ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions - Stay connected Stay secure ... 6 ASSA ABLOY ASSA ABLOY in the Middle

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  • Stay connected Stay secure


    As the world’s leading door opening solutions provider we are dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience.

    The ASSA ABLOY Group World leaders in door opening solutions

    With over 150 companies operating in over 70 countries, the Group is the strongest global player in the industry with circa SEK 68 billion sales worldwide.

    Today ASSA ABLOY is the leading global supplier of intelligent lock and security solutions. Its products account for more than one in ten of all lock installations worldwide.

    ASSA ABLOY Group is represented in all major regions, on both mature and emerging markets, with leading positions in much of Europe and North America, China and Oceania.

    In the rapidly growing electro-mechanical security sector, the Group has a leading position in fields such as access control, identification technology, automatic doors and hotel security.


    ASSA ABLOY Europe, Middle East and Africa The offering is adapted to the local market’s standards and security requirements, thanks to the local knowledge of the Group’s brands. In EMEA, these include some of the most respected in the industry such as ABLOY, Yale, effeff, IKON, PROMETAL and Traka amongst others.

    The ASSA ABLOY Group A world of expertise

    ASSA ABLOY offers solutions across all areas of the security industry. The Group has three geographical divisions and two divisions operating on a global scale.

    Global Technologies Global Technologies has a leading position as a supplier of electronic security solutions worldwide.

    Americas The Americas division manufactures and sells mechanical and electro- mechanical locks, cylinders, security doors and door frames .

    EMEA The EMEA division manufactures and sells mechanical, electro- mechanical and electronic locks, cylinders, security doors and fittings.

    Asia Pacific The Asia Pacific division manufactures and sells mechanical and electro- mechanical locks, digital door locks, high-security doors and hardware.

    Entrance Systems The Entrance Systems division is a global leader in entrance automation products, components and service.


    ASSA ABLOY in the Middle East Global solutions on your doorstep

    ASSA ABLOY provides integrated solutions worldwide for door security and access control. In the Middle East, ASSA ABLOY continues to deliver these solutions tailored to local customers whilst maintaining high global standards of quality and service.

    College of the North Atlantic, Qatar Access control solution with Aperio® wireless technology

    Mesmack Bayt Compound, KSA Yale SS handle

    Fairmont Hotel - Marina, Abu Dhabi, UAE ABLOY electromechanical solution

    Al Khor Housing Complex, Qatar OneSystem locks

    Saudi Electricity Company, KSA IKON eCLIQ electronic cylinders

    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, KSA Traka management solution of 60,000 facility keys


    Aperio® wireless lock technology Expanding any access control system



    • Wireless access control solutions

    • Battery-powered cylinders

    • Battery-powered escutcheons

    • Battery-powered locks

    • Battery-powered door position


    • Multiple credentials and RFID sup-

    ported technologies

    3 steps to increase your security and save costs. Forget about keys Connect more doors to your access control system and solve the lost key issue by using smart cards.

    Go wireless Install access control locks in less time without cabling

    Save energy Reduce energy consumption and cut maintenance costs by using standard batteries.

    Why invest in Aperio®? Lost keys are a major security risk for security managers. This is where Aperio® technology comes in.

    Security Managers now have greater control, can easily respond to organisational changes and will only need to monitor a single security system, while users will only require as single RFID smart credential.

    Aperio® is manufacturer independent – over 100 access control providers offer wireless door upgrades with Aperio®.


    Locking technologies Easily integrated security locks


    Multi-point locking systems for emergency exits and panic doors The security locks (multi-point locking systems) from the N-series have been further developed specifically for use in RC3/RC4 doors. The new lock technology fulfils the requirements in accordance with DIN EN 179 and, in combination with ASSA ABLOY panic bars, in accordance with DIN EN 1125.

    Thanks to its universality and adjustment possibilities, dealers and installers don’t need to keep as many variants in stock. The new lock variants have a modular design and the lock case dimensions are identical. This makes replacing the system easier at a later date.

    Integrating control functions in the electromechanical variant 819N In addition to the improved mechanical benefits in all variants, the multi-point locking system 819N offers a new connection technology via the 4-wire Hi-O bus technology. An additional I-O module can be use to query different lock statuses. The 819N also has an integrated striking plate contact and a status query of the controlled handle follower.

    Innovative protection against tampering The motorised multi-point locking system 519N is also based on the Hi-O bus technology and is equipped with a new, mechanically actuated striking plate contact.

    The Hi-O bus technology offers innovative protection from tampering with the lock via the connection cable: The lock and IO module can be protected from tampering through break- in attempts via the connection cable with the “save bus configuration function”. Tampering via external voltage, bypassing the control wires or connecting an external IO module is not possible. This offers a major security advantage compared with conventional solenoid coils or motorised locks without digital data transmission.

    All locks have hardened deadbolts that increase security even further.


    CLIQ™ Connect Access control management for the mobile workforce

    The CLIQ™ Connect key system allows you to update keys wirelessly anywhere, at any time. Using the latest Bluetooth® technology, the user gains unique access rights immediately before placing the CLIQ™ Connect key into the lock. Access rights can be cancelled as soon as the key holder leaves the site. In addition, connectivity within the CLIQ™ Connect online key provides a real-time audit trail on non-wired products such as padlocks and cam.

    Access control in a mobile world Designed for use with the CLIQ™ system, the CLIQ™ Connect key brings remote access control into the mobile era. Key holders no longer have to return to the office to have access rights updated. Those rights are simply sent securely to an app on the smartphone. Gaining new rights is as quick and easy as touching the key to the phone.

    Benefits of CLIQ™ Connect Along with flexibility, time saving and ease of use, CLIQ™ Connect keys increase security. Access rights are only assigned when needed and removed just as quickly. You have full visibility of all access activity on all your sites. It is the ideal solution for any organisation with a large number of mobile workers that frequently access many remote sites.

    Step by step guide to CLIQ™ Connect

    1. The Administrator accesses the CLIQ™ Web Manager from any location

    2. Temporary access rights are assigned to a remote worker

    3. The data is securely uploaded to the server

    4. The remote worker activates the app

    5. The app pairs with CLIQ™ Connect programmable key

    6. The remote worker gains access

    7. The administrator can revoke access and receive audit trails at any time

    CLIQ™ Connect

    CLIQ™ Connect supports

    latest mobile and Bluetooth®

    technologies to ensure highest

    access flexibility and mobility of

    modern work processes.

    CLIQ™ Connect keys work in

    conjunction with ABLOY PROTEC2

    and IKON eCLIQ solutions.

    Cost effective Workflows

    Environmental protection

    Access rights for limited periods –

    provides extra security

    Immediate audit trails Access control to more than just doors


    High security locking solutions Creating added value

    ABLOY offers high quality mechanical and electric security locking solutions for a range of different applications. ABLOY secures people, property, and business operations on land, at sea, and in the air – in all circumstances. Solutions created for users’ individual need extend from locking of homes to sites of operations requiring professionally provided high security. A global distribution network that covers 90 countries is in charge of our professional service.


    ABLOY locking solutions are used extensively within high risk, high value markets. ABLOY has a long experience and expertise in the field of critical infrastructure protection with specific knowledge in access control and locking systems. H