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  • 1. Pervasive computing market in Italy: an opportunity for innovation and growthAnnamaria Di Ruscio, Partner & General Manager April, 6th 2009Pervasive Computing Market Growh Slide 1 April, 6th 2009

2. 2009 GdP grownt rate forecast in the main countires% changes on the previous year3,4% 1,3% 1,1%0,8% 0,7% 0,5% Japan GermanyFranceItalyUSA UKWorld-0,7% -1,0% -1,6%-1,9% -2,5%-2,6%-2,6% -2,8% Source: FMI World Economic Outlook Update (January 28, 2009); for Italy, ISTAT 20082009 (estimated) and Banca dItalia, March 2009Pervasive Computing Market GrowhSlide 2April, 6th 2009 3. ICT Italian market trend in 2009 Mln value and % changes 63.594+0.9% 64.390 +0.1% 64.463 -1.3% 63.844+0.7%-0.2% +0.4% 44.12044.20044.04044.445 -5.9% +2.0%+0.8%20.190 20.34319.80419.149 200620072008 2009 EIT TLC Source: Assinform / NetConsulting, March 2009 Pervasive Computing Market Growh Slide 3April, 6th 2009 4. TLC Italian Market in 2009 Mln value and % changes 44.120 +0.7%44.44544.200 -0.2%+0.9%-0.1% 34.530 34.830 34.580 -0.3%+0.3% 9.620 9.5909.615 2007 20082009EEquipmentServices Source: Assinform / NetConsulting, March 2009Pervasive Computing Market Growh Slide 4April, 6th 2009 5. IT Italian Market in 2009 Mln value and % changes20.343+0.8%20.190-5.9% 19.149Services0.4% -6,7% 9.3559.317 8.729SoftwareTechnical -3.6%3.4% 4.4704.3254.310Assistance -5.5% -2.5%815795 751Hardware -0.2% -6.4%5.733 5.723 5.3592007 20082009ESource: Assinform/NetConsulting, March 2009 Pervasive Computing Market Growh Slide 5April, 6th 2009 6. The opportunity for growth Pervasive Computing Market GrowhSlide 6April, 6th 2009 7. Market scopeServiceService WiderWider scopescopeServices Centres(by verticalSpecific processes management(by vertical Business SW Business SWCore business systems sector)sector)..TerminalsPhones, PDA, Devices and ComponentsCardsDevices and ComponentsSpecific Systems..Drivers, firmwareMiddlewareSW EmbeddedSW EmbeddedICTBoard Support Package for ICT Development Developmentmicroprocessors embedded embeddedReal Time O.S. systemssystemsby vertical Sensors by vertical Microprocessors sectorsector HW Design HW Design Tags Boards . Pervasive Computing Market Growh Slide 7 Source. NetConsultingApril, 6th 2009 8. ICT embedded systems Italian market (2007-2010E) Mln value and % changes1.267,51.204,5 5.2%5.2%1.153,01.156,1 -- 0,2%4.5% 0,2%4.5%959,6 912,3 882,7 871,95.2% 4.6%-1.2% 3.9%2.8%5.4%307,9292,2281,1273,4 2007 2008E 2009E 2010E Analyzed marketRest of the marketSource: NetConsulting, 2008Pervasive Computing Market Growh Slide 8April, 6th 2009 9. Italian ICT embedded systems by vertical sector (2007-2010E) Mln value and % changes 5.4%307,93.9%292,22.8%281,1 273,4 Tracking and Tracing 41,1 1.0% 40,71.2%1.3%4,440,246.7% 39,7 3,0M-payment33,442.9% 2,140.0%2.8%32,5 1,5 31,831,2 27,02.2%1.9%22,022.7% 19,017,0 eHealth11.8% 15.8%Domotic / Digital3.2%2.2% 4.1%Home202,0 194,0188,0184,0 Infomobility 2007 2008E 2009E 2010ESource: NetConsulting, 2008Pervasive Computing Market Growh Slide 9 April, 6th 2009 10. Analysis by vertical sectorInfomobility Domotic / TrackingAutomation M-payment eHealthOther ITS Digital HomeControl& Tracing LightsTraffic AssetM-parking Logistic Management Monitoring ManagementAutomationSignallingPatient Communication EnvironmentM-ticketingManagementto end usersWarehouse ComfortManagement AutomationTrafficAmbient AssistedManagement LivingToll TrackingPaymentsDiagnosticsGoods Tracking SecurityTeleassistance & Tracing) & tracingTelesurveillanceToll ElettronicM-BettingPaymentSystemPatient recordData AquisitionIntelligent ShelfRemote ControlAccess tourban limited Home appliances Drugs Micropayments traffic areasmanagement ManagementSaleHelp to Vehicle Automation Energy savingWearableRoutesInstrumentsoptimizationEMBEDDED SYSTEMS +HARDWARESOFTWARE Source: NetConsulting Pervasive Computing Market GrowhSlide 10April, 6th 2009 11. Infomobility and Intelligent TransportationSystems Pervasive Computing Market GrowhSlide 11April, 6th 2009 12. Infomobility e Intelligent Transportation Systems Traffic and trafficTraffic and traffic lights managementAccess to urban lights managementAccess to urbanlimited traffic areaslimited traffic areasRoutes Optimization Routes OptimizationIntegrated IntegratedE-Ticketing E-TicketingGPSFleets Management,Fleets Management,infomobility, infomobility,geolocalizationNet parking geolocalization UMTS/Net parking HSPA Daily Car/ Bike Tourism Daily Car/ BikeTourism Traffic informationTraffic information systemsystem Source: NetConsulting, 2008Pervasive Computing Market GrowhSlide 12 April, 6th 2009 13. Players Intelligent Transport System PlatformIntelligent Transport System Platform VehicleVehicle Services Access Services Access Telematic End users Telematic End usersCentres NetworkCentres Network PlatformPlatform Service provider Local Railway NetworkGovernment Car Maker CarrierLocal Public Car MakerElectronic Transport MVNO ManufacturerInsuranceCompanies Device Utente Utility AssistanceCitizens Service Stations MediaBooking on lineSource: NetConsulting, 2008 BanksPervasive Computing Market Growh Slide 13April, 6th 2009 14. Infomobility Market (2008-2010) Services Centres, Millions and CAGR 2010 / 2008 Operative centres, 461,0 Traffic monitoring, 422,0 vehicol assistance, +4.5% Access Management, toll, parking Information platforms Transactions 259,0 Information234,0Portals +5.2% 202,0 188,0 +3.7% 2008E 2010E Embedded systems Applications Source: NetConsulting, 2008 Pervasive Computing Market Growh Slide 14 April, 6th 2009 15. Digital Home Pervasive Computing Market GrowhSlide 15April, 6th 2009 16. Domotic EvolutionDigitalDigital Systems and domotic servicesHomeHome Integration in network Ambient Assisted Living/ Home Care Home appliances remote control Advanced Advanced Energy Saving Domotics Domotics Audio and video Telesurveillance Building automation Media/Entertainment Traditional Traditional Security & Home control DomoticsDomoticsEnvironment ComfortAudio/video/phone systemIntegrationSource: NetConsulting, 2008 Pervasive Computing Market Growh Slide 16 April, 6th 2009 17. Domotic/Digital Home Market Scenario Single Communication StandardThe possibility to switch on and off remotely home appliances (based Market increasing is relatedon end usersto: Adoption of a sigle common programming) is astandard Domotic systemMarket Value Ad hoc Trade Strategies not applicationonly for Up-selling Cost reductionProprietary Standards today 2010 time Source: NetConsulting, 2008 Pervasive Computing Market Growh Slide 17April, 6th 2009 18. Domotics / Digital Home Market (2008-2010) Service Centres Millions and CAGR 2010 / 2008 84,0Assistance Centres End user interface Remote Control Sw from mobile phones +21.4%Building management 57,0Home Networking solutions 57,0+22.5%38,0 27,019,0+19.2% 2008E 2010EEmbedded systems ApplicationsSource: NetConsulting, 2008 Pervasive Computing Market Growh Slide 18 April, 6th 2009 19. eHealth Pervasive Computing Market GrowhSlide 19April, 6th 2009 20. eHealthFirst Aid Blood management Tag Tag RFID Reader RFID Reader Active RFID Teleassistance/RFID UHF monitoring Passive RFID Patients management at bed Drugs managementRFID ReaderTagSource: NetConsulting, 2008 Pervasive Computing Market GrowhSlide 20 April, 6th 2009 21. E-Health Market (2008-2010) Millions and CAGR 2010 / 200890,4Services centres/alarm management78,4 Diagnostic Centre+7.4%ERP management Patient monitoring Asset/drug management57,046,6+10.6%33,431,8+2.5% 2008E 2010E Embedded systemsApplications Source: NetConsulting, 2008Pervasive Computing Market GrowhSlide 21 April, 6th 2009 22. M-payment M-payment Pervasive Computing Market GrowhSlide 22April, 6th 2009 23. M-PaymentM-Payment can reduce barriersDriver to adoption of electronic money Proximity Payment -Cash Electronic moneyContactless Reduction of transaction Barriers: lowpenetration of POS, time in payment executioncost of services, ...Cash, credit/ No signature / PINdebit card, ...required Remote payment MobilePayment Increasing of purchaseopportunitiesM-Payment Developing of new paymentservices Source: ABI 2008 Pervasive Computing Market GrowhSlide 23 April, 6th 2009 24. M-payment Market (2008-2010)Millions and CAGR 2010 / 2008 102,8 Payment circuit integration +51.0%Electronic pursue management Recharges/payemnts management Services supply Billing system Transaction management Betting platform46,0 81,0 +51.7% 20,0 +44.7% 4,42,12008E2010E Embedded systemsApplicationsSource: NetConsulting, 2008Pervasive Computing Market GrowhSlide 24 April, 6th 2009 25. Tracking & TracingPervasive Computing Market Growh Slide 25 April, 6th 2009 26. Tracking & Tracing: from logistics to store innovation Self ScanningElettronica tag Retail Transport Interactive MirrorPacking MaterialsWholesale TransportProduction Transport Memory SpotPrimary ManufacturingRaw MaterialsPervasive Computing Market Growh Slide 26 April, