Armor Enchanting

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Fortify Alchemy Name ID Leve l "<Apparel> of Minor Alchemy" Created potions are 12% more powerful. Fortify Alchemy, 12 pts Hide Helmet of Minor Alchemy 0008b66 7 2 10 N/A Imperial Bracers of Minor Alchemy 0008b68 5 1 6 N/A Imperial Bracers of Minor Alchemy 0008b68 2 4 10 N/A Imperial Helmet of Minor Alchemy 0008b6a 2 5 15 N/A Imperial Light Helmet of Minor Alchemy 0008b6b d 2 11 N/A Iron Helmet of Minor Alchemy 0008b66 a 5 15 N/A Leather Helmet of Minor Alchemy 0008b66 d 2 12 N/A Circlet of Minor Alchemy 000fc00 0 2 0 1 Hide Bracers of Minor Alchemy 0008b67 f 1 5 1 Iron Gauntlets of Minor Alchemy 0008b68 8 5 10 1 Necklace of Minor Alchemy 0010df4 5 0. 5 0 1

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Transcript of Armor Enchanting

Fortify AlchemyName



"of Minor Alchemy"Created potions are 12% more powerful. Fortify Alchemy, 12 pts

Hide Helmetof Minor Alchemy0008b667210N/A

Imperial Bracersof Minor Alchemy0008b68516N/A

Imperial Bracersof Minor Alchemy0008b682410N/A

Imperial Helmetof Minor Alchemy0008b6a2515N/A

Imperial Light Helmetof Minor Alchemy0008b6bd211N/A

Iron Helmetof Minor Alchemy0008b66a515N/A

Leather Helmetof Minor Alchemy0008b66d212N/A

Circletof Minor Alchemy000fc000201

Hide Bracersof Minor Alchemy0008b67f151

Iron Gauntletsof Minor Alchemy0008b6885101

Necklaceof Minor Alchemy0010df450.501

Leather Bracersof Minor Alchemy0008b68b277

Steel Gauntletsof Minor Alchemy0008b6914127

Steel Helmetof Minor Alchemy0008b69f5177

"of Alchemy"Created potions are 15% more powerful. Fortify Alchemy, 15 pts

Dwarven Helmetof Alchemy0008b65a1218N/A

Elven Helmetof Alchemy0008b664113N/A

Hide Helmetof Alchemy0008b668210N/A

Imperial Bracersof Alchemy0008b683410N/A

Imperial Bracersof Alchemy0008b68616N/A

Imperial Helmetof Alchemy0008b6a3515N/A

Imperial Light Helmetof Alchemy0008b6c3211N/A

Iron Helmetof Alchemy0008b66b515N/A

Leather Helmetof Alchemy0008b66e212N/A

Hide Bracersof Alchemy0008b680154

Iron Gauntletsof Alchemy0008b6895104

Circletof Alchemy000fc001208

Necklaceof Alchemy0010df460.508

Leather Bracersof Alchemy0008b68c279

Steel Gauntletsof Alchemy0008b6924129

Steel Helmetof Alchemy0008b6a05179

Dwarven Bracersof Alchemy0008b67381313

Elven Bracersof Alchemy0008b6761813

Steel Plate Bracersof Alchemy0008b69961419

Steel Plate Helmetof Alchemy0008b67061919

Scaled Bracersof Alchemy00046bd02920

Scaled Helmetof Alchemy00046cf721420

"of Major Alchemy"Created potions are 17% more powerful. Fortify Alchemy, 17 pts

Dwarven Helmetof Major Alchemy0008b6621218N/A

Elven Helmetof Major Alchemy0008b665113N/A

Hide Helmetof Major Alchemy0008b669210N/A

Imperial Bracersof Major Alchemy0008b684410N/A

Imperial Bracersof Major Alchemy0008b68716N/A

Imperial Helmetof Major Alchemy0008b6a4515N/A

Imperial Light Helmetof Major Alchemy0008b6be211N/A

Iron Helmetof Major Alchemy0008b66c515N/A

Leather Helmetof Major Alchemy0008b66f212N/A

Hide Bracersof Major Alchemy0008b681156

Iron Gauntletsof Major Alchemy0008b68a5106

Leather Bracersof Major Alchemy0008b68d2711

Steel Gauntletsof Major Alchemy0008b69341211

Steel Helmetof Major Alchemy0008b6a151711

Dwarven Bracersof Major Alchemy0008b67481315

Elven Bracersof Major Alchemy0008b6771815

Circletof Major Alchemy000fc0022016

Necklaceof Major Alchemy0010df470.5016

Glass Helmetof Major Alchemy000d53be21620

Steel Plate Bracersof Major Alchemy0008b69a61421

Steel Plate Helmetof Major Alchemy0008b67161921

Scaled Bracersof Major Alchemy00046bd12922

Scaled Helmetof Major Alchemy00046cf621422

Orcish Gauntletsof Major Alchemy000cf7d871526

Orcish Helmetof Major Alchemy000cf7fc82026

Ebony Gauntletsof Major Alchemy000cf84d71633

Ebony Helmetof Major Alchemy000cf871102133

Glass Gauntletsof Major Alchemy000d539721137

"of Eminent Alchemy"Created potions are 20% more powerful. Fortify Alchemy, 20 pts

Dwarven Helmetof Eminent Alteration0008b6631218N/A

Elven Helmetof Eminent Alchemy0008b666113N/A

Dwarven Bracersof Eminent Alchemy0008b67581317

Elven Bracersof Eminent Alchemy0008b6781817

Glass Helmetof Eminent Alchemy000d53bf21622

Steel Plate Bracersof Eminent Alchemy0008b69b61423

Steel Plate Helmetof Eminent Alchemy0008b67261923

Circletof Eminent Alchemy000fc0032024

Necklaceof Eminent Alchemy0010df480.5024

Scaled Bracersof Eminent Alchemy00046bd22925

Scaled Helmetof Eminent Alchemy00046cf821425

Orcish Gauntletsof Eminent Alchemy000cf7d971528

Orcish Helmetof Eminent Alchemy000cf7fd82028

Ebony Gauntletsof Eminent Alchemy000cf84e71635

Ebony Helmetof Eminent Alchemy000cf872102135

Glass Gauntletsof Eminent Alchemy000d539821140

Dragonplate Gauntletsof Eminent Alchemy000d7a3c81741

Dragonplate Helmetof Eminent Alchemy000d7a6082241

Dragonscale Gauntletsof Eminent Alchemy000d79d031247

Dragonscale Helmetof Eminent Alchemy000d79f441747

Daedric Gauntletsof Eminent Alchemy000d7aae61849

Daedric Helmetof Eminent Alchemy000d7ad2152349

"of Extreme Alchemy"Created potions are 22% more powerful. Fortify Alchemy, 22 pts

Orcish Gauntletsof Extreme Alchemy000cf7da71530

Orcish Helmetof Extreme Alchemy000cf7fe82030

Circletof Extreme Alchemy000fc0042032

Necklaceof Extreme Alchemy0010df490.5032

Ebony Gauntletsof Extreme Alchemy000cf84f71638

Ebony Helmetof Extreme Alchemy000cf873102138

Glass Gauntletsof Extreme Alchemy000d539921143

Glass Helmetof Extreme Alchemy000d53c021643

Dragonplate Gauntletsof Extreme Alchemy000d7a3d81744

Dragonplate Helmetof Extreme Alchemy000d7a6182244

Dragonscale Gauntletsof Extreme Alchemy000d79d131250

Dragonscale Helmetof Extreme Alchemy000d79f541750

Daedric Gauntletsof Extreme Alchemy000d7aaf61852

Daedric Helmetof Extreme Alchemy000d7ad3152352

"of Peerless Alchemy"Created potions are 25% more powerful. Fortify Alchemy, 25 pts

Circletof Peerless Alchemy000fc0052040

Necklaceof Peerless Alchemy0010df4a0.5040

Dragonplate Gauntletsof Peerless Alchemy000d7a3e81747

Dragonplate Helmetof Peerless Alchemy000d7a6282247

Dragonscale Gauntletsof Peerless Alchemy000d79d231253

Dragonscale Helmetof Peerless Alchemy000d79f641753

Daedric Gauntletsof Peerless Alchemy000d7ab061855

Daedric Helmetof Peerless Alchemy000d7ad4152355

[edit]Fortify AlterationName



"of Minor Alteration"Alteration spells cost 12% less to cast. Fortify Alteration, 12 pts

Imperial Bracersof Minor Alteration000b972e16N/A

Imperial Bracersof Minor Alteration000accc6410N/A

Imperial Helmetof Minor Alteration0008b6a5515N/A

Imperial Light Helmetof Minor Alteration0008b6bf211N/A

Circletof Minor Alteration000fc006201

Hide Armorof Minor Alteration0010cfa85201

Hide Helmetof Minor Alteration0007a1502101

Iron Armorof Minor Alteration0010cfb830251

Iron Helmetof Minor Alteration0007a11c5151

Ringof Minor Alteration000ff7de0.2501

Banded Iron Armorof Minor Alteration0010cfc835283

Leather Armorof Minor Alteration0010dec56267

Leather Helmetof Minor Alteration000b50622127

Steel Armorof Minor Alteration0010def235317

Steel Helmetof Minor Alteration000b50d35177

"of Alteration"Alteration spells cost 15% less to cast. Fortify Alteration, 15 pts

Imperial Bracersof Alteration000ad4f5410N/A

Imperial Bracersof Alteration000b972f16N/A

Imperial Helmetof Alteration0008b6a6515N/A

Imperial Light Helmetof Alteration0008b6c0211N/A

Hide Armorof Alteration0010cfa95204

Hide Helmetof Alteration000ad4bb2104

Iron Armorof Alteration0010cfb930254

Iron Helmetof Alteration000ad5875154

Banded Iron Armorof Alteration0010cfc935285

Circletof Alteration000fc007208

Ringof Alteration00100dee0.2508

Leather Armorof Alteration0010dec66269

Leather Helmetof Alteration000b50632129

Steel Armorof Alteration0010def335319

Steel Helmetof Alteration000b50db5179

Dwarven Armorof Alteration0010cf5d453413

Dwarven Helmetof Alteration0001b76b121813

Elven Armorof Alteration0010cf7a42913

Elven Helmetof Alteration000bdfe811313

Steel Plate Armorof Alteration0010df01384019

Steel Plate Helmetof Alteration0003df7961919

Scaled Armorof Alteration0010dee363220

Scaled Helmetof Alteration00046d1a21420

"of Major Alteration"Alteration spells cost 17% less to cast. Fortify Alteration, 17 pts

Imperial Bracersof Major Alteration000ad4f6410N/A

Imperial Bracersof Major Alteration000b973016N/A

Imperial Helmetof Major Alteration0008b6a7515N/A

Imperial Light Helmetof Major Alteration0008b6c1211N/A

Hide Armorof Major Alteration0010cfaa5206

Hide Helmetof Major Alteration000ad4bc2106

Iron Armorof Major Alteration0010cfbb30256

Iron Helmetof Major Alteration000ad5885156

Banded Iron Armorof Major Alteration0010cfca35287

Leather Armorof Major Alteration0010dec762611

Leather Helmetof Major Alteration000b506421211

Steel Armorof Major Alteration0010def4353111

Steel Helmetof Major Alteration000b50dc51711

Dwarven Armorof Major Alteration0008b67a453415

Dwarven Helmetof Major Alteration0001b76c121815

Elven Armorof Major Alteration0010cf7b42915

Elven Helmetof Major Alteration000bdfe911315

Circletof Major Alteration000fc0082016

Ringof Major Alteration00100def0.25016

Glass Helmetof Major Alteration000d53c121620

Steel Plate Armorof Major Alteration0010df02384021

Steel Plate Helmetof Major Alteration0003df7a61921

Scaled Armorof Major Alteration0010dee463222

Scaled Helmetof Major Alteration00046d1f21422

Orcish Armorof Major Alteration0010ded4354026

Orcish Helmetof Major Alteration000cf7ff82026

Elven Gilded Armorof Major Alteration0010cf8943528

Ebony Armorof Major Alteration0010cf6b384333

Ebony Helmetof Major Alteration000cf874102133

Glass Armorof Major Alteration0010cf9873837

"of Eminent Alteration"Alteration spells cost 20% less to cast. Fortify Alteration, 20 pts

