April’s Showers May Bring Symphonic Sounds

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A hearing aid patient welcomes back a world of springtime sounds.

Transcript of April’s Showers May Bring Symphonic Sounds

  • April Reveals Natures Symphonic Sounds

    The day I drove home with my new hearing aids it was raining. I heard the beautiful sounds of raindrops dancing on my roof. I could not believe how much I had been missing. I could hear the tires going through the water on the road and it was like a symphony! The sounds were clear and crisp. These hearing aids have opened a beautiful and expanded world to me. Robert Ayers, Groton, CT, Audibel wearer.

    First time hearing aid wearers are often astounded with all the sounds they hear again. Spring, in particular, is full of these lively sounds of rejuvenation. Birds chirping, children playing outside and, of course, rain showers. As so eloquently described by Mr. Ayers above, these simplest of sounds can sound like a symphony when heard together. There truly isnt a better time of year to enjoy better hearing. For Brenda Powell of Trinity, TX, her jubilation with her Audibel hearing aids came from hearing the sounds of spring again. Also, she enjoyed having hearing aids so small no one could easily spot her wearing them. On this she shared, I can hear the wind as well as the birds singing again. People dont even know I am wearing the hearing aids. Your hearing remains our concern and the Audibel network of hearing professionals would love to help you fully experience the sounds of spring. The comments shared by Robert and Brenda are a few of many we have received that depict how precious hearing is in our everyday lives. If you or a loved one is interested in learning more, simply contact us or a network hearing professional on our locator page.