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Aquarius MRE System

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Aquarius MRE SystemWind and Solar Power for Sustainable ShippingWorld shipping is a major source of airborne pollution and the movement of seaborne trade across the world requires vast amounts of bunker oil and other fossil fuels to be consumed by ships of all sizes. But as more focus is placed on reducing CO2emissions and living in a more sustainable way, it is clear that changes will have to be made to the propulsion and power systems on-board modern vessels.Wind power and solar energy are already popular sources of clean renewable energy on land, so Eco Marine Power is working with a number of development partners on an international project to develop theAquarius MRE(Marine Renewable Energy)Systemwhich will allow ships to be powered in a greener and more eco-friendly way by using these limitless sources of energy.The system can be incorporated into existing ship designs as shown on the right or be integrated into future designs such as theAquarius Eco Shipconcept which is also being developed by Eco Marine Power.TheAquarius MRE Systemis an advanced integrated system of rigid sails, solar panels, energy storage modules that will enable ships to tap into renewable energy by harnessing the power provided by the wind and sun. The array of rigid sails will be automatically positioned to best suit the prevailing weather conditions and can be lowered and stored when not in use or in bad weather.The array of rigid sails are based on EMP'sEnergySailtechnology (Patent Pending) and can even be used when a ship is at anchor or in harbour. Clearly theEnergySailis unlike any other sail.Less Fuel and Less EmissionsTheAquarius MRE Systemwill significantly reduce a shipsfuel consumption and noxious gas emissions. In addition ship owners and operators will be able to reduce the CO2 footprint of their fleet and employ the solution on a variety of ships and vessels.

Aquarius MRE System on Eco Ship (with additional solar panels)When a ship is at anchor or in port the energy storage modules can provide an alternative source of power and thereby reduce the fuel used by auxiliary generators. In certain situations it will also be possible for a ship to operate emission free when in port which will become an increasingly important capability as port authorities implement strict airborne emission control regulations.This innovative system is designed for ships that operate at sea and is not a solution that has been designed for ferries or other small vessels and simply scaled up.Ships that operate at sea differ in design from small vessels that operate on bays and on harbours, therefore a wind & solar power system for ocean going ships has to be one that is designed for that purpose. TheAquarius MRE Systemis that type of solution.Although this cutting-edge system is being initially designed for large ships, much of the technology being developed will also be suitable for smaller vessels such as coastal freighters, passenger ferries, tourist boats and Unmanned Surface Vessels. (USV's)A study is also being conducted to determine if it would be feasible to use the system on naval and government vessel such as patrol ships.Key features oftheAquarius MRE Systeminclude ease of use, fully automated control system, attractive Return on Investment (ROI) and reliable operation.TheAquarius MRE Systemby Eco Marine Power is an innovative approach to using wind and solar power together on ships and the technology will help make world shipping greener and cleaner in the years ahead.For more about the thinking behind 'Aquarius' please see this article:A Marine Renewable Energy Solution for Modern Ships.

Innovation & Co-OperationThe development of the system includes the development of a computer system and a control system architecture to integrate theAquarius MRE Systemwith other equipment and systems onboard ships. The development project also involves a number of companies working as strategic partners with Eco Marine Power.Awards and NominationsTheAquarius MRE Systemwas a finalist in the 2011 Sustainable Shipping Awards, won a Solution Inspiring Action Award at the 2012 Savannah Ocean Exchange and was nominated for the 2013 Ship Technology Award.

Aquarius Eco ShipRenewable Energy on Modern ShipsThe Aquarius Eco Ship concept design is the result of a comprehensive study project which focused on optimising the design of a large ocean going ship such as a bulk carrier or oil tanker to harness the power of the wind & sun by using theAquarius MRE System. This study was started by Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd (EMP) in May 2011 and has attracted worldwide interest.The centre piece of the Aquarius Eco Ship is theAquarius MRE System- an innovative fuel saving and emission reduction technology that incorporates a variety of elements including solar panels, energy storage modules, a computer control systems and an advanced rigid sail design.