Dwarven Armorof Eminent Alteration0010cf5e453417

Dwarven Helmetof Eminent Alteration0001b76d121817

Elven Armorof Eminent Alteration0010cf7c42917

Elven Helmetof Eminent Alteration000be04f11317

Glass Helmetof Eminent Alteration000d53c221622

Steel Plate Armorof Eminent Alteration0010df03384023

Steel Plate Helmetof Eminent Alteration0003df7b61923

Circletof Eminent Alteration000fc0092024

Ringof Eminent Alteration00100df00.25024

Scaled Armorof Eminent Alteration0010dee563225

Scaled Helmetof Eminent Alteration00046d2021425

Orcish Armorof Eminent Alteration0010ded5354028

Orcish Helmetof Eminent Alteration000cf80082028

Elven Gilded Armorof Eminent Alteration0010cf8a43531

Ebony Armorof Eminent Alteration0010cf6c384335

Ebony Helmetof Eminent Alteration000cf875102135

Glass Armorof Eminent Alteration0010cf9973840

Dragonplate Armorof Eminent Alteration0010cf3f404641

Dragonplate Helmetof Eminent Alteration000d7a6382241

Dragonscale Armorof Eminent Alteration0010cf4e104147

Dragonscale Helmetof Eminent Alteration000d79f741747

Daedric Armorof Eminent Alteration0010cf30504949

Daedric Helmetof Eminent Alteration000d7ad5152349

"of Extreme Alteration"Alteration spells cost 22% less to cast. Fortify Alteration, 22 pts

Orcish Armorof Extreme Alteration0010ded6354030

Orcish Helmetof Extreme Alteration000cf80182030

Circletof Extreme Alteration000fc00a2032

Ringof Extreme Alteration00100df10.25032

Elven Gilded Armorof Extreme Alteration0010cf9343534

Ebony Armorof Extreme Alteration0010cf6d384338

Ebony Helmetof Extreme Alteration000cf876102138

Glass Armorof Extreme Alteration0010cf9a73843

Glass Helmetof Extreme Alteration000d53c321643

Dragonplate Armorof Extreme Alteration0010cf4c404644

Dragonplate Helmetof Extreme Alteration000d7a6482244

Dragonscale Armorof Extreme Alteration0010cf4f104150

Dragonscale Helmetof Extreme Alteration000d79f841750

Daedric Armorof Extreme Alteration0010cf31504952

Daedric Helmetof Extreme Alteration000d7ad6152352

"of Peerless Alteration"Alteration spells cost 25% less to cast. Fortify Alteration, 25 pts

Circletof Peerless Alteration000fc00b2040

Ringof Peerless Alteration00100df20.25040

Dragonplate Armorof Peerless Alteration0010cf40404647

Dragonplate Helmetof Peerless Alteration000d7a6582247

Dragonscale Armorof Peerless Alteration0010cf50104153

Dragonscale Helmetof Peerless Alteration000d79f941753

Daedric Armorof Peerless Alteration0010cf32504955

Daedric Helmetof Peerless Alteration000d7ad7152355

[edit]Fortify AlterationwithRegenerate MagickaName



"of Minor Alteration"Alteration spells cost 12% less to cast. Fortify Alteration, 12 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Novice Robesof Alteration0010d669101

Robesof Minor Alteration00101737101

Robesof Minor Alteration00101777101

Robesof Minor Alteration00109008101

Robesof Minor Alteration00109049101

"of Alteration"Alteration spells cost 15% less to cast. Fortify Alteration, 15 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Alteration00101738108

Robesof Alteration00101778108

Robesof Alteration00109009108

Robesof Alteration0010904a108

"Apprentice Robes of Alteration"Alteration spells cost 15% less to cast. Fortify Alteration, 15 pts Regenerate Magicka, 75 pts

Apprentice Robesof Alteration0010d66c1010

"of Major Alteration"Alteration spells cost 17% less to cast. Fortify Alteration, 17 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Major Alteration001017391016

Robesof Major Alteration001017791016

Robesof Major Alteration0010900a1016

Robesof Major Alteration0010904b1016

"Adept Robes of Alteration"Alteration spells cost 17% less to cast. Fortify Alteration, 17 pts Regenerate Magicka, 100 pts

Adept Robesof Alteration0010d66d1020

"of Eminent Alteration"Alteration spells cost 20% less to cast. Fortify Alteration, 20 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Eminent Alteration0010173a1024

Robesof Eminent Alteration0010177a1024

Robesof Eminent Alteration0010900b1024

Robesof Eminent Alteration0010904c1024

"Expert Robes of Alteration"Alteration spells cost 20% less to cast. Fortify Alteration, 20 pts Regenerate Magicka, 125 pts

Expert Robesof Alteration0010d66e1030

"Master Robes of Alteration"Alteration spells cost 20% less to cast. Fortify Alteration, 20 pts Regenerate Magicka, 150 pts

Master Robesof Alteration0010d66f1040

"of Extreme Alteration"Alteration spells cost 22% less to cast. Fortify Alteration, 22 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Extreme Alteration0010173b1032

Robesof Extreme Alteration0010177b1032

Robesof Extreme Alteration0010900c1032

Robesof Extreme Alteration0010904d1032

"of Peerless Alteration"Alteration spells cost 25% less to cast. Fortify Alteration, 25 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Peerless Alteration0010173c1040

