstics.

    Chopstics should be returned to the table after

    every few bites and when you drin or stop to spea.

    1o not cross your chopstics when putting them

    on the chopstic rest.

    1o not pic up food with your hands. Fruit should

    be speared with a toothpic.

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  • 8/9/2019 Bahasa Inggeris a3


    lantern lig%ting #eremony at eoul laa. At t%e lig%ting #eremony, large

    lanterns are lit in %ope or t%e evelopment o eoul an +orl ea#e.

    /i eoul Festival


    May 1 ~ 0


    $%e /angang(iver) ($tu"seom, *anpo, eouio), 3+ang%+amum

    uare, an t%e +%ole #ity.

    Host and Sponsor eoul Metropolitan 5ity, eoul Founation or Arts an 5ulture.

    $%e /i eoul Festival not only represents eoul, a #ity o #ulture, &ut also is a

    #%eerul estival +%ere eoulites an visitors get toget%er to %ave un. $%e

    t%eme or t%is year is t%e 6$%e /angang(iver) 7 8onver&al9.

    :vents at eoul laa

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    May 1; (at.) ~ $ue. ~ un., 10?' ~ (or 1min.)

    Venue eoul laa @Art Fen#e tage (2) an laa

    perorman#es o various genres an events or #itien parti#ipation.

    - erorman#es o every genre in#l. opera, musi#al, pop musi#, traitional musi#,

    an#e ! perorman#es, an #lassi#al musi#.

    - More stages or #itiens in aition to 6I am a star, too9, an t%e Fall Fas%ion

    Festival, et#.

    Monthly Themes

    Month Themes Description

    May Feast o Arts

    $%e event t%at %erals t%e start o t%e 21

    perorman#e series.

    :Bperien#e an enCoy all genres o t%e arts.

    - san animation s%o+, magi# s%o+, an

    perorman#e art s%o+.

    June $raitional Musi#Festival o Dorean an traitional musi# rom

  • 8/9/2019 Bahasa Inggeris a3


    aroun t%e +orl.

    8ig%t o songs an poems.

    July Ean#e ! erorman#e

    From traitional an#e to moern an#e an an#e


    - *allet, tango, s+ing an#e, tap an#e, Latin

    an#e, +alt, et#.

    August 5lassi#al Musi#

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    JongmyoCerye is a ritual or t%e +ors%ip o t%e "ings an ueens o t%e Joseon

    Eynasty. $%is ritual #omprises o musi# an an#e. It +as t%e &iggest an most

    important ritual o t%e Joseon Eynasty. $%e ritual an t%e #ourt musi# or ritual,

    +%i#% is #alle Jeryea", +ere esignate as Intangi&le 5ultural roperties &y


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    June 11 ~ 1'

    Venue 8a"seongae ar" an eoul #ien#e ar".

    $%e eoul International Ja Festival provies an arena +%ere Ca musi# lovers

    rom all +al"s o lie, in#luing oreign resients in Dorea, Ca musi#ians, #ollege

    stuents, an Ca #lu& mem&ers, #an get toget%er to enCoy some uality Ca.

    8ot only amous proessional Ca musi#ians &ut also amateur musi#ians +ill &e

    a&le to in programs t%at t%ey #an parti#ipate in. $%e estival also provies an

    art mar"et +%ere people #an eB#%ange an s%are Ca al&ums, mementoes,

    a##essories, paintings, an inormation.


  • 8/9/2019 Bahasa Inggeris a3


    eoul laa, Jeongong, *u"#%on, Eae%a"-ro, Insaong, /ongi" Hniv.

    area, et#.

    8ig%ttime in eoul is +ie open to #itiens an oreign visitors. 5ultural spots in

    eoul +ill remain open at nig%t an many #ultural programs +ill &e provie

    uring t%e summer nig%ts.

    eoul Erum Festival

    Date eptem&er ' ~ ;


    eoul Forest an Eae%a"-ro, et#.

    $%e rum is a #ommon musi#al instrument. Featuring all "ins o rums,

    perorman#es, an international per#ussion #ompetition, parae, per#ussion art

    mar"et, t%e eoul Erum Festival +ill &e %el in eoul an +ill &e a ynami# an

    #%eerul eBperien#e or #itiens an oreign visitors, ali"e.


