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  • CORE COMPONENTSAutonomy Platform

    01 VAKOEM Agnostic Vehicle Automation Kit

    02 VantageObstacle Detection & Avoidance

    03 MobiusMulti-Vehicle Command & Control

  • 01 VAKVehicle Automation Kit

    The VAK is a system of robotic OEM Agnostic hardware components that allow users to control a vehicle both manually and robotically. Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) Vehicle Interface Module Environmental Sensors Actuators GPS, Radio, Camera

  • 01 VAKVehicle Automation Kit - Component Organization


    CameraRadio & GPS

    Vehicle Control Unit

    Steering RobotVehicle InterfaceModule

    Native Vehicle Controls

    Actuator Control Board

    Control UnitASIs patented VCU computer is the brain in the vehicle. It communicates with the sensors and controls the vehicle. It also relays info between the vehicle, server, and Mobius.

    ActuatorsUniversal actuators are placed in the vehicle to communicate with the VCU so that vehicle operations can be controlled safely and accurately. In by-wire vehicles no actuators are needed, as the VCU integrates with vehicle controls directly.

    Kit SensorsSensors collect environmental info and relay it to the onboard VCU to give awareness to the automation system. Compatible with the Mobileye camera system.

  • 02 VANTAGEObstacle Detection & Avoidance


  • 03 MOBIUSWhat is Mobius?

    The industrys most advanced unmanned command and control solution. Enjoy safer, more productive robotic vehicle operations. Intuitive, well designed user experience

  • 03 MOBIUSFeatures

    Command & ControlSet specific tasks and control the critical vehicle functions including steering, transmission, acceleration, braking, and ignition from a remote location.

    Multi-VehicleEnjoy greater productivity and economies of scale as a single operator controls multiple unmanned vehicles interacting in the same area or at disparate locations.

    User FriendlyExperience the simple, clean Mobius interface that leverages advanced design and development techniques and incorporates user testing results from industry professionals.

    A.I. Improve productivity with embedded artificial intelligence modules that automatically task vehicles, generate maps and paths, develop area coverage patterns, and more.

    SafetyMonitor vehicle health data, view warnings from obstacle detection sensors, plan dynamic paths to avoid hazards, and prevent collisions with proximity monitor and choreographer.

    NotificationsReal-time notifications provide remote operators with detailed feedback on environmental issues, system errors, and vehicle check-in and running status.

  • 03 MOBIUS DURABILITY PROCESSBuild and Execute Advanced Process

    01 Path BuilderCreates a drivable path that can be customized to match testing needs and course routes.

    02 Event PlanningExecute actions at a specific point in a path, including: acceleration, deceleration, stop, wait, lane change, variable force braking, roll over, and more...

    03 Vehicle TaskingVehicles can be tasked to run routes as many times as needed. No need to switch drivers out due to hazardous road conditions, fatigue, and driver breaks.

  • BENEFITS OF AUTOMATIONVariability Between Human Drivers vs. ASIs High Precision Robotic Kit

    Accuracy & RepeatabilityThis data was taken from real proving ground durability tests and highlight the variability between human drivers and the variability between ASI robot drivers.

    Four vehicles of the same model were subject to a standard durability test cycle. Two of the vehicles were driven by two different drivers. The other two vehicles were driven by two different ASI robot drivers. Each vehicle was fitted with an accelerometer measuring force in a single axis. The charts above plot the measurements made on the four trials at that same point.

    The frequency response and histogram charts highlight the reduced variability between the robot drivers. Robot drivers allow for much more consistent application of your drive cycles to your prototype vehicles.


    SafetyRobotic drivers can be used in tests that are not suitable for humans.

    The ASI automation kit is rugged enough to withstand any harsh durability test, and repeat it over and over again without any need to stop. A robotic automated durability test vehicle can run for as long as its fuel tank will allow.

    ProductivityA robotic automation kit costs much less than trained durability drivers operating the same vehicle.

    Enjoy greater productivity and economies of scale as single operators can control multiple unmanned vehicles.

  • WHO IS ASI?Autonomous Solutions Inc.

    Established in 2000 Multiple Degrees of Automated

    Solutions, including: Driver Assist, Remote Control, Teleoperation, Semi-Autonomy, and Full-Autonomy

    Over 100 employees Diversified Industry Client base in:

    Mining Agriculture Automotive Government Security Industrial Cleaning

    Leadership and background from companies including:


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