Robesof Peerless Alteration0010177c1040

Robesof Peerless Alteration0010900d1040

Robesof Peerless Alteration0010904e1040

[edit]Fortify ArcheryName



"of Minor Archery"Bows do 15% more damage. Fortify Archery, 15 pts

Imperial Bracersof Minor Archery000b974316N/A

Imperial Bracersof Minor Archery000acccd410N/A

Imperial Helmetof Minor Archery0008b6b7515N/A

Circletof Minor Archery000fc02a201

Hide Bracersof Minor Archery0007a14a151

Hide Helmetof Minor Archery0007a1572101

Iron Gauntletsof Minor Archery0007a12c5101

Iron Helmetof Minor Archery0007a12d5151

Ringof Minor Archery00100e230.2501

Leather Bracersof Minor Archery000b5050277

Leather Helmetof Minor Archery000b507d2127

Steel Gauntletsof Minor Archery000b50be4127

Steel Helmetof Minor Archery000b50d95177

"of Archery"Bows do 20% more damage. Fortify Archery, 20 pts

Imperial Bracersof Archery000ad503410N/A

Imperial Bracersof Archery000b974416N/A

Imperial Helmetof Archery0008b6b8515N/A

Hide Bracersof Archery000ad4af154

Hide Helmetof Archery000ad4c72104

Iron Gauntletsof Archery000ad57b5104

Iron Helmetof Archery000ad5935154

Circletof Archery000fc02b208

Ringof Archery00100e240.2508

Leather Bracersof Archery000b5051279

Leather Helmetof Archery000b507e2129

Steel Gauntletsof Archery000b50cb4129

Steel Helmetof Archery000b50e95179

Dwarven Bracersof Archery0001b3fb81313

Dwarven Helmetof Archery0001b9c0121813

Elven Bracersof Archery000bdfdc1813

Elven Helmetof Archery000bdff411313

Steel Plate Bracersof Archery0003df2b61419

Steel Plate Helmetof Archery0004102c61919

Scaled Bracersof Archery00046be92920

Scaled Helmetof Archery00046dd321420

"of Major Archery"Bows do 25% more damage. Fortify Archery, 25 pts

Imperial Bracersof Major Archery000ad504410N/A

Imperial Bracersof Major Archery000b974516N/A

Imperial Helmetof Major Archery0008b6b9515N/A

Hide Bracersof Major Archery000ad4b0156

Hide Helmetof Major Archery000ad4c82106

Iron Gauntletsof Major Archery000ad57c5106

Iron Helmetof Major Archery000ad5945156

Leather Bracersof Major Archery000b50522711

Leather Helmetof Major Archery000b507f21211

Steel Gauntletsof Major Archery000b50cc41211

Steel Helmetof Major Archery000b50ea51711

Dwarven Bracersof Major Archery0001b3fc81315

Dwarven Helmetof Major Archery0001b9c1121815

Elven Bracersof Major Archery000bdfdd1815

Elven Helmetof Major Archery000bdff511315

Circletof Major Archery000fc02c2016

Ringof Major Archery00100e250.25016

Glass Helmetof Major Archery000d53d321620

Steel Plate Bracersof Major Archery0003df4c61421

Steel Plate Helmetof Major Archery0004103361921

Scaled Bracersof Major Archery00046bea2922

Scaled Helmetof Major Archery00046dd921422

Orcish Gauntletsof Major Archery000cf7ed71526

Orcish Helmetof Major Archery000cf81182026

Ebony Gauntletsof Major Archery000cf86271633

Ebony Helmetof Major Archery000cf886102133

Glass Gauntletsof Major Archery000d53ac21137

"of Eminent Archery"Bows do 30% more damage. Fortify Archery, 30 pts

Dwarven Bracersof Eminent Archery0001b3fd81317

Dwarven Helmetof Eminent Archery0001b9c3121817

Elven Bracersof Eminent Archery000be0491817

Elven Helmetof Eminent Archery000be05511317

Glass Helmetof Eminent Archery000d53d421622

Steel Plate Bracersof Eminent Archery0003df6261423

Steel Plate Helmetof Eminent Archery0004103461923

Circletof Eminent Archery000fc02d2024

Ringof Eminent Archery00100e260.25024

Scaled Bracersof Eminent Archery00046beb2925

Scaled Helmetof Eminent Archery00046de221425

Orcish Gauntletsof Eminent Archery000cf7ee71528

Orcish Helmetof Eminent Archery000cf81282028

Ebony Gauntletsof Eminent Archery000cf86371635

Ebony Helmetof Eminent Archery000cf887102135

Glass Gauntletsof Eminent Archery000d53ad21140

Dragonplate Gauntletsof Eminent Archery000d7a5181741

Dragonplate Helmetof Eminent Archery000d7a7582241

Dragonscale Gauntletsof Eminent Archery000d79e531247

Dragonscale Helmetof Eminent Archery000d7a0941747

Daedric Gauntletsof Eminent Archery000d7ac361849

Daedric Helmetof Eminent Archery000d7ae7152349

"of Extreme Archery"Bows do 35% more damage. Fortify Archery, 35 pts

Orcish Gauntletsof Extreme Archery000cf7ef71530

Orcish Helmetof Extreme Archery000cf81382030

Circletof Extreme Archery000fc02e2032

Ringof Extreme Archery00100e270.25032

Ebony Gauntletsof Extreme Archery000cf86471638

Ebony Helmetof Extreme Archery000cf888102138

Glass Gauntletsof Extreme Archery000d53ae21143

Glass Helmetof Extreme Archery000d53d521643

Dragonplate Gauntletsof Extreme Archery000d7a5281744

Dragonplate Helmetof Extreme Archery000d7a7682244

Dragonscale Gauntletsof Extreme Archery000d79e631250

Dragonscale Helmetof Extreme Archery000d7a0a41750

Daedric Gauntletsof Extreme Archery000d7ac461852

Daedric Helmetof Extreme Archery000d7ae8152352

"of Peerless Archery"Bows do 40% more damage. Fortify Archery, 40 pts

Circletof Peerless Archery000fc02f2040

Ringof Peerless Archery00100e280.25040

Dragonplate Gauntletsof Peerless Archery000d7a5381747

Dragonplate Helmetof Peerless Archery000d7a7782247

Dragonscale Gauntletsof Peerless Archery000d79e731253

Dragonscale Helmetof Peerless Archery000d7a0b41753

Daedric Gauntletsof Peerless Archery000d7ac561855

Daedric Helmetof Peerless Archery000d7ae9152355

[edit]Fortify BarterName



"of Minor Haggling"Prices are 12% better. Fortify Barter, 12 pts

Necklaceof Minor Haggling0010df4b0.501

"of Haggling"Prices are 15% better. Fortify Barter, 15 pts

Necklaceof Haggling0010df4c0.508

"of Major Haggling"Prices are 17% better. Fortify Barter, 17 pts

Necklaceof Major Haggling0010df4d0.5016

"of Eminent Haggling"Prices are 20% better. Fortify Barter, 20 pts

Necklaceof Eminent Haggling0010df4e0.5024

"of Extreme Haggling"Prices are 22% better. Fortify Barter, 22 pts

Necklaceof Extreme Haggling0010df4f0.5032

"of Peerless Haggling"Prices are 25% better. Fortify Barter, 25 pts

Necklaceof Peerless Haggling0010df500.5040

[edit]Fortify BlockName



"of Minor Blocking"Block 15% more damage with your shield. Fortify Block, 15 pts

Imperial Light Shieldof Minor Blocking000ad448419N/A

Hide Shieldof Minor Blocking0007a1594151

Iron Shieldof Minor Blocking0007a11e12201

Necklaceof Minor Blocking0010df1b0.501

Ringof Minor Blocking00100df30.2501

Banded Iron Shieldof Minor Blocking000accb712223

Steel Shieldof Minor Blocking000b50eb12247

"of Blocking"Block 20% more damage with your shield. Fortify Block, 20 pts

Imperial Light Shieldof Blocking000ad50f419N/A

Hide Shieldof Blocking000ad4cb4154

Iron Shieldof Blocking000ad59612204

Banded Iron Shieldof Blocking000ad55312225

Necklaceof Blocking0010df1c0.508

Ringof Blocking00100df40.2508

Steel Shieldof Blocking000b50ef12249

Dwarven Shieldof Blocking0001b9c8122613

Elven Shieldof Blocking0010fc2642113

"of Major Blocking"Block 25% more damage with your shield. Fortify Block, 25 pts

Imperial Light Shieldof Major Blocking000ad510419N/A

Hide Shieldof Major Blocking000ad4cc4156

Iron Shieldof Major Blocking000ad59812206

Banded Iron Shieldof Major Blocking000ad55412227

Steel Shieldof Major Blocking000b50f0122411

Dwarven Shieldof Major Blocking000be031122615

Elven Shieldof Major Blocking0010fc2742115

Necklaceof Major Blocking0010df1d0.5016

Ringof Major Blocking00100df50.25016

Orcish Shieldof Major Blocking000cf818143026

Ebony Shieldof Major Blocking000cf88d143233

Glass Shieldof Major Blocking000d53da62737

"of Eminent Blocking"Block 30% more damage with your shield. Fortify Block, 30 pts

Dwarven Shieldof Eminent Blocking0001b9e2122617

Elven Shieldof Eminent Blocking0010fc2842117

Necklaceof Eminent Blocking0010df1e0.5024

Ringof Eminent Blocking00100df60.25024

Orcish Shieldof Eminent Blocking000cf819143028

Ebony Shieldof Eminent Blocking000cf88e143235

Glass Shieldof Eminent Blocking000d53db62740

Dragonplate Shieldof Eminent Blocking000d7a7c153441

Dragonscale Shieldof Eminent Blocking000d7a1062947

Daedric Shieldof Eminent Blocking000d7aee153649

"of Extreme Blocking"Block 35% more damage with your shield. Fortify Block, 35 pts

Orcish Shieldof Extreme Blocking000cf81a143030

Necklaceof Extreme Blocking0010df1f0.5032

Ringof Extreme Blocking00100df70.25032

Ebony Shieldof Extreme Blocking000cf88f143238

Glass Shieldof Extreme Blocking000d53dc62743

Dragonplate Shieldof Extreme Blocking000d7a7d153444

Dragonscale Shieldof Extreme Blocking000d7a1162950

Daedric Shieldof Extreme Blocking000d7aef153652

"of Peerless Blocking"Block 40% more damage with your shield. Fortify Block, 40 pts

Necklaceof Peerless Blocking0010df200.5040

Ringof Peerless Blocking00100df80.25040

Dragonplate Shieldof Peerless Blocking000d7a7e153447

Dragonscale Shieldof Peerless Blocking000d7a1262953

Daedric Shieldof Peerless Blocking000d7af0153655

[edit]Fortify Carry WeightName



"of Lifting"Carrying capacity increased by 25 points. Fortify Carry Weight, 25 pts

Imperial Bootsof Lifting000accbb810N/A

Imperial Bootsof Lifting000b970d26N/A

Hide Bootsof Lifting0007a135151

Iron Bootsof Lifting0007a1206101

Leather Bootsof Lifting000b4225277

Steel Bootsof Lifting000b509a8127

"of Hauling"Carrying capacity increased by 30 points. Fortify Carry Weight, 30 pts

Imperial Bootsof Hauling000ad4df810N/A

Imperial Bootsof Hauling000b970e26N/A

Hide Bootsof Hauling000ad451154

Iron Bootsof Hauling000ad55b6104

Leather Bootsof Hauling000b4226279

Steel Bootsof Hauling000b509b8129

Dwarven Bootsof Hauling0001b335101313

Elven Bootsof Hauling000bdfb91813

Steel Plate Bootsof Hauling0001b31f91419

Scaled Bootsof Hauling000d53e62920

"of Strength"Carrying capacity increased by 35 points. Fortify Carry Weight, 35 pts

Imperial Bootsof Strength000b970f26N/A

Imperial Bootsof Strength000ad4e0810N/A

Hide Bootsof Strength000ad452156

Iron Bootsof Strength000ad55c6106

Leather Bootsof Strength000b42272711

Steel Bootsof Strength000b509c81211

Dwarven Bootsof Strength0001b33d101315

Elven Bootsof Strength000bdfba1815

Steel Plate Bootsof Strength0001b3fe91420

Scaled Bootsof Strength000d53e72922

Orcish Bootsof Strength000cf7af71526

Ebony Bootsof Strength000cf82471633

Glass Bootsof Strength000d536e21137

"of Brawn"Carrying capacity increased by 40 points. Fortify Carry Weight, 40 pts

Dwarven Bootsof Brawn0001b3cb101317

Elven Bootsof Brawn000bdfbb1817

Steel Plate Bootsof Brawn0001b3ff91421

Scaled Bootsof Brawn000d53e82925

Orcish Bootsof Brawn000cf7b071528

Ebony Bootsof Brawn000cf82571635

Glass Bootsof Brawn000d536f21140

Dragonplate Bootsof Brawn000d7a1c81741

Dragonscale Bootsof Brawn000d79a731247

Daedric Bootsof Brawn000d7a88101849

"of the Ox"Carrying capacity increased by 45 points. Fortify Carry Weight, 45 pts

Orcish Bootsof the Ox000cf7b171530

Ebony Bootsof the Ox000cf82671638

Glass Bootsof the Ox000d537021143

Dragonplate Bootsof the Ox000d7a1d81744

Dragonscale Bootsof the Ox000d79a831250

Daedric Bootsof the Ox000d7a89101852

"of the Mammoth"Carrying capacity increased by 50 points. Fortify Carry Weight, 50 pts

Dragonplate Bootsof the Mammoth000d7a1e81747

Dragonscale Bootsof the Mammoth000d79a931253

Daedric Bootsof the Mammoth000d7a8a101855

[edit]Fortify ConjurationName



"of Minor Conjuring"Conjuration spells cost 12% less to cast. Fortify Conjuration, 12 pts

Imperial Bracersof Minor Conjuring000b973416N/A

Imperial Bracersof Minor Conjuring000accc8410N/A

Imperial Helmetof Minor Conjuration0008b6a8515N/A

Imperial Light Helmetof Minor Conjuration0008b6c2211N/A

Circletof Minor Conjuration000fc00c201

Hide Armorof Minor Conjuring0010cfab5201

Hide Helmetof Minor Conjuring0007a1512101

Iron Armorof Minor Conjuring0010cfbc30251

Iron Helmetof Minor Conjuring0007a1235151

Ringof Minor Conjuration00100df90.2501

Banded Iron Armorof Minor Conjuring0010cfcb35283

Leather Armorof Minor Conjuring0010dec86267

Leather Helmetof Minor Conjuring000b50652127

Steel Armorof Minor Conjuring0010def535317

Steel Helmetof Minor Conjuring000b50d45177

"of Conjuring"Conjuration spells cost 15% less to cast. Fortify Conjuration, 15 pts

Imperial Bracersof Conjuring000ad4f9410N/A

Imperial Bracersof Conjuring000b973516N/A

Imperial Helmetof Conjuration0008b6a9515N/A

Imperial Light Helmetof Conjuration0008b6c4211N/A

Hide Armorof Conjuring0010cfac5204

Hide Helmetof Conjuring000ad4bd2104

Iron Armorof Conjuring0010cfbd30254

Iron Helmetof Conjuring000ad5895154

Banded Iron Armorof Conjuring0010cfcc35285

Circletof Conjuration000fc00d208

Ringof Conjuration00100dfa0.2508

Leather Armorof Conjuring0010dec96269

Leather Helmetof Conjuring000b50662129

Steel Armorof Conjuring0010def635319

Steel Helmetof Conjuring000b50dd5179

Dwarven Armorof Conjuring0010cf5f453413

Dwarven Helmetof Conjuring0001b76e121813

Elven Armorof Conjuring0010cf7d42913

Elven Helmetof Conjuring000bdfea11313

Steel Plate Armorof Conjuring0010df04384019

Steel Plate Helmetof Conjuring0003df7c61919

Scaled Armorof Conjuration0010dee663220

Scaled Helmetof Conjuration00046d2121420

"of Major Conjuring"Conjuration spells cost 17% less to cast. Fortify Conjuration, 17 pts

Imperial Bracersof Major Conjuring000b973616N/A

Imperial Bracersof Major Conjuring000ad4fa410N/A

Imperial Helmetof Major Conjuration0008b6aa515N/A

Imperial Light Helmetof Major Conjuration0008b6c5211N/A

Hide Armorof Major Conjuring0010cfad5206

Hide Helmetof Major Conjuring000ad4be2106

Iron Armorof Major Conjuring0010cfbe30256

Iron Helmetof Major Conjuring000ad58a5156

Banded Iron Armorof Major Conjuring0010cfcd35287

Leather Armorof Major Conjuring0010deca62611

Leather Helmetof Major Conjuring000b506721211

Steel Armorof Major Conjuring0010def7353111

Steel Helmetof Major Conjuring000b50de51711

Dwarven Armorof Major Conjuring0010cf60453415

Dwarven Helmetof Major Conjuring0001b76f121815

Elven Armorof Major Conjuring0010cf7e42915

Elven Helmetof Major Conjuring000bdfeb11315

Circletof Major Conjuration000fc00e2016

Ringof Major Conjuration00100dfb0.25016

Glass Helmetof Major Conjuring000d53c421620

Steel Plate Armorof Major Conjuring0010df05384021

Steel Plate Helmetof Major Conjuring0003df7d61921

Scaled Armorof Major Conjuration0010dee763222

Scaled Helmetof Major Conjuration00046db121422

Orcish Armorof Major Conjuring0010ded7354026

Orcish Helmetof Major Conjuring000cf80282026

Elven Gilded Armorof Major Conjuring0010cf8b43528

Ebony Armorof Major Conjuring0010cf6e384333

Ebony Helmetof Major Conjuring000cf877102133

Glass Armorof Major Conjuring0010cf9b73837

"of Eminent Conjuring"Conjuration spells cost 20% less to cast. Fortify Conjuration, 20 pts

Dwarven Armorof Eminent Conjuring0010cf61453417

Dwarven Helmetof Eminent Conjuring0001b770121817

Elven Armorof Eminent Conjuring0010cf7f42917

Elven Helmetof Eminent Conjuring000be05011317

Glass Helmetof Eminent Conjuring000d53c521622

Steel Plate Armorof Eminent Conjuring0010df06384023

Steel Plate Helmetof Eminent Conjuring0003df7e61923

Circletof Eminent Conjuration000fc00f2024

Ringof Eminent Conjuration00100dfc0.25024

Scaled Armorof Eminent Conjuration0010dee863225

Scaled Helmetof Eminent Conjuration00046db221425

Orcish Armorof Eminent Conjuring0010ded8354028

Orcish Helmetof Eminent Conjuring000cf80382028

Elven Gilded Armorof Eminent Conjuring0010cf8c43531

Ebony Armorof Eminent Conjuring0010cf6f384335

Ebony Helmetof Eminent Conjuring000cf878102135

Glass Armorof Eminent Conjuring0010cf9c73840

Dragonplate Armorof Eminent Conjuring0010cf41404641

Dragonplate Helmetof Eminent Conjuring000d7a6682241

Dragonscale Armorof Eminent Conjuring0010cf51104147

Dragonscale Helmetof Eminent Conjuring000d79fa41747

Daedric Armorof Eminent Conjuring0010cf33504949

Daedric Helmetof Eminent Conjuring000d7ad8152349

"of Extreme Conjuring"Conjuration spells cost 22% less to cast. Fortify Conjuration, 22 pts