Aquarius Eco Ship by Eco Marine PowerLow Emission, Wind Assisted Shipping with Solar PowerThe Aquarius Eco Ship is a low emission & green shipping focused solution which has been designed to be highly flexible and configurable so that the concept can be applied to most ship sizes and types. Applications for the system include bulkers, oil tankers, survey ships, passenger ferries, cruise ships, car carriers & even unmanned surface vessels.In addition to theAquarius MRE System, a future Aquarius Eco Ship would be fitted with other fuel saving measures such as an advanced electrical propulsion system, an optimised hull design and waste heat recovery technologies. Fuel cell technology could also be incorporated into the design.This combination of technologies could lead to fuel savings of 40% or more and also dramatically reduce the emission of noxious gases such as Sulphur Oxides (SOx) & Nitrogen Oxides (NOx). In addition the use of renewable energy would reduce the vessels carbon footprint.An Aquarius Eco Ship could include enough solar panels for a 1MWp solar system or larger and enough energy storage modules so that the ship would not need to use auxiliary diesel generators whilst in port, therefore it could operate emissions free when alongside. The energy storage modules could be charged via the solar panels. by the ships main generators or from shore power when available.Both the Aquarius Eco Ship andAquarius MRE Systemhave been designed to take into account the reality of operating rigid sails on ocean going ships and include a range of safety features. The rigid sails for example can be lowered and stored when not in use or during emergencies.EnergySail TechnologyThe rigid sails used by the Aquarius Eco Ship form part of Eco Marine Power'sEnergySailtechnology. This renewable energy sail platform allows for a variety of energy sources to be used and managed via the same system. Solar panels & wind power devices can be mounted on the rigid sails or elsewhere on the ship in a variety of configurations.The revolutionaryAquarius MRE Systemtechnology will enable ships of all types and sizes to safely use renewable energy in order to reduce fuel consumption and lower harmful emissions in a cost effective way. The Aquarius Eco Ship is an example of how this system could be integrated into a new ship design although it is also suitable for existing ship designs and could be retro-fitted to vessels already in service.The Aquarius Eco Ship is another example of how Eco Marine Power is developing designs to move shipping towards a more sustainable future.

EnergySailWind & Solar Power for Low Emission Shipping!TheEnergySail(patent pending) is revolutionary device designed by Eco Marine Power that will allow ships to harness the power of the wind and sun in order to reduce fuel costs plus lower noxious gas and carbon emissions. TheEnergySailis unlike any other sail - it can be used even when a ship is at anchor or in port and has been designed to withstand high winds or even sudden micro-bursts.The EnergySailTMis not just another sail!TheEnergySail(patent pending) can be fitted with a range of renewable energy technologies such as solar panels or wind power devices. It is a truly unique renewable energy platform specifically designed for shipping that can be fitted to a wide variety of vessels from large Capesize bulk ore carriers to naval and coastguard patrol ships.

Impression of EnergySail Array on Naval Vessel or Survey ShipA variation of theEnergySailthat is suitable for Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV's) and smaller ships such as passenger ferries or fishing vessels is also being developed.TheEnergySailcan be configured to suit the operational profile of a vessel. For example the number & type of solar panels can be changed or a variety of other equipment can be installed.This means the device can be configured for a particular type of ship, for the route the vessel operates on and/or the operational profile or mission profile of the vessel. This makes theEnergySaila truly flexible platform for renewable energy technologies for lower emission, more environmentally friendly ships.The flexible nature of theEnergySaildesign will also allow for it to be upgraded during the life-cycle of the ship it is fitted to so that newer technologies can be incorporated as they become available such as more efficient solar modules or panels.It has also been designed so that it will require little maintenance and be robust enough to withstand the harsh conditions of an operational life at sea.Although theEnergySailhas primarily been designed for Eco Marine Power'sAquarius MRE Systemother applications for its use are also being studied.It could be for example used as a stand-alone unit on a cable laying vessel, coastal tanker or oceanographic ship. In addition a simplified version of theAquarius MRE Systemincluding a modifiedEnergySailcould be utilised on a range of smaller vessels.An alternative version of theEnergySailcould also be used horizontally.An exam