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  • 1.AVOID THE ZOMBIE ZONE: Putting The Learning Research To Work In Your Conference

2. Try to inject info into attendees heads through lectures and panels 3. Leave shuffling, brain dead, passively consuming info 4. Learning - a biological process in 5. Just receiving information does not lead to learning or change 6. Confront Gothic elements of notmost conferences or change lead to learning education 7. Confront Gothic elements of notmost conferences or change lead to learning educationLecture Lunacy sit-n-get 8. Diagnose, Rally Resistance Produce Inoculation, Develop Antidote 9. Walking Dead 10. Symptoms That Your Conference Is Creating The Walking Dead 11. Leaders barricade themselves in outdated mythical beliefs of education: lecture, panel 12. Leaders resort to familiar, comfortable refuge, fortified spaces and status quo. 13. Leaders deny world is undergoing global change & education being transformed & disrupted! 14. Leaders try to revive past with zombified processes to select topics & speakers. They become Zombies themselves. 15. Attendees are zombie learners, never thinking or actively participating. 16. Intellectual inquiry, pair or threesome discussions, & audience participation, are seen as hallucinatory absurdities. 17. Lectures, panels create living dead as the only One thinking is speaker. 18. Zombie hordes shuffle from session to session as if they are sleep walking. 19. Conference has a police controlled atmosphere where attendees not in control of own learning. 20. Focus on experts & industry expertise as speakers instead of attendees as learners. 21. Rarely do leaders choose speakers that have understanding of learning & facilitation. 22. If your conference has any of these symptoms you are creating the walking dead! 23. Survivors of Zombie Apocalypse appreciate that the world has changed! 24. Vital for conference organizers to understand that old education methods are dead! 25. Remember if you conference has a zombie infection, you must act 26. An unnerving change has occurred 27. There has been death, which confronts us with the fact something we long held dear, is not the same! 28. We can try to embrace good old days but must realize they created zombies. 29. Oh God! Do you see them? This is where they grow them! 30. What the heck are they? Theyre us, thats all. Dont let them become us! 31. What is the antidote of Zombism? 1. Critical Thinking 32. 2. Deep Learning not surface knowledge! 33. 3. Content uncovered by learner not content covered by speaker! 34. 4. Evidence Based Education 35. 5. Authentic Learning Not Mimicry 36. 6. Going beyond info giving & assimilation to application. 37. 7. Solving problems by thinking not defending outdated beliefs & relying on memory! 38. Darwin Bell Pink Sherbert Photography Guillermio Salinas GeezerWheezer MacWagen West Midlands Police Faugel Abode Of Chaos Mugley KatieW Big Mike Sinjuani Chris Waldreck Flood Tony George Quarlo Ota Bruno Piatta Marcosc Emily Barney Fusky Jagendorf MarkLobo Doviende e_Monk WVS JamesRDoe TauZero Jcaterals MarcellDietl Bass_nroll Oskay rVerse Jkosanchez JoshBromba Joz Arbyreed 39. The Art of Changing The Brain: Enriching The Practice Of Teaching By Exploring The Biology Of Learning by James E. Zull Learner Centered Teaching by Terry Doyle Romeros 1978 Dawn Of The Dead Siegels 1956 Invasion Of The Body Snatchers Visible Learning & The Science Of How We Learn by John Hattie & Greg Yates Zombies In The Academy: Edited by Andrew Whelan, Ruth Walker and Christopher Moore