Orcish Armorof Extreme Conjuring0010ded9354030

Orcish Helmetof Extreme Conjuring000cf80482030

Circlet of Extreme Conjuration000fc0102032

Ring of Extreme Conjuration00100dfd0.25032

Elven Gilded Armorof Extreme Conjuring0010cf9443534

Ebony Armorof Extreme Conjuring0010cf70384338

Ebony Helmetof Extreme Conjuring000cf879102138

Glass Armorof Extreme Conjuring0010cf9d73843

Glass Helmetof Extreme Conjuring000d53c621643

Dragonplate Armorof Extreme Conjuring0010cf42404644

Dragonplate Helmetof Extreme Conjuring000d7a6782244

Dragonscale Armorof Extreme Conjuring0010cf52104150

Dragonscale Helmetof Extreme Conjuring000d79fb41750

Daedric Armorof Extreme Conjuring0010cf34504952

Daedric Helmetof Extreme Conjuring000d7ad9152352

"of Peerless Conjuring"Conjuration spells cost 25% less to cast. Fortify Conjuration, 25 pts

Circlet of Peerless Conjuration000fc0112040

Ring of Peerless Conjuration00100dfe0.25040

Dragonplate Armorof Peerless Conjuring0010cf43404647

Dragonplate Helmetof Peerless Conjuring000d7a6882247

Dragonscale Armorof Peerless Conjuring0010cf53104153

Dragonscale Helmetof Peerless Conjuring000d79fc41753

Daedric Armorof Peerless Conjuring0010cf35504955

Daedric Helmetof Peerless Conjuring000d7ada152355

[edit]Fortify ConjurationwithRegenerate MagickaName



"of Minor Conjuration"Conjuration spells cost 12% less to cast. Fortify Conjuration, 12 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Novice Robesof Conjuration0010d66a101

Robesof Minor Conjuration0010173d101

Robesof Minor Conjuration0010177d101

Robesof Minor Conjuration0010900e101

Robesof Minor Conjuration0010904f101

"of Conjuration"Conjuration spells cost 15% less to cast. Fortify Conjuration, 15 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Conjuration0010173e108

Robesof Conjuration001017b6108

Robesof Conjuration0010900f108

Robesof Conjuration00109050108

"Apprentice Robes of Conjuration"Conjuration spells cost 15% less to cast. Fortify Conjuration, 15 pts Regenerate Magicka, 75 pts

Apprentice Robesof Conjuration0010d6721010

"of Major Conjuration"Conjuration spells cost 17% less to cast. Fortify Conjuration, 17 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Major Conjuration0010173f1016

Robesof Major Conjuration001017b51016

Robesof Major Conjuration001090101016

Robesof Major Conjuration001090511016

"Adept Robes of Conjuration"Conjuration spells cost 17% less to cast. Fortify Conjuration, 17 pts Regenerate Magicka, 100 pts

Adept Robesof Conjuration0010d6731020

"of Eminent Conjuration"Conjuration spells cost 20% less to cast. Fortify Conjuration, 20 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Eminent Conjuration001017401024

Robesof Eminent Conjuration001017b41024

Robesof Eminent Conjuration001090111024

Robesof Eminent Conjuration001090521024

"Expert Robes of Conjuration"Conjuration spells cost 20% less to cast. Fortify Conjuration, 20 pts Regenerate Magicka, 125 pts

Expert Robesof Conjuration0010d6741030

"of Extreme Conjuration"Conjuration spells cost 22% less to cast. Fortify Conjuration, 22 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Extreme Conjuration001017411032

Robesof Extreme Conjuration001017b31032

Robesof Extreme Conjuration001090121032

Robesof Extreme Conjuration001090531032

"Master Robes of Conjuration"Conjuration spells cost 22% less to cast. Fortify Conjuration, 22 pts Regenerate Magicka, 150 pts

Master Robesof Conjuration0010d6751040

"of Peerless Conjuration"Conjuration spells cost 25% less to cast. Fortify Conjuration, 25 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Peerless Conjuration001017421040

Robesof Peerless Conjuration001017b21040

Robesof Peerless Conjuration001090131040

Robesof Peerless Conjuration001090541040

[edit]Fortify DestructionName



"of Minor Destruction"Destruction spells cost 12% less to cast. Fortify Destruction, 12 pts

Imperial Bracersof Minor Destruction000b973716N/A

Imperial Bracersof Minor Destruction000accc9410N/A

Imperial Helmetof Minor Destruction0008b6ab515N/A

Imperial Light Helmetof Minor Destruction0008b6c6211N/A

Circletof Minor Destruction000fc012201

Hide Armorof Minor Destruction0010cfae5201

Hide Helmetof Minor Destruction0007a1522101

Iron Armorof Minor Destruction0010cfbf30251

Iron Helmetof Minor Destruction0007a1255151

Ringof Minor Destruction00100dff0.2501

Banded Iron Armorof Minor Destruction0010cfce35283

Leather Armorof Minor Destruction0010decb6267

Leather Helmetof Minor Destruction000b50682127

Steel Armorof Minor Destruction0010def835317

Steel Helmetof Minor Destruction000b50d55177

"of Destruction"Destruction spells cost 15% less to cast. Fortify Destruction, 15 pts

Imperial Bracersof Destruction000ad4fb410N/A

Imperial Bracersof Destruction000b973816N/A

Imperial Helmetof Destruction0008b6ac515N/A

Imperial Light Helmetof Destruction0008b6c7211N/A

Hide Armorof Destruction0010cfaf5204

Hide Helmetof Destruction000ad4bf2104

Iron Armorof Destruction0010cfc030254

Iron Helmetof Destruction000ad58b5154

Banded Iron Armorof Destruction0010cfcf35285

Circletof Destruction000fc013208

Ringof Destruction00100e000.2508

Leather Armorof Destruction0010decc6269

Leather Helmetof Destruction000b50692129

Steel Armorof Destruction0010def935319

Steel Helmetof Destruction000b50df5179

Dwarven Armorof Destruction0010cf62453413

Dwarven Helmetof Destruction0001b771121813

Elven Armorof Destruction0010cf8042913

Elven Helmetof Destruction000bdfec11313

Steel Plate Armorof Destruction0010df07384019

Steel Plate Helmetof Destruction0003df7f61919

Scaled Armorof Destruction0010dee963220

Scaled Helmetof Destruction00046db321420

"of Major Destruction"Destruction spells cost 17% less to cast. Fortify Destruction, 17 pts

Imperial Bracersof Major Destruction000b973916N/A

Imperial Bracersof Major Destruction000ad4fc410N/A

Imperial Helmetof Major Destruction0008b6ad515N/A

Imperial Light Helmetof Major Destruction0008b6c8211N/A

Hide Armorof Major Destruction0010cfb05206

Hide Helmetof Major Destruction000ad4c02106

Iron Armorof Major Destruction0010cfc130256

Iron Helmetof Major Destruction000ad58c5156

Banded Iron Armorof Major Destruction0010cfd035287

Leather Armorof Major Destruction0010decd62611

Leather Helmetof Major Destruction000b506a21211

Steel Armorof Major Destruction0010defa353111

Steel Helmetof Major Destruction000b50e051711

Dwarven Armorof Major Destruction0010cf63453415

Dwarven Helmetof Major Destruction0001b772121815

Elven Armorof Major Destruction0010cf8142915

Elven Helmetof Major Destruction000bdfed11315

Circletof Major Destruction000fc0142016

Ringof Major Destruction00100e010.25016

Glass Helmetof Major Destruction000d53c721620

Steel Plate Armorof Major Destruction0010df08384021

Steel Plate Helmetof Major Destruction0003df8061921

Scaled Armorof Major Destruction0010deea63222

Scaled Helmetof Major Destruction00046db421422

Orcish Armorof Major Destruction0010deda354026

Orcish Helmetof Major Destruction000cf80582026

Elven Gilded Armorof Major Destruction0010cf8d43528

Ebony Armorof Major Destruction0010cf71384333

Ebony Helmetof Major Destruction000cf87a102133

Glass Armorof Major Destruction0010cf9e73837

"of Eminent Destruction"Destruction spells cost 20% less to cast. Fortify Destruction, 20 pts

Dragonscale Armorof Eminent Destruction0010cf541041N/A

Glass Armorof Eminent Destruction0010cf9f738N/A

Dwarven Armorof Eminent Destruction0010cf64453417

Dwarven Helmetof Eminent Destruction0001b78a121817

Elven Armorof Eminent Destruction0010cf8242917

Elven Helmetof Eminent Destruction000be05111317

Glass Helmetof Eminent Destruction000d53c821622

Steel Plate Armorof Eminent Destruction0010df09384023

Steel Plate Helmetof Eminent Destruction0003df8161923

Circletof Eminent Destruction000fc0152024

Ringof Eminent Destruction00100e020.25024

Scaled Armorof Eminent Destruction0010deeb63225

Scaled Helmetof Eminent Destruction00046db521425

Orcish Armorof Eminent Destruction0010dedb354028

Orcish Helmetof Eminent Destruction000cf80682028

Elven Gilded Armorof Eminent Destruction0010cf8e43531

Ebony Armorof Eminent Destruction0010cf72384335

Ebony Helmetof Eminent Destruction000cf87b102135

Glass ArmorofEminent Destruction0010cfa073840

Dragonplate Armorof Eminent Destruction0010cf44404641

Dragonplate Helmetof Eminent Destruction000d7a6982241

Dragonscale Helmetof Eminent Destruction000d79fd41747

Daedric Armorof Eminent Destruction0010cf36504949

Daedric Helmetof Eminent Destruction000d7adb152349

"of Extreme Destruction"Destruction spells cost 22% less to cast. Fortify Destruction, 22 pts

Orcish Armorof Extreme Destruction0010dedc354030

Orcish Helmetof Extreme Destruction000cf80782030

Circletof Extreme Destruction000fc0162032

Ringof Extreme Destruction00100e030.25032

Elven Gilded Armorof Extreme Destruction0010cf9543534

Ebony Armorof Extreme Destruction0010cf78384338

Ebony Helmetof Extreme Destruction000cf87c102138

Glass Armorof Extreme Destruction0010cfa173843

Glass Helmetof Extreme Destruction000d53c921643

Dragonplate Armorof Extreme Destruction0010cf4d404644

Dragonplate Helmetof Extreme Destruction000d7a6a82244

Dragonscale Armorof Extreme Destruction0010cf55104150

Dragonscale Helmetof Extreme Destruction000d79fe41750

Daedric Armorof Extreme Destruction0010cf37504952

Daedric Helmetof Extreme Destruction000d7adc152352

"of Peerless Destruction"Destruction spells cost 25% less to cast. Fortify Destruction, 25 pts

Circletof Peerless Destruction000fc0172040

Ring of Peeless Destruction[sic]00100e040.25040

Dragonplate Armorof Peerless Destruction0010cf45404647

Dragonplate Helmetof Peerless Destruction000d7a6b82247

Dragonscale Armorof Peerless Destruction0010cf56104153

Dragonscale Helmetof Peerless Destruction000d79ff41753

Daedric Armorof Peerless Destruction0010cf38504955

Daedric Helmetof Peerless Destruction000d7add152355

[edit]Fortify DestructionwithRegenerate MagickaName



"of Minor Destruction"Destruction spells cost 12% less to cast. Fortify Destruction, 12 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Novice Robesof Destruction0010d668101

Robesof Minor Destruction00101743101

Robesof Minor Destruction001017b1101

Robesof Minor Destruction00109014101

Robesof Minor Destruction00109055101

"of Destruction"Destruction spells cost 15% less to cast. Fortify Destruction, 15 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Destruction00101744108

Robesof Destruction001017b0108

Robesof Destruction00109015108

Robesof Destruction00109056108

"Apprentice Robes of Destruction"Destruction spells cost 15% less to cast. Fortify Destruction, 15 pts Regenerate Magicka, 75 pts

Apprentice Robesof Destruction0010d6701010

"of Major Destruction"Destruction spells cost 17% less to cast. Fortify Destruction, 17 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Major Destruction001017451016