  • 8/9/2019 Bahasa Inggeris a3



    eptem&er (t%e 'r unay o eptem&er)

    Venue aCi"an (in aCi" ar", 1-2= aCi"-ong, Jongno-gu).

    aCi"aeCe +as esignate as important intangi&le #ultural asset 8o. 111 on

  • 8/9/2019 Bahasa Inggeris a3


    In orer to provie opportunities or proessional musi#ians, traitional Dorean

    musi# lovers, #itiens an oreign visitors to enCoy traitional Dorean musi#,

    various types o perorman#e (e.g., usion an ot%er popular ormats) +ill &e


    Asia ong Festival


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    1ancing in seoul

    Seoul, South Korea is home to an ama2ing dan*e *ommunit$' 3rom ballet, to

    *ontemporar$, to hip hop, and ever$thing in between, the number of dan*e

    *lasses available in the *it$ and the ualit$ of the training has positioned

    Seoul as one of the best *ities for dan*ers in Asia' As a foreigner, it *an be a

    little bit daunting to tae *lass in a foreign language, but there are a number of

    studios and individual tea*hers that offer e)*ellent *lasses in both Korean and

    English, as well as a number of foreign tea*hers who have *reated dan*e

    programs of their own' Keep in mind, throughout Asia, it is *ustomar$ to wor

    at something until a level of perfe*tion is a*hieved' 6his idea is *arried through

    to how South Koreans approa*h their dan*e training' +lasses are serious,

    fo*used, and approa*hed with a sense of purpose that ma$ seem a little bit

    single7minded to man$ foreigners' 6he idea of doing something halfwa$ does

    not e)ist, so if a Korean friend sa$s that the$ tae ballet *lass, *han*es are,

    the$ have been taing *lass for a number of $ears, and the$ dan*e beautifull$'

    Food in seoul


    This tour e9plores KoreaAs rich history through a variety of Korean foods

    lie barbecue and drins. 2ur guides will entertain you with stories and

    teach you fun games. This waling tour will tae you to + di%erent places

  • 8/9/2019 Bahasa Inggeris a3


    with di%erent food and alcohol at each stop. This tour starts at Bpm and

    lasts for * &) hours.

    lthough restaurants may change -depending on availability and

    guest allergies and dietary restrictions' the typical night dining tour goesto &' local Korean barbecue house )' Korean spicy rice cae house *'

    Korean @ice ;ine @estaurant +' traditional Korean aret

    In winter and rainy weather we tae transport to limit waling


    Tour 7tarts from 2Ango Culinary 7chool.

    If there are only ) people on the tour there is a ,$$$ won

    surcharge added per person.

    There are discounted rates for the noalcohol option, ids, and

    groups -more than D'. Kids under # eat freeE

    1onAt have a big appetite 2pt for the ini /ight 1ining Tour to visit

    * places with alcohol for only 70,000 won a person. This lasts * hours,

    there is less waling. This tour option is great for big groups.

    Grivate Tours and we might be able to ad(ust the start times if you

    are coming in late to 7eoul.

    ;ant something more private Tae our private night dining tour for$,$$$ won a person -minimum ) people'. Hotel picup is included. ;e

    close reservations to other groups so it will be (ust you and your friends.


    This is a )hour lunch waling food tour that stops at > places. ;eAll show

    you the real Korea as we see out classic shops, street stalls, and

    restaurants. The tour starts with a cooing demonstration and tasting at

    2Ango Culinary 7chool. ;e start with a full lunch, then have a small bite at

    each place before dashing o% to the ne9t place. This tour starts at &&am


    lthough restaurants may change -depending on availability and

    guest allergies and dietary restrictions' the typical taste tour schedule is

    &' Korean Gancae 1emonstration and Tasting at 2Ango Culinary 7chool )'

    imbap and traditional maret tour *'Korean @ice Cae +' Fried Gor

    1umplings #' 7ilworm arva or Fried Fish Cae B' Korean

  • 8/9/2019 Bahasa Inggeris a3


    variety of Korean side dishes and fresh greens for wrapping. Tour with

    barbecue lunch is #>,$$$ won.

