Artemisia Plant

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The Wonder PlantARTEMISIAI Support Dengue Free Drive IIP :A-74 ,Sec-2, Noida

According to The Hindustan Times, dengue will strike Delhi its with full force in 2016. It's time to listen to old saying - Prevention is better than cure. Bring home Artemisia plant, the natural mosquito repellent and prevent yourself from getting struck by mosquito-borne diseases.

IIP :A-74 ,Sec-2, Noida

IIP :A-74 ,Sec-2, Noida

IIP :A-74 ,Sec-2, Noida

How to grow Artemisia

Water your Artemisia daily and give it a lot of sun When the plant is 1 hand high: Plant it out into the garden 4 weeks after planting out: Take your first cuttings 4 weeks later, transplant the cuttings into pots

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