Robesof Major Destruction001017af1016

Robesof Major Destruction001090161016

Robesof Major Destruction001090571016

"Adept Robes of Destruction"Destruction spells cost 17% less to cast. Fortify Destruction, 17 pts Regenerate Magicka, 100 pts

Adept Robesof Destruction0010d6761020

"of Eminent Destruction"Destruction spells cost 20% less to cast. Fortify Destruction, 20 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Eminent Destruction001017461024

Robesof Eminent Destruction001017ae1024

Robesof Eminent Destruction001090171024

Robesof Eminent Destruction001090581024

"Expert Robes of Destruction"Destruction spells cost 20% less to cast. Fortify Destruction, 20 pts Regenerate Magicka, 125 pts

Expert Robesof Destruction0010d6771030

"of Extreme Destruction"Destruction spells cost 22% less to cast. Fortify Destruction, 22 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Extreme Destruction001017471032

Robesof Extreme Destruction001017ad1032

Robesof Extreme Destruction001090181032

Robesof Extreme Destruction001090591032

"Master Robes of Destruction"Destruction spells cost 22% less to cast. Fortify Destruction, 22 pts Regenerate Magicka, 150 pts

Master Robesof Destruction0010d6781040

"of Peerless Destruction"Destruction spells cost 25% less to cast. Fortify Destruction, 25 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Peerless Destruction001017481040

Robesof Peerless Destruction001017ac1040

Robesof Peerless Destruction001090191040

Robesof Peerless Destruction0010905a1040

[edit]Fortify Healing RateName



"of Remedy"Health regenerates 20% faster. Fortify Healing Rate, 20 pts

Necklaceof Remedy0010df570.5016

Ringof Remedy00100e510.25016

Elven Gilded Armorof Remedy000fda1a43528

Ebony Armorof Remedy000fe2e9384333

Glass Armorof Remedy000fe2d773837

"of Mending"Health regenerates 30% faster. Fortify Healing Rate, 30 pts

Necklaceof Mending0010df580.5024

Ringof Mending00100e520.25024

Elven Gilded Armorof Mending000fda1b43531

Ebony Armorof Mending000fe2ea384335

Glass Armorof Mending000fe2d873840

Dragonplate Armorof Mending000fe2f5404641

Dragonscale Armorof Mending000fe2e0104147

Daedric Armorof Mending000fe2fe504949

"of Regeneration"Health regenerates 40% faster. Fortify Healing Rate, 40 pts

Necklaceof Regeneration0010df590.5032

Ringof Regeneration00100e530.25032

Elven Gilded Armorof Regeneration000fda1c43534

Ebony Armorof Regeneration000fe2eb384338

Glass Armorof Regeneration000fe2d973843

Dragonplate Armorof Regeneration000fe2f6404644

Dragonscale Armorof Regeneration000fe2e1104150

Daedric Armorof Regeneration000fe2ff504952

"of Revival"Health regenerates 50% faster. Fortify Healing Rate, 50 pts

Necklaceof Revival0010df5a0.5040

Ringof Revival00100e540.25040

Dragonplate Armorof Revival000fe2f7404647

Dragonscale Armorof Revival000fe2e2104153

Daedric Armorof Revival000fe300504955

[edit]Fortify HealthName



"of Minor Health"Increases your health by 20 points. Fortify Health, 20 pts

Imperial Armorof Minor Health000b971c623N/A

Imperial Armorof Minor Health000accc03525N/A

Studded Imperial Armorof Minor Health00046bb4623N/A

Hide Armorof Minor Health0007a13b5201

Iron Armorof Minor Health0004950e30251

Necklaceof Minor Health000fc0370.501

Ringof Minor Health000fcefd0.2501

Banded Iron Armorof Minor Health000acc9d35283

Studded Armorof Minor Health000acc936233

Leather Armorof Minor Health000b42346267

Steel Armorof Minor Health000b50a535317

"of Health"Increases your health by 30 points. Fortify Health, 30 pts

Imperial Armorof Health000ad4e93525N/A

Imperial Armorof Health000b971d623N/A

Studded Imperial Armorof Health00046bb5623N/A

Hide Armorof Health000ad4915204

Iron Armorof Health000ad56330254

Banded Iron Armorof Health000ad51f35285

Studded Armorof Health000ad4d36235

Necklaceof Health000fc0380.508

Ringof Health000fcefe0.2508

Leather Armorof Health000b42356269

Steel Armorof Health000b50a635319

Dwarven Armorof Health0001b3d8453413

Elven Armorof Health000bdfc442913

Steel Plate Armorof Health0001b40c384019

Scaled Armorof Health000d53f563220

"of Major Health"Increases your health by 40 points. Fortify Health, 40 pts

Imperial Armorof Major Health000b971e623N/A

Imperial Armorof Major Health000ad4ea3525N/A

Studded Imperial Armorof Major Health00046bb6623N/A

Hide Armorof Major Health000ad4925206

Iron Armorof Major Health000ad56430256

Banded Iron Armorof Major Health000ad52035287

Studded Armorof Major Health000ad4d46237

Leather Armorof Major Health000b423662611

Steel Armorof Major Health000b50a7353111

Dwarven Armorof Major Health0001b3d9453415

Elven Armorof Major Health000bdfc542915

Necklaceof Major Health000fc0390.5016

Ringof Major Health000fceff0.25016

Steel Plate Armorof Major Health0001b40d384021

Scaled Armorof Major Health000d53f663222

Orcish Armorof Major Health000cf7c2354026

Elven Gilded Armorof Major Health000ce1ad43528

Ebony Armorof Major Health000cf837384333

Glass Armorof Major Health000d538173837

"of Eminent Health"Increases your health by 50 points. Fortify Health, 50 pts

Dwarven Armorof Eminent Health0001b3da453417

Elven Armorof Eminent Health000be03d42917

Steel Plate Armorof Eminent Health0001b40e384023

Necklaceof Eminent Health000fc03a0.5024

Ringof Eminent Health000fcf000.25024

Scaled Armorof Eminent Health000d53f763225

Orcish Armorof Eminent Health000cf7c3354028

Elven Gilded Armorof Eminent Health000ce1ae43531

Ebony Armorof Eminent Health000cf838384335

Glass Armorof Eminent Health000d538273840

Dragonplate Armorof Eminent Health000d7a26404641

Dragonscale Armorof Eminent Health000d79ba104147

Daedric Armorof Eminent Health000d7a98504949

"of Extreme Health"Increases your health by 60 points. Fortify Health, 60 pts

Orcish Armorof Extreme Health000cf7c4354030

Necklaceof Extreme Health000fc03b0.5032

Ringof Extreme Health000fcf010.25032

Elven Gilded Armorof Extreme Health000ce1af43534

Ebony Armorof Extreme Health000cf839384338

Glass Armorof Extreme Health000d538373843

Dragonplate Armorof Extreme Health000d7a27404644

Dragonscale Armorof Extreme Health000d79bb104150

Daedric Armorof Extreme Health000d7a99504952

"of Peerless Health"Increases your health by 70 points. Fortify Health, 70 pts

Necklaceof Peerless Health000fc03c0.5040

Ringof Peerless Health000fcf020.25040

Dragonplate Armorof Peerless Health000d7a28404647

Dragonscale Armorof Peerless Health000d79bc104153

Daedric Armorof Peerless Health000d7a9a504955

[edit]Fortify Heavy ArmorName



"of the Minor Knight"Increases Heavy Armor skill by 12 points. Fortify Heavy Armor, 12 pts

Imperial Armorof the Minor Knight000accc13525N/A

Iron Armorof the Minor Knight0007a12830251

Necklaceof the Minor Knight0010df270.501

Ringof the Minor Knight00100e0b0.2501

Banded Iron Armorof the Minor Knight000acc9e35283

Steel Armorof the Minor Knight000b50a835317

"of the Knight"Increases Heavy Armor skill by 15 points. Fortify Heavy Armor, 15 pts

Imperial Armorof the Knight000ad4eb3525N/A

Iron Armorof the Knight000ad56530254

Banded Iron Armorof the Knight000ad52135285

Necklaceof the Knight0010df280.508

Ring of the Major Knight00100e0c0.2508

Steel Armorof the Knight000b50a935319

Dwarven Armorof the Knight0001b3db453413

Steel Plate Armorof the Knight0001b446384019

"of the Major Knight"Increases Heavy Armor skill by 17 points. Fortify Heavy Armor, 17 pts

Imperial Armorof the Major Knight000ad4ec3525N/A

Iron Armorof the Major Knight000ad56630256

Banded Iron Armorof the Major Knight000ad52235287

Steel Armorof the Major Knight000b50aa353111

Dwarven Armorof the Major Knight0001b40f453415

Necklaceof the Major Knight0010df290.5016

Ringof the Major Knight00100e0d0.25016

Steel Plate Armorof the Major Knight0001b54e384021

Orcish Armorof the Major Knight000cf7c5354026

Ebony Armorof the Major Knight000cf83a384333

"of the Eminent Knight"Increases Heavy Armor skill by 20 points. Fortify Heavy Armor, 20 pts

Dwarven Armorof the Eminent Knight0001b440453417

Steel Plate Armorof the Eminent Knight0001b555384023

Necklaceof the Eminent Knight0010df2a0.5024

Ringof the Eminent Knight00100e0e0.25024

Orcish Armorof the Eminent Knight000cf7c6354028

Ebony Armorof the Eminent Knight000cf83b384335

Dragonplate Armorof the Eminent Knight000d7a29404641

Daedric Armorof the Eminent Knight000d7a9b504949

"of the Noble Knight"Increases Heavy Armor skill by 22 points. Fortify Heavy Armor, 22 pts

Orcish Armorof the Noble Knight000cf7c7354030

Necklaceof the Extreme Knight0010df2b0.5032

Ringof the Extreme Knight00100e0f0.25032

Ebony Armorof the Noble Knight000cf83c384338

Dragonplate Armorof the Noble Knight000d7a2a404644

Daedric Armorof the Noble Knight000d7a9c504952

"of the Peerless Knight"Increases Heavy Armor skill by 25 points. Fortify Heavy Armor, 25 pts

Necklaceof the Peerless Knight0010df2c0.5040

Ringof the Peerless Knight00100e100.25040

Dragonplate Armorof the Peerless Knight000d7a2b404647

Daedric Armorof the Peerless Knight000d7a9d504955

[edit]Fortify IllusionName



"of Minor Illusion"Illusion spells cost 12% less to cast. Fortify Illusion, 12 pts

Imperial Helmetof Minor Illusion0008b6b1515N/A

Imperial Light Helmetof Minor Illusion0008b6cc211N/A

Circletof Minor Illusion000fc01e201

Hide Armorof Minor Illusion0010cfb15201

Hide Helmetof Minor Illusion0007a1542101

Iron Armorof Minor Illusion0010cfc230251

Iron Helmetof Minor Illusion0007a1295151

Ringof Minor Illusion00100e110.2501

Banded Iron Armorof Minor Illusion0010cfd135283

Leather Armorof Minor Illusion0010dece6267

Leather Helmetof Minor Illusion000b50772127

Steel Armorof Minor Illusion0010defb35317

Steel Helmetof Minor Illusion000b50d75177

"of Illusion"Illusion spells cost 15% less to cast. Fortify Illusion, 15 pts

Imperial Helmetof Illusion0008b6b2515N/A

Imperial Light Helmetof Illusion0008b6cd211N/A

Hide Armorof Illusion0010cfb25204

Hide Helmetof Illusion000ad4c32104

Iron Armorof Illusion0010cfc330254

Iron Helmetof Illusion000ad58f5154

Banded Iron Armorof Illusion0010cfd235285

Circletof Illusion000fc01f208

Ringof Illusion00100e120.2508

Leather Armorof Illusion0010decf6269

Leather Helmetof Illusion000b50782129

Steel Armorof Illusion0010defc35319

Steel Helmetof Illusion000b50e35179

Dwarven Armorof Illusion0010cf65453413

Dwarven Helmetof Illusion0001b9b0121813

Elven Armorof Illusion0010cf8342913

Elven Helmetof Illusion000bdff011313

Steel Plate Armorof Illusion0010df0a384019

Steel Plate Helmetof Illusion0003df8561919

Scaled Armorof Illusion0010deec63220

Scaled Helmetof Illusion00046dc221420

"of Major Illusion"Illusion spells cost 17% less to cast. Fortify Illusion, 17 pts