    The tour starts from 2Ango Culinary 7chool

    1iscounts for ids, and groups over D. Kids under # eat free. If there are only ) people on the tour there is a ,$$$ won

    surcharge added per person.

    1o the Korean Taste Tour ini without the Korean barbecue stop for

    only30,000 wona person.

    Grivate Tours and we might be able to ad(ust the start times if you

    are coming in late to 7eoul.

    ;ant something more private Tae our private Korean Taste Tour

    for &$$,$$$ won a person -minimum ) people'. Hotel picup is included.

    ;e close reservations to other groups so it will be (ust you and your


    Theres great food almost everywhere you look inSeoul, but heres a

    quick primer on the Korean dishes that shouldnt be missed, and where

    to best enjoy them.

    Korean (ar%ecue

    Seocho Sariwon:This restaurant has been serving up tender

    marinated beef (bulgogi)in refined surroundings for nearly two decades.

    Hongik Sutbul Kalbi:Run by a former butcher, this nofrills,

    raucous barbecue house is renowned for its fine cuts and generous

    portions of beef and pork grilled at your table in the traditional fashion.


    Namsangol Sanchae Jip:This countrystyle restaurant serves a

    delectable bibimbap!rice mi"ed with vegetables, meat, egg, and red

    pepper paste# crammed with fresh mountain herbs and vegetables.

    Congdu:Try this beancentric restaurant for a

    healthy bibimbaplivened by a savory soybean sauce.
  • 8/9/2019 Bahasa Inggeris a3


    Korean Fried Chicken

    Reggae Chicken:$erfectly cooked chicken in a flavorful batter is

    the specialty of this small but soulful restaurant near %ongik &niversity.

    Cheers:This 'uamdong chicken restaurant is justifiably laudedfor its golden fried chicken served on a bed of crispy potatoes.


    Myeongdong Gyoa:This restaurants hearty, garlicheavy take

    on handmade wheat noodles in broth continues to draw crowds on a

    daily basis, and the fantastic kimchi !pickled cabbage# served as a side

    dish only adds to the attraction.


    !osokchon:The ginseng chicken soup at this legendary

    restaurant, containing an entire small chicken stuffed with rice and

    ginseng and a rich broth with no fewer than () medicinal herbs, is a

    good cure for hunger and a lot of other things.


    Jaha Sonmandu:The little kimchi, pork, and vegetablestuffed

    dumplings at this eatery not only look e"quisite, theyre loaded with


    Sundu%u )*igae

    Cheongdam Sundubu:%ave it your way at this *pgujeongarea

    restaurant, which serves multiple variations of this classic stew of silky

    tofu, egg, vegetables, and potent red pepper.
  • 8/9/2019 Bahasa Inggeris a3



    "ooganae:+f you cant make it all the way to the city

    of Chuncheon, the hometown of this fiery but delicious medley of stir

    fried chicken, vegetables, and a chili marinade, visit this eoulbased dalkgalbispecialist.


    # $o%e Sindangdong !teokbokki:-oull love tteokbokki!rice

    cakes simmered in red pepper sauce# too if you stop by here for a taste of

    Koreas spicysweet street food favorite, served with vegetables, fish

    cakes, and even cheese, fresh seafood, or e"tra chili on request.Scattered clouds. Cool.

    ocation: 7eoul Kimp"2 International irport

    Temperature: D C

    Comfort evel: D C

    1ew point: $ C

    Gressure: &$&> millibars

    Humidity: #>L

    Misibility: N m

    ;ind: + mh from B$ 3astnortheast

    ast update: Thu &$:$$ K7T

    ;eather in rest of 7outh KoreaForecast ne9t +D hoursocation for forecasts:

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    y Frday


























    D C D C N


    N C
























    *DL +#L B#L

    *)L )NL +)L #>L




    *# m *+






    B* m *B







    e of


    $L $L $L $L $L $L $L $L


    [email protected]:

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    ne9t &+ days

    Sun %on Tue &ed