Ansible, Vagrant and Riak- Bryan Hunt at #DOXLON

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Bryan talks about how to use Ansible and Vagrant to test and provision a Riak cluster. In case you didn't know Riak is a database based on the Dynamo paper written by Google. It aims to scale linearly in terms of size and performance. The ideal initial setup is a 5 node cluster. Bryan will show how easy it is to roll those 5 nodes out along with some tips and tricks for performance tuning. Video: DevOps Exchange Meetup Group:

Transcript of Ansible, Vagrant and Riak- Bryan Hunt at #DOXLON

  • Ansible, Vagrant and Riak Bryan Hunt Basho Technologies 2
  • Introduction and overview
  • Basho CSE (Client Services Engineer) Support Riak and Riak CS for EMEA customers Linux since 90s Mac since 2013 Ansible since March 2013 Vagrant since December 2013 Delft acionado Who am I ?
  • Who are Basho? The creators and developers of Riak & Riak CS Founded in 2008 by ex-Akamai staff Experts in distributed systems Offices across the USA, EMEA & Japan Providing Professional Services, Customer Support
  • Ansible user Curious about Riak Vagrant user All or any of the above Who are you?
  • OSX or Linux Vagrant Ansible Virtualbox Requirements
  • What is Riak? (in 2 minutes or less) Distributed Key-Value store Written in Erlang 2i, MapReduce, Link Walking, Solr Integration 2.0 out soon
  • What is Riak? Riak is a fast, reliable, distributed and highly available key-value store. Bucket key key key key value value value value
  • What is Riak?
  • Alternate models for Riak local deployment
  • make devrel NODES=3 Compiling on the host machine Requires C compiler Requires Erlang installation No VM required Supported by Makele Low overhead Fast
  • Development OS ClientHAProxyRiak 2 Riak 1 Riak 3
  • Riak VM per instance Requires a lot of RAM Can be slower to start a cluster Fairly realistic Build on a Linux box, nicer than OSX toolchain
  • Host OS Vagrant Virtualbox Linux VM Riak 1 Linux VM Riak 2 Linux VM Riak 3 HAProxy Client
  • Riak CS Lots more moving parts Minimal cluster requires 7 services on 3 machines Riak (storage) Riak CS (S3 API implementation) Stanchion (serialises user/bucket operations)
  • Host OS HAProxy HAProxy Vagrant Virtualbox Linux VM 2 Riak 2 Riak CS Linux VM 3 Riak CS Stanchion Riak 3 Linux VM 1 Riak 1 Riak CS
  • (Magnus Gjoen 2011)
  • Deployment
  • Riak CS deploy (phase 1) Install package on each machine Apply conguration on each machine Start each node
  • Linux VM 3 Riak CS 3 Stanchion Riak 3 Linux VM 2 Riak 2 Riak CS 2 Linux VM 1 Riak 1 Riak CS 1 Installation Phase 1 2 3 12 1 2 ansible-playbook
  • Riak Cluster Creation bin/riak-admin cluster join riak@ bin/riak-admin cluster plan bin/riak-admin cluster commit For each node in the ring
  • Linux VM 3 Riak 3 Linux VM 2 Riak 2 Linux VM 1 Riak 1 2 (join riak2) 1 (join riak1)
  • What is Ansible Open-source Orchestration engine Conguration manager Software deployer Started in Feb 2012
  • What made me interested in Ansible? Didnt want to install a client before provisioning a box Didnt like running a http server as root (http:// Minimal syntax, Ansible uses YAML Wanted things to occur in a specic sequence Liked the idea of using the SSH protocol Liked the idea of pushing changes to servers
  • Why does Basho use the Ansible/Vagrant combo? Simple to congure and provision Reduces Amazon expenditure Quickly deploy new versions onto local VM Reproduce strange customer congurations Provision Virtualbox images for training/demos
  • Ansible Roles Self contained reusable modules Can have dependencies upon other roles Similar to Chef recipes or Puppet modules Stored at
  • Ansible Riak Roles Created by James Martin (now at Ansible) Actively maintained and developed by Basho Volunteers?
  • Ansible Modules shell mount yum service riakapt Ansible Riak Roles riakcs riakcs-packages riak-common riak stanchion depends depends depends depends
  • Ansible Inventory reads reads provisions Playbooks Playbooks Playbooks host1 host1 host1 host1 Ansible basic workings
  • Ansible minimal example
  • Ansible example using Role
  • Walkthrough Building a Riak CS cluster
  • Structure of example apps Vagrantle form_cluster.yml hosts roles roles.txt setup_riak.yml
  • Vagrant le ensuring roles
  • Future goals Create a reusable set of base boxes Create a Vagrant script for each release Create new roles for Ansible 2.0
  • Try it out!