Imperial Helmetof Major Illusion0008b6b3515N/A

Imperial LightHelmetof Major Illusion0008b6ce211N/A

Hide Armorof Major Illusion0010cfb35206

Hide Helmetof Major Illusion000ad4c42106

Iron Armorof Major Illusion0010cfc430256

Iron Helmetof Major Illusion000ad5905156

Banded Iron Armorof Major Illusion0010cfd335287

Leather Armorof Major Illusion0010ded062611

Leather Helmetof Major Illusion000b507921211

Steel Armorof Major Illusion0010defd353111

Steel Helmetof Major Illusion000b50e451711

Dwarven Armorof Major Illusion0010cf66453415

Dwarven Helmetof Major Illusion0001b9b7121815

Elven Armorof Major Illusion0010cf8442915

Elven Helmetof Major Illusion000bdff111315

Circletof Major Illusion000fc0202016

Ringof Major Illusion00100e130.25016

Glass Helmetof Major Illusion000d53cd21620

Steel Plate Armorof Major Illusion0010df0b384021

Steel Plate Helmetof Major Illusion0004101e61921

Scaled Armorof Major Illusion0010deed63222

Scaled Helmetof Major Illusion00046dc321422

Orcish Armorof Major Illusion0010dedd354026

Orcish Helmetof Major Illusion000cf80b82026

Elven Gilded Armorof Major Illusion0010cf8f43528

Ebony Armorof Major Illusion0010cf73384333

Ebony Helmetof Major Illusion000cf880102133

Glass Armorof Major Illusion0010cfa273837

"of Eminent Illusion"Illusion spells cost 20% less to cast. Fortify Illusion, 20 pts

Dwarven Armorof Eminent Illusion0010cf67453417

Dwarven Helmetof Eminent Illusion0001b9b8121817

Elven Armorof Eminent Illusion0010cf8542917

Elven Helmetof Eminent Illusion000be05311317

Glass Helmetof Eminent Illusion000d53ce21622

Steel Plate Armorof Eminent Illusion0010df0c384023

Steel Plate Helmetof Eminent Illusion0004102061923

Circletof Eminent Illusion000fc0212024

Ringof Eminent Illusion00100e140.25024

Scaled Armorof Eminent Illusion0010deee63225

Scaled Helmetof Eminent Illusion00046dc421425

Orcish Armorof Eminent Illusion0010dede354028

Orcish Helmetof Eminent Illusion000cf80c82028

Elven Gilded Armorof Eminent Illusion0010cf9043531

Ebony Armorof Eminent Illusion0010cf74384335

Ebony Helmetof Eminent Illusion000cf881102135

Glass Armorof Eminent Illusion0010cfa373840

Dragonplate Armorof Eminent Illusion0010cf46404641

Dragonplate Helmetof Eminent Illusion000d7a6f82241

Dragonscale Armorof Eminent Illusion0010cf57104147

Dragonscale Helmetof Eminent Illusion000d7a0341747

Daedric Armorof Eminent Illusion0010cf39504949

Daedric Helmetof Eminent Illusion000d7ae1152349

"of Extreme Illusion"Illusion spells cost 22% less to cast. Fortify Illusion, 22 pts

Orcish Armorof Extreme Illusion0010dedf354030

Orcish Helmetof Extreme Illusion000cf80d82030

Circletof Extreme Illusion000fc0222032

Ringof Extreme Illusion00100e150.25032

Elven Gilded Armorof Extreme Illusion0010cf9643534

Ebony Armorof Extreme Illusion0010cf79384338

Ebony Helmetof Extreme Illusion000cf882102138

Glass Armorof Extreme Illusion0010cfa473843

Glass Helmetof Extreme Illusion000d53cf21643

Dragonplate Armorof Extreme Illusion0010cf47404644

Dragonplate Helmetof Extreme Illusion000d7a7082244

Dragonscale Armorof Extreme Illusion0010cf58104150

Dragonscale Helmetof Extreme Illusion000d7a0441750

Daedric Armorof Extreme Illusion0010cf3a504952

Daedric Helmetof Extreme Illusion000d7ae2152352

"of Peerless Illusion"Illusion spells cost 25% less to cast. Fortify Illusion, 25 pts

Circletof Peerless Illusion000fc0232040

Ringof Peerless Illusion00100e160.25040

Dragonplate Armorof Peerless Illusion0010cf48404647

Dragonplate Helmetof Peerless Illusion000d7a7182247

Dragonscale Armorof Peerless Illusion0010cf59104153

Dragonscale Helmetof Peerless Illusion000d7a0541753

Daedric Armorof Peerless Illusion0010cf3b504955

Daedric Helmetof Peerless Illusion000d7ae3152355

[edit]Fortify IllusionwithRegenerate MagickaName



"of Minor Illusion"Illusion spells cost 12% less to cast. Fortify Illusion, 12 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Novice Robesof Illusion0010d671101

Robesof Minor Illusion00101749101

Robesof Minor Illusion001017a5101

Robesof Minor Illusion00109020101

Robesof Minor Illusion00109089101

"of Illusion"Illusion spells cost 15% less to cast. Fortify Illusion, 15 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Illusion00101750108

Robesof Illusion001017a4108

Robesof Illusion00109021108

Robesof Illusion00109088108

"Apprentice Robes of Illusion"Illusion spells cost 15% less to cast. Fortify Illusion, 15 pts Regenerate Magicka, 75 pts

Apprentice Robesof Illusion0010d6791010

"of Major Illusion"Illusion spells cost 17% less to cast. Fortify Illusion, 17 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Major Illusion001017511016

Robesof Major Illusion001017a31016

Robesof Major Illusion001090221016

Robesof Major Illusion001090871016

"Adept Robes of Illusion"Illusion spells cost 17% less to cast. Fortify Illusion, 17 pts Regenerate Magicka, 100 pts

Adept Robesof Illusion0010d67a1020

"of Eminent Illusion"Illusion spells cost 20% less to cast. Fortify Illusion, 20 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Eminent Illusion001017521024

Robesof Eminent Illusion001017a21024

Robesof Eminent Illusion001090231024

Robesof Eminent Illusion001090861024

"Expert Robes of Illusion"Illusion spells cost 20% less to cast. Fortify Illusion, 20 pts Regenerate Magicka, 125 pts

Expert Robesof Illusion0010d67b1030

"of Extreme Illusion"Illusion spells cost 22% less to cast. Fortify Illusion, 22 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Extreme Illusion001017531032

Robesof Extreme Illusion001017a11032

Robesof Extreme Illusion001090241032

Robesof Extreme Illusion001090851032

"Master Robes of Illusion"Illusion spells cost 22% less to cast. Fortify Illusion, 22 pts Regenerate Magicka, 150 pts

Master Robesof Illusion0010d67c1040

"of Peerless Illusion"Illusion spells cost 25% less to cast. Fortify Illusion, 25 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Peerless Illusion001017541040

Robesof Peerless Illusion001017a01040

Robesof Peerless Illusion001090251040

Robesof Peerless Illusion001090841040

[edit]Fortify Light ArmorName



"of the Minor Squire"Increases Light Armor skill by 12 points. Fortify Light Armor, 12 pts

Imperial Armorof the Minor Squire000b971f623N/A

Studded Imperial Armorof the Minor Squire00046bb7623N/A

Hide Armorof the Minor Squire0007a13c5201

Necklaceof the Minor Squire0010df2d0.501

Ringof the Minor Squire00100e180.2501

Studded Armorof the Minor Squire000acc946233

Leather Armorof the Minor Squire000b42376267

"of the Squire"Increases Light Armor skill by 15 points. Fortify Light Armor, 15 pts

Imperial Armorof the Squire000b9720623N/A

Studded Imperial Armorof the Squire00046bb8623N/A

Hide Armorof the Squire000ad4945204

Studded Armorof the Squire000ad4d56235

Necklaceof the Squire0010df2e0.508

Ringof the Squire00100e190.2508

Leather Armorof the Squire000b42386269

Elven Armorof the Squire000bdfc642913

Scaled Armorof the Squire000d53f863220

"of the Major Squire"Increases Light Armor skill by 17 points. Fortify Light Armor, 17 pts

Imperial Armorof the Major Squire000b9721623N/A

Studded Imperial Armorof the Major Squire00046bb9623N/A

Hide Armorof the Major Squire000ad4955206

Studded Armorof the Major Squire000ad4d66237

Leather Armorof the Major Squire000b423962611

Elven Armorof the Major Squire000bdfc742915

Necklaceof the Major Squire0010df2f0.5016

Ringof the Major Squire00100e1a0.25016

Scaled Armorof the Major Squire000d53f963222

Elven Gilded Armorof the Major Squire000ce1b043528

Glass Armorof the Major Squire000d538473837

"of the Eminent Squire"Increases Light Armor skill by 20 points. Fortify Light Armor, 20 pts

Elven Armorof the Eminent Squire000be03e42917

Necklaceof the Eminent Squire0010df300.5024

Ringof the Eminent Squire00100e1b0.25024

Scaled Armorof the Eminent Squire000d53fa63225

Elven Gilded Armorof the Eminent Knight000ce1b143531

Glass Armorof the Eminent Knight000d538573840

Dragonscale Armorof the Eminent Knight000d79bd104147

"of the Noble Knight"Increases Light Armor skill by 22 points. Fortify Light Armor, 22 pts

Necklaceof the Extreme Squire0010df310.5032

Ringof the Extreme Squire00100e1c0.25032

Elven Gilded Armorof the Noble Knight000ce1b243534

Glass Armorof the Noble Knight000d538673843

Dragonscale Armorof the Noble Knight000d79be104150

"of the Peerless Knight"Increases Light Armor skill by 25 points. Fortify Light Armor, 25 pts

Necklaceof the Peerless Squire0010df320.5040

Ringof the Peerless Squire00100e1d0.25040

Dragonscale Armorof the Peerless Knight000d79bf104153

[edit]Fortify LockpickingName



"of Minor Lockpicking"Lockpicking is 15% easier. Fortify Lockpicking, 15 pts

Imperial Bracersof Minor Lockpicking000b974016N/A

Hide Bracersof Minor Lockpicking0007a149151

Necklaceof Minor Lockpicking0010df390.501

Ringof Minor Lockpicking00100e170.2501

Leather Bracersof Minor Lockpicking000b504d277

"of Lockpicking"Lockpicking is 20% easier. Fortify Lockpicking, 20 pts

Imperial Bracersof Lockpicking000b974116N/A

Hide Bracersof Lockpicking000ad4ad154

Necklaceof Lockpicking0010df3a0.508

Ringof Lockpicking00100e1e0.2508

Leather Bracersof Lockpicking000b504e279

Elven Bracersof Lockpicking000bdfda1813

Scaled Bracersof Lockpicking00046be62920

"of Major Lockpicking"Lockpicking is 25% easier. Fortify Lockpicking, 25 pts

Imperial Bracersof Major Lockpicking000b974216N/A

Hide Bracersof Major Lockpicking000ad4ae156

Leather Bracersof Major Lockpicking000b504f2711

Elven Bracersof Major Lockpicking000bdfdb1815

Necklaceof Major Lockpicking0010df3b0.5016

Ringof Major Lockpicking00100e1f0.25016

Scaled Bracersof Major Lockpicking00046be72922

Glass Gauntletsof Major Lockpicking000fcef121137

"of Eminent Lockpicking"Lockpicking is 30% easier. Fortify Lockpicking, 30 pts

Elven Bracersof Eminent Lockpicking000be0481817

Necklaceof Eminent Lockpicking0010df3c0.5024

Ringof Eminent Lockpicking00100e200.25024

Scaled Bracersof Eminent Lockpicking00046be82925

Glass Gauntletsof Eminent Lockpicking000fcef221140

Dragonscale Gauntletsof Eminent Lockpicking0010df7131247

"of Extreme Lockpicking"Lockpicking is 35% easier. Fortify Lockpicking, 35 pts

Necklaceof Extreme Lockpicking0010df3d0.5032

Ringof Extreme Lockpicking00100e210.25032

Glass Gauntletsof Extreme Lockpicking000fcef321143

Dragonscale Gauntletsof Extreme Lockpicking0010df7231250

"of Peerless Lockpicking"Lockpicking is 40% easier. Fortify Lockpicking, 40 pts

Necklaceof Peerless Lockpicking0010df3e0.5040

Ringof Peerless Lockpicking00100e220.25040

Dragonscale Gauntletsof Peerless Lockpicking0010df7331253

[edit]Fortify MagickaName



"of Minor Magicka"Increases your Magicka by 20 points. Fortify Magicka, 20 pts

Imperial Helmetof Minor Magicka0008b6b4515N/A

Imperial Light Helmetof Minor Magicka0008b6cf211N/A

Circletof Minor Magicka000fc024201

Hide Helmetof Minor Magicka0007a1552101

Iron Helmetof Minor Magicka0004a1b15151

Necklaceof Minor Magicka0010df510.501

Ringof Minor Magicka000ff7d20.2501

Leather Helmetof Minor Magicka000b507a2127

Steel Helmetof Minor Magicka000b50d85177

"of Magicka"Increases your Magicka by 30 points. Fortify Magicka, 30 pts

Imperial Helmetof Magicka0008b6b5515N/A

Imperial Light Helmetof Magicka0008b6d0211N/A

Novice Hood0010dd3a151

Hide Helmetof Magicka000ad4c52104

Iron Helmetof Magicka000ad5915154

Circletof Magicka000fc025208

Necklaceof Magicka0010df520.508

Ringof Magicka000ff7d30.2508

Leather Helmetof Magicka000b507b2129

Steel Helmetof Magicka000b50e55179

Dwarven Helmetof Magicka0001b9bb121813

Elven Helmetof Magicka000bdff211313

Steel Plate Helmetof Magicka0004102161919

Scaled Helmetof Magicka00046dc721420

"of Major Magicka"Increases your Magicka by 40 points. Fortify Magicka, 40 pts

Imperial Light Helmetof Major Magicka0008b6b6211N/A

Apprentice Hood0010dd3b105

Hide Helmetof Major Magicka000ad4c62106

Iron Helmetof Major Magicka000ad5925156

Leather Helmetof Major Magicka000b507c21211

Steel Helmetof Major Magicka000b50e651711

Dwarven Helmetof Major Magicka0001b9bc121815

Elven Helmetof Major Magicka000bdff311315

Circletof Major Magicka000fc0262016

Necklaceof Major Magicka0010df530.5016

Ringof Major Magicka000ff7d40.25016

Glass Helmetof Major Magicka000d53d021620

Steel Plate Helmetof Major Magicka0004102261921

Scaled Helmetof Major Magicka00046dca21422

Orcish Helmetof Major Magicka000cf80e82026

Ebony Helmetof Major Magicka000cf883102133

"of Eminent Magicka"Increases your Magicka by 50 points. Fortify Magicka, 50 pts

Adept Hood0010dd3c1010

Dwarven Helmetof Eminent Magicka0001b9be121817

Elven Helmetof Eminent Magicka000be05411317

Glass Helmetof Eminent Magicka000d53d121622

Steel Plate Helmetof Eminent Magicka0004102761923

Circlet of Extreme Magicka000fc0272024

Necklaceof Eminent Magicka0010df540.5024

Ringof Eminent Magicka000ff7d50.25024

Scaled Helmetof Eminent Magicka00046dcb21425

Orcish Helmetof Eminent Magicka000cf80f82028

Ebony Helmetof Eminent Magicka000cf884102135

Dragonplate Helmetof Eminent Magicka000d7a7282241

Dragonscale Helmetof Eminent Magicka000d7a0641747

Daedric Helmetof Eminent Magicka000d7ae4152349

"of Extreme Magicka"Increases your Magicka by 60 points. Fortify Magicka, 60 pts

Orcish Helmetof Extreme Magicka000cf81082030

Circletof Extreme Magicka000fc0282032

Necklaceof Extreme Magicka0010df550.5032

Ringof Extreme Magicka000ff7d60.25032

Ebony Helmetof Extreme Magicka000cf885102138

Glass Helmetof Extreme Magicka000d53d221643

Dragonplate Helmetof Extreme Magicka000d7a7382244

Dragonscale Helmetof Extreme Magicka000d7a0741750

Daedric Helmetof Extreme Magicka000d7ae5152352

"of Peerless Magicka"Increases your Magicka by 70 points. Fortify Magicka, 70 pts

Circletof Peerless Magicka000fc0292040

Necklaceof Peerless Magicka0010df560.5040

Ringof Peerless Magicka000ff7d70.25040

Dragonplate Helmetof Extreme Magicka000d7a7482247

Dragonscale Helmetof Peerless Magicka000d7a0841753

Daedric Helmetof Extreme Magicka000d7ae6152355

[edit]Fortify Magicka RateName



"of Recharging"Magicka regenerates 40% faster. Fortify Magicka Rate, 40 pts

Ringof Recharging00100e590.25016

Glass Helmetof Recharging000fe2da21620

Ebony Helmetof Recharging000fe2ef102133

"Novice-level Mage Robes"Magicka regenerates 50% faster. Fortify Magicka Rate, 50 pts

Black Mage Robes000c5d11108

Blue Mage Robes000d1f3b10

Novice Robes0010d667101

"of Replenishing"Magicka regenerates 60% faster. Fortify Magicka Rate, 60 pts

Glass Helmetof Replenishing000fe2db21622

Ringof Replenishing00100e5a0.25024

Ebony Helmetof Replenishing000fe2f0102135

Dragonplate Helmetof Replenishing000fe2f282241

Dragonscale Helmetof Replenishing000fe2e641747

Daedric Helmetof Replenishing000fe301152349

"of Quickening"Magicka regenerates 75% faster. Fortify Magicka Rate, 75 pts

Apprentice Robes0010d67d108

Hooded Black Mage Robes0010710c108

Hooded Necromancer Robes0010710d108

Necromancer Robes000c36ea108

Robesof Quickening0010524f1010

Robesof Quickening001090831010

Robesof Quickening001090481010

Robesof Quickening00105ef01010

"of Resurgence"Magicka regenerates 80% faster. Fortify Magicka Rate, 80 pts

Ringof Resurgence00100e5b0.25032

Ebony Helmetof Resurgence000fe2f1102138

Glass Armorof Resurgence000fe2df21643

Dragonplate Helmetof Resurgence000fe2f382244

Dragonscale Helmetof Resurgence000fe2e741750

Daedric Helmetof Resurgence000fe302152352

"of Recovery"Magicka regenerates 100% faster. Fortify Magicka Rate, 100 pts

Ringof Recovery00100e5c0.25040

Dragonplate Helmetof Recovery000fe2f482247

Dragonscale Helmetof Recovery000fe2e841753

Daedric Helmetof Recovery000fe303152355

"of Recharging"Magicka regenerates 100% faster. Fortify Magicka Rate, 100 pts

Adept Robes0010d67e1016

Robesof Recharging0010175b1020

Robesof Recharging0010179f1020

Robesof Recharging001090471020

Robesof Recharging001090821020

"of Replenishing"Magicka regenerates 125% faster. Fortify Magicka Rate, 125 pts

Expert Robes0010d67f1024

Robesof Replenishing0010175c1030

Robesof Replenishing0010179e1030

Robesof Replenishing001090461030

Robesof Replenishing001090811030

"of Resurgence"Magicka regenerates 150% faster. Fortify Magicka Rate, 150 pts

Master Robes0010d6801032

Robesof Resurgence0010175d1040

Robesof Resurgence0010179d1040

Robesof Resurgence001090451040

Robesof Resurgence001090801040

[edit]Fortify One-HandedName



"of Minor Wielding"One-handed attacks do 15% more damage. Fortify One-Handed, 15 pts

Imperial Bracersof Minor Wielding000accce410N/A

Imperial Bracersof Minor Wielding000b974616N/A

Hide Bracersof Minor Wielding0007a14b151

Iron Gauntletsof Minor Wielding0007a12e5101

Necklaceof Minor Wielding0010df100.501

Ringof Minor Wielding00100e290.2501

Leather Bracersof Minor Wielding000b5053277

Steel Gauntletsof Minor Wielding000b50bf4127

"of Wielding"One-handed attacks do 20% more damage. Fortify One-Handed, 20 pts

Imperial Bracersof Wielding000b9747410N/A

Imperial Bracersof Wielding000ad50516N/A

Hide Bracersof Wielding000ad4b1154

Iron Gauntletsof Wielding000ad57d5104

Necklaceof Wielding0010df110.508

Ringof Wielding00100e2a0.2508

Leather Bracersof Wielding000b5054279

Steel Gauntletsof Wielding000b50cd4129

Dwarven Bracersof Wielding0001b75581313

Elven Bracersof Wielding000bdfde1813

Steel Plate Bracersof Wielding0003df6661419

Scaled Bracersof Wielding00046c792920

"of Major Wielding"One-handed attacks do 25% more damage. Fortify One-Handed, 25 pts

Imperial Bracersof Major Wielding000b974816N/A

Imperial Bracersof Major Wielding000ad506410N/A

Hide Bracersof Major Wielding000ad4b2156

Iron Gauntletsof Major Wielding000ad57e5106

Leather Bracersof Major Wielding000b50552711

Steel Gauntletsof Major Wielding000b50ce41211

Dwarven Bracersof Major Wielding0001b75681315

Elven Bracersof Major Wielding000bdfdf1815

Necklaceof Major Wielding0010df120.5016

Ringof Major Wielding00100e2b0.25016

Steel Plate Bracersof Major Wielding0003df6761421

Scaled Bracersof Major Wielding00046c7a2922

Orcish Gauntletsof Major Wielding000cf7f071526

Ebony Gauntletsof Major Wielding000cf86571633

Glass Gauntletsof Major Wielding000d53af21137

"of Eminent Wielding"One-handed attacks do 30% more damage. Fortify One-Handed, 30 pts

Dwarven Bracersof Eminent Wielding0001b75781317

Elven Bracersof Eminent Wielding000be04a1817

Steel Plate Bracersof Eminent Wielding0003df6b61423

Necklaceof Eminent Wielding0010df130.5024

Ringof Eminent Wielding00100e2c0.25024

Scaled Bracersof Eminent Wielding00046c7c2925

Orcish Gauntletsof Eminent Wielding000cf7f171528

Ebony Gauntletsof Eminent Wielding000cf86671635

Glass Gauntletsof Eminent Wielding000d53b021140

Dragonplate Gauntletsof Eminent Wielding000d7a5481741

Dragonscale Gauntletsof Eminent Wielding000d79e831247

Daedric Gauntletsof Eminent Wielding000d7ac661849

"of Extreme Wielding"One-handed attacks do 35% more damage. Fortify One-Handed, 35 pts

Orcish Gauntletsof Extreme Wielding000cf7f271530

Necklaceof Extreme Wielding0010df140.5032

Ringof Extreme Wielding00100e2d0.25032

Ebony Gauntletsof Extreme Wielding000cf86771638

Glass Gauntletsof Extreme Wielding000d53b121143

Dragonplate Gauntletsof Extreme Wielding000d7a5581744

Dragonscale Gauntletsof Extreme Wielding000d79e931250

Daedric Gauntletsof Extreme Wielding000d7ac761852

"of Peerless Wielding"One-handed attacks do 40% more damage. Fortify One-Handed, 40 pts

Necklaceof Peerless Wielding0010df670.5040

Ringof Peerless Wielding00100e2e0.25040

Dragonplate Gauntletsof Peerless Wielding000d7a5681747

Dragonscale Gauntletsof Peerless Wielding000d79ea31253

Daedric Gauntletsof Peerless Wielding000d7ac861855

[edit]Fortify PickpocketName



"of Minor Deft Hands"Pickpocket success is 15% better. Fortify Pickpocket, 15 pts

Imperial Bracersof Minor Deft Hands000b974916N/A

Hide Bracersof Minor Deft Hands0007a14c151

Necklaceof Minor Deft Hands0010df330.501

Ringof Minor Deft Hands00100e2f0.2501

Leather Bracersof Minor Deft Hands000b5056277

"of Deft Hands"Pickpocket success is 20% better. Fortify Pickpocket, 20 pts

Imperial Bracersof Deft Hands000b974a16N/A

Hide Bracersof Deft Hands000ad4b3154

Necklaceof Deft Hands0010df340.508

Ringof Deft Hands00100e300.2508

Leather Bracersof Deft Hands000b5057279

Elven Bracersof Deft Hands000bdfe01813

Scaled Bracersof Deft Hands00046c7d2920

"of Major Deft Hands"Pickpocket success is 25% better. Fortify Pickpocket, 25 pts

Imperial Bracersof Major Deft Hands000b974b16N/A

Hide Bracersof Major Deft Hands000ad4b4156

Leather Bracersof Major Deft Hands000b50582711

Elven Bracersof Major Deft Hands000bdfe11815

Necklaceof Major Deft Hands0010df350.5016

Ringof Major Deft Hands00100e310.25016

Scaled Bracersof Major Deft Hands00046c7f2922

Glass Gauntletsof Major Deft Hands000fcef421137

"of Eminent Deft Hands"Pickpocket success is 30% better. Fortify Pickpocket, 30 pts

Elven Bracersof Eminent Deft Hands000be04b1817

Necklaceof Eminent Deft Hands0010df360.5024

Ringof Eminent Deft Hands00100e320.25024

Scaled Bracersof Eminent Deft Hands00046c802925

Glass Gauntletsof Eminent Deft Hands000fcef521140

Dragonscale Gauntletsof Eminent Deft Hands0010df6e31247

"of Extreme Deft Hands"Pickpocket success is 35% better. Fortify Pickpocket, 35 pts

Necklaceof Extreme Deft Hands0010df370.5032

Ringof Extreme Deft Hands00100e330.25032

Glass Gauntletsof Extreme Deft Hands000fcef621143

Dragonscale Gauntletsof Extreme Deft Hands0010df6f31250

"of Peerless Deft Hands"Pickpocket success is 40% better. Fortify Pickpocket, 40 pts

Necklaceof Peerless Deft Hands0010df380.5040

Ringof Peerless Deft Hands00100e7b0.25040

Dragonscale Gauntletsof Peerless Deft Hands0010df7031253

[edit]Fortify RestorationName



"of Minor Restoration"Restoration spells cost 12% less to cast. Fortify Restoration, 12 pts

Imperial Helmetof Minor Restoration0008b6ba515N/A

Circletof Minor Restoration000fc030201

Hide Armorof Minor Restoration0010cfb45201

Hide Helmetof Minor Restoration0007a1582101

Iron Armorof Minor Restoration0010cfc530251

Iron Helmetof Minor Restoration0007a1315151

Ringof Minor Restoration00100e340.2501

Banded Iron Armorof Minor Restoration0010cfd435283

Leather Armorof Minor Restoration0010ded16267

Leather Helmetof Minor Restoration000b506b2127

Steel Armorof Minor Restoration0010defe35317

Steel Helmetof Minor Restoration000b50da5177

"of Restoration"Restoration spells cost 15% less to cast. Fortify Restoration, 15 pts

Imperial Helmetof Restoration0008b6bb515N/A

Hide Armorof Restoration0010cfb55204

Hide Helmetof Restoration000ad4c92104

Iron Armorof Restoration0010cfc630254

Iron Helmetof Restoration000ad5955154

Banded Iron Armorof Restoration0010cfd535285

Circletof Restoration000fc031208

Ringof Restoration00100e350.2508

Leather Armorof Restoration0010ded26269

Leather Helmetof Restoration000b506c2129

Steel Armorof Restoration0010deff35319

Steel Helmetof Restoration000b50e75179

Dwarven Armorof Restoration0010cf68453413

Dwarven Helmetof Restoration0001b9c4121813

Elven Armorof Restoration0010cf8642913

Elven Helmetof Restoration000bdff611313

Steel Plate Armorof Restoration0010df0d384019

Steel Plate Helmetof Restoration0004103561919

Scaled Armorof Restoration0010deef63220

Scaled Helmetof Restoration00046ded21420

"of Major Restoration"Restoration spells cost 17% less to cast. Fortify Restoration, 17 pts

Imperial Helmetof Major Restoration0008b6bc515N/A

Hide Armorof Major Restoration0010cfb65206

Hide Helmetof Major Restoration000ad4ca2106

Iron Armorof Major Restoration0010cfc730256

Iron Helmetof Major Restoration000ad5975156

Banded Iron Armorof Major Restoration0010cfd635287

Leather Armorof Major Restoration0010ded362611

Leather Helmetof Major Restoration000b506d21211

Steel Armorof Major Restoration0010df00353111

Steel Helmetof Major Restoration000b50e851711

Dwarven Armorof Major Restoration0010cf69453415

Dwarven Helmetof Major Restoration0001b9c5121815

Elven Armorof Major Restoration0010cf8742915

Elven Helmetof Major Restoration000bdff711315

Circletof Major Restoration000fc0322016

Ringof Major Restoration00100e360.25016

Glass Helmetof Major Restoration000d53d621620

Steel Plate Armorof Major Restoration0010df0e384021

Steel Plate Helmetof Major Restoration0004103661921

Scaled Armorof Major Restoration0010def063222

Scaled Helmetof Major Restoration00046dee21422

Orcish Armorof Major Restoration0010dee0354026

Orcish Helmetof Major Restoration000cf81482026

Elven Gilded Armorof Major Restoration0010cf9143528

Ebony Armorof Major Restoration0010cf75384333

Ebony Helmetof Major Restoration000cf889102133

Glass Armorof Major Restoration0010cfa573837

"of Eminent Restoration"Restoration spells cost 20% less to cast. Fortify Restoration, 20 pts

Dwarven Armorof Eminent Restoration0010cf6a453417

Dwarven Helmetof Eminent Restoration0001b9c7121817

Elven Armorof Eminent Restoration0010cf8842917

Elven Helmetof Eminent Restoration000be05611317

Glass Helmetof Eminent Restoration000d53d721622

Steel Plate Armorof Eminent Restoration0010df0f384023

Steel Plate Helmetof Eminent Restoration0004103761923

Circletof Eminent Restoration000fc0332024

Ringof Eminent Restoration00100e370.25024

Scaled Armorof Eminent Restoration0010def163225

Scaled Helmetof Eminent Restoration00046def21425

Orcish Armorof Eminent Restoration0010dee1354028

Orcish Helmetof Eminent Restoration000cf81582028

Elven Gilded Armorof Eminent Restoration0010cf9243531

Ebony Armorof Eminent Restoration0010cf76384335

Ebony Helmetof Eminent Restoration000cf88a102135

Glass Armorof Eminent Restoration0010cfa673840

Dragonplate Armorof Eminent Restoration0010cf49404641

Dragonplate Helmetof Eminent Restoration000d7a7882241

Dragonscale Armorof Eminent Restoration0010cf5a104147

Dragonscale Helmetof Eminent Restoration000d7a0c41747

Daedric Armorof Eminent Restoration0010cf3c504949

Daedric Helmetof Eminent Restoration000d7aea152349

"of Extreme Restoration"Restoration spells cost 22% less to cast. Fortify Restoration, 22 pts

Orcish Armorof Extreme Restoration0010dee2354030

Orcish Helmetof Extreme Restoration000cf81682030

Circletof Extreme Restoration000fc0342032

Ringof Extreme Restoration00100e380.25032

Elven Gilded Armorof Extreme Restoration0010cf9743534

Ebony Armorof Extreme Restoration0010cf77384338

Ebony Helmetof Extreme Restoration000cf88b102138

Glass Armorof Extreme Restoration0010cfa773843

Glass Helmetof Extreme Restoration000d53d821643

Dragonplate Armorof Extreme Restoration0010cf4a404644

Dragonplate Helmetof Extreme Restoration000d7a7982244

Dragonscale Armorof Extreme Restoration0010cf5c104150

Dragonscale Helmetof Extreme Restoration000d7a0d41750

Daedric Armorof Extreme Restoration0010cf3d504952

Daedric Helmetof Extreme Restoration000d7aeb152352

"of Peerless Restoration"Restoration spells cost 25% less to cast. Fortify Restoration, 25 pts

Circletof Peerless Restoration000fc0352040

Ringof Peerless Restoration00100e390.25040

Dragonplate Armorof Peerless Restoration0010cf4b404647

Dragonplate Helmetof Peerless Restoration000d7a7a82247

Dragonscale Armorof Peerless Restoration0010cf5b104153

Dragonscale Helmetof Peerless Restoration000d7a0e41753

Daedric Armorof Peerless Restoration0010cf3e504955

Daedric Helmetof Peerless Restoration000d7aec152355

[edit]Fortify RestorationwithRegenerate MagickaName



"of Minor Restoration"Restoration spells cost 12% less to cast. Fortify Restoration, 12 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Novice Robesof Restoration0010d66b101

Robesof Minor Restoration0010175510N/A

Robesof Minor Restoration0010178310N/A

Robesof Minor Restoration0010902b10N/A

Robesof Minor Restoration0010906610N/A

"of Restoration"Restoration spells cost 15% less to cast. Fortify Restoration, 15 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Restoration0010175610N/A

Robesof Restoration0010178210N/A

Robesof Restoration0010902a10N/A

Robesof Restoration0010906510N/A

"Apprentice Robes of Restoration"Restoration spells cost 15% less to cast. Fortify Restoration, 15 pts Regenerate Magicka, 75 pts

Apprentice Robesof Restoration0010d6811010

"of Major Restoration"Restoration spells cost 17% less to cast. Fortify Restoration, 17 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Major Restoration0010175710N/A

Robesof Major Restoration0010178110N/A

Robesof Major Restoration0010902910N/A

Robesof Major Restoration0010906410N/A

"Adept Robes of Restoration"Restoration spells cost 17% less to cast. Fortify Restoration, 17 pts Regenerate Magicka, 100 pts

Adept Robesof Restoration0010d6821020

"of Eminent Restoration"Restoration spells cost 20% less to cast. Fortify Restoration, 20 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Eminent Restoration0010175810N/A

Robesof Eminent Restoration0010178010N/A

Robesof Eminent Restoration0010902810N/A

Robesof Eminent Restoration0010906310N/A

"Expert Robes of Restoration"Restoration spells cost 20% less to cast. Fortify Restoration, 20 pts Regenerate Magicka, 125 pts

Expert Robesof Restoration0010d6831030

"of Extreme Restoration"Restoration spells cost 22% less to cast. Fortify Restoration, 22 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Extreme Restoration0010175910N/A

Robesof Extreme Restoration0010177f10N/A

Robesof Extreme Restoration0010902710N/A

Robesof Extreme Restoration0010906210N/A

"of Peerless Restoration"Restoration spells cost 25% less to cast. Fortify Restoration, 25 pts Regenerate Magicka, 50 pts

Robesof Peerless Restoration0010175a10N/A

Robesof Peerless Restoration0010177e10N/A

Robesof Peerless Restoration0010902610N/A

Robesof Peerless Restoration0010906110N/A

"Master Robes of Restoration"Restoration spells cost 25% less to cast. Fortify Restoration, 25 pts Regenerate Magicka, 150 pts

Master Robesof Restoration0010d6841040

[edit]Fortify SmithingName



"of Minor Smithing"Weapons and armor can be improved 12% better. Fortify Smithing, 12 pts

Imperial Bracersof Minor Smithing000accd1410N/A

Imperial Bracersof Minor Smithing000b974f16N/A

Hide Bracersof Minor Smithing0007a14e151

Iron Gauntletsof Minor Smithing0007a1325101

Necklaceof Minor Smithing0010df210.501

Ringof Minor Smithing00100e3b0.2501

Leather Bracersof Minor Smithing000b505c277

Steel Gauntletsof Minor Smithing000b50c14127

"of Smithing"Weapons and armor can be improved 15% better. Fortify Smithing, 15 pts

Imperial Bracersof Smithing000ad50b410N/A

Imperial Bracersof Smithing000b975016N/A

Hide Bracersof Smithing000ad4b7154

Iron Gauntletsof Smithing000ad5835104

Necklaceof Smithing0010df220.508

Ringof Smithing00100e3c0.2508

Leather Bracersof Smithing000b505d279

Steel Gauntletsof Smithing0008b6944129

Dwarven Bracersof Smithing0001b76181313

Elven Bracersof Smithing000bdfe41813

Steel Plate Bracersof Smithing0003df7361419

Scaled Bracersof Smithing00046c9e2920

"of Major Smithing"Weapons and armor can be improved 17% better. Fortify Smithing, 17 pts

Imperial Bracersof Major Smithing000ad50c410N/A

Imperial Bracersof Major Smit