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  • I just realized that, We survived Project Aquarius By, Doug Catlett For updates please consult your local Orion Cube (now that the danger has passed they can all be turned back on) Dedicated to my Uncle Bud

    Henry "Bud" E. Parr March 28, 1927 to March 6, 2014 Revelation Commences PROJECT AQUARIUS Project Aquarius has to do with possible futures that our humanity faces. The key players are the P-45 and P-52 J-Rod's. Both are human beings from our own future. (The term J-Rod originates from symbols these beings pointed to, a j and an inertia symbol, during initial attempts to communicate with them) The P-45's come from 45,000 years into our future if all goes wrong. They had to leave earth because humanity had made it inhospitable and they started a new evolution becoming a space/time traveling human. They have come to our time to make sure everything goes wrong because it validates their evolution. The P-52's, also called Orion beings, come from 52,000 years in the future and come from an evolution based upon if everything goes right. Both are trying to influence humanity. It is kind of a race for them or a war. Project Aquarius of course, is us trying to work within this complicated scenario to set things right! THE ORION CUBE

    The Orion Cube Measures 8"x8" In 1953 a P-52 J-Rod was recovered from a crash in Kingman AZ. (Is it just me or does anyone else wonder why there's so many crashes?) The P-52 J-Rod identified himself

  • as coming from the direction of the Aquarius system. In the year following the 1953 crash, President Eisenhower was summoned to the Edwards Air Force Base area to meet with the P-52 Orions. The main subject of the meeting was the imminent future of humanity, and to prevent hostilities between the aggressive P-45 J-Rods, and their newly recognized counterparts, the P-52 JRods. From this meeting, where President Eisenhower was presented with the Orion Cube, formal diplomatic discussions began between all parties, with the Orions leading the way. The Orion Cube device is a special type of holographic record and quantum viewing unit that both documents our history as well as presents future occurrence probabilities. Its output is susceptible to changes unintentionally provided to it, by its users. Only P-52K J-Rods, Orions, and those who have been trained by such J-Rods and Orions through entrainment can operate the device without substantially altering its output. Some of those who have accessed specific details regarding future events contained in the Orion Cube have been totally devastated by the implications. Most of those cases of negative outcome were caused because the operator was neither a P-52K J-Rod or Orion, or a person trained through entrainment by them. The negative outcomes were largely the result of the operator himself/herself coloring the output data through their own internal fears, hopes for the future, attachments to their understanding of the past, and rigid world and philosophical views. So the output is effected by the individual operating it. Trained operators have either largely had few negative outcomes or have even been able to intentionally color the outcomes in a way to manipulate onlookers. The last was such a case during the Tau 9-6 treaty negotiations in the 2003-2004 time period. The P-45K J-Rods were successfully talked out of treaty authorized present human abductions (terrestrial abductions) by the use of a ruse involving the Orion Cube. This device was given to President Eisenhower at Edwards AFB during a pre-arranged meeting with the P52 extraterrestrial Orions in 1954 when an official treaty was brokered for later discussions and formal signings. It is rumored that this historical event was completely captured on motion picture film reels. The cube measures 8 inches square, and projects a holographic image above a 10 inch diameter emitted disc of concentrated light. The cube has been stored at multiple locations, including Area S-4 (see below), and inside a locked vault associated with the Scottish Rite Masonic temple in Washington DC.

    The Scottish Rite Masonic temple in Washington DC

    THE DOCTRINE OF THE CONVERGENT TIMELINE PARADOX Getting back to project Aquarius and the attempt to avert the catastrophe which resulted in the splitting of humanity - at the Groom Lake facility there existed, as part of Project Aquarius and other projects, a device called The Looking Glass. The Looking Glass is similar to the Orion Cube. In the course of the first Looking Glass operations during the 1970s, the scientists quickly

  • found out that the device was multifunctional. Through a variation of power settings and alignments, the device could produce images. It was soon determined that these images dealt with future events which might take place on earth.

    Earlier in the course of Aquarius it had been determined what events would cause the ultimate splitting of humanity into what could become the J-Rods and the Orion beings. That information, from the Looking Glass, was also supported by the direct testimony of both the J-Rods and Orion beings, according to their written and oral accounts. It was further supported by observations rendered by the Orion Cube given to President Eisenhower in 1954. The event that caused things to go wrong had been determined as well as cross referenced.

  • The Looking Glass devices (& stargates from which they were derived) were dismantled in an effort to protect Humanity because events could be unintentionally altered just by using these devices, similarly as with the operation of the Orion Cube. There were also several other efforts commissioned by Majestic (another project of course!) to derail the potential sequence of events that would have led up to the catastrophe.

    The Hopi Indians saw two possible Life Paths for humanity. These life paths were etched into sandstone in a hieroglyph near Oraibi, Arizona.

    HOPIE FOR TOMORROW From extensive research, interviewing, prevention, unplanned telepathic J-Rod interactions and probably just plain luck, Project Aquarius was a success! Humanity has witnessed multiple prophesies about the times in which we live,whether it be from the Hopi Prophecy Rock (that were possible observations of the splitting of humanity & witnessing of a convergent timeline paradox), the Mayan prophesies, or the prophesies of Fulcanelli. The take from some people on those prophesies is positive, while others is negative. Both those groups are reacting within the probabilistics of the possible futures for humanity. The people who wrote the prophesies felt the same thing, and encoded them honestly so that we could experience them while making the right choices for our future. According to the main project Aquarius whistleblower, Dr. Dan Burisch, we have now arrived within that time, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the data provided from the J-Rods have indicated that the time of the catastrophe which resulted in the splitting of humanity has passed. WE ARE IN THE CLEAR. THE DANGER HAS PASSED! The timeframe for this was 2012-2013 and was what all the 2012 Mayan hoopla was all about. Project Aquarius was a success! We now have the opportunity to use the POSITIVE outcome reality in these prophecies and use it to create a path to a positive future for all mankind!

  • Perhaps now that potential danger to mankind has passed, authorities will be more open about what is known about UFOs and space visitors. My personal feeling is that now we will see more in the way of space travel farther past low earth orbit like ventures out to the moon & Mars. I think our space program was put on hold because of the importance of all of this & now we will have an opportunity to venture out with more freedom & less worry than before. I would like to think that NASAs newest deep space vehicle named Orion was named in honor of the Orion beings, whos path was the positive beneficial path for humanity. THE FACILITIES

    Level 4 aka the Aquarius Level contained five decontamination areas, along with multiple laboratories and equipment rooms. Level 4 also includes the only access

    elevator to Level 5.

  • CONCLUSIONS Understanding Project Aquarius, it would make sense why there has been so much secrecy about UFOs and space visitors. At least part of this reason could have been the potential danger that had been posed to mankind that Project Aquarius was attempting to divert. There has been much to say lately about the NSA and privacy. Maybe I'm nave but I'd still like to think that WE'RE STILL THE GOOD GUYS! Harry Trumann set up the NSA and Dwight Eisenhower was involved & I don't believe those individuals had nefarious intentions; not by a long shot. The government denies & misinforms on UFO's, our water is fluoridated, NSA spies, HAARP, chemtrails and the X-37B does who-knows-what, but maybe its ALL FOR GOOD REASON! It still feels to me like we live in a free society. Only time will tell, but remember whenever there is news it's not necessarily bad. Just the fact that we are still here after supposed potential calamities is proof that good karma exists and probably abounds!!