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ScienceSoft offers high-grade automated testing services to it's customers. We use latest tools and technologies to ensure quality

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  • 1.Automated Testing Services 2013

2. Key facts about ScienceSoft Locations in Western and Eastern Europe 400 full-time staff ISO 9001:2008 and CMMI best practices Customers in 25 countries Average age is 29 MSc degrees are held by 90% of staff 3. Automated testing brief info Test automation experience since 1997 Desktop and web application automated testing Automated testing team of 10 engineers Automated testing as a part of development / migration project or as a separate service Keyword-driven and data-driven approach 4. Test automation tools Microsoft Coded UI Tests Selenium HP Quick Test Pro Segue Silk Test IBM Rational Functional Tester WPF Automation Tool (developed by ScienceSoft) 5. Application types we test Enterprise OLTP applications Healthcare applications Business intelligence applications Business modeling tools Information security applications 6. Application types we test by platform WebASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC SaaSWPF XBAP DesktopHTML / CSS / JavaScript / A JAXJava Server Pages (JSP)Java SpringWPFWinForms 7. Innovative Medicines The Customer is a science-led global healthcare company that researches and develops a broad range of innovative medicines and brands. The quality of the application to be tested includes many parameters to be covered Before AutomationAfter AutomationSmoke test efforts: 32 comprehensive test cases are executed at night 5 manual testersTest Automation 12-16 working days not-shared passwords3-4 working days for each of 4 test platforms local, DEV, TEST, UATQTP11 integrated with QualityCenter password encryptionAdditional Benefits Test data and test code separationNon-automation tester can create new testsModular approachInitial implementation for customized version was transferred to the core version used by >20 Customers within 2 weeks 8. Retail Automation The company developing the supplier processes automation system for retail chains needed 2 platforms testing: a collaborative online platform in SaaS mode and single integrated platform that has 5+ components with service-oriented architectureAutomated Tests: 325 test cases 4500 steps 7 platformsEvery day runs 9. Security Application Migration The Customer, software and hardware supplier, that provides ultimate solutions to its clients for over 50 years, needed testing of its application being migrated to a new middleware After the Customer bought a niche player a migration started:New platformsEnterprise Security ProductThe software reliability within project budget was assured by: Smoke test setIBM Rational Functional Tester15 manual testers 10. Pharmaceutical Application Testing of the mature solution that covers such activities as cancer medicine production, inventory control, client information and transactions. The quality of the application had to correspond with the highest standards 27 test scenariosreceiptManual run took more than 24 hours for all scenariosAccuracy is vitaldeliveryEach test scenario covers the whole process from receipt to delivery Custom framework: test launching, reportingSilk Test 11. Migration to a new platform Child management organization decided to move its application to a new platform. The list of new and migrated features needed to be tested. Project plan contained strict scope and timeframes. In addition, the application had many forms with different controls and worked with huge amount of dataChildcare management softwareMigration to a new platform 4 months scheduleThe quality was ensured by: Automated tests covering30%of regression area Custom WPF testing frameworkMS Unit TestUsing WPF XBAP (Windows Presentation Foundation XAML Browser Application) 12. Business Modeling Product A company, that provides high-tech services in all sectors of economy, needed testing of their product that might be affected by changes after refactoring Automated test framework and test scripts were created, and Integrated into daily building of new version, thereby helping to detect critical defects that appeared as a result of changes 55 test scenarios were automated for daily run Visual Studio Coded UI Tests was used Key benefit: the possibility for development team to fix defects immediately 13. Lets keep in touchSCIENCESOFT, INC. Bedy str. 2 220040 Minsk, Belarus Tel.: + 375 17 293 3736 Email: Web: www.scnsoft.comSCIENCESOFT OY Hitsaajankatu 22 00810 Helsinki, Finland .: +358 50 388 3000 Email: Web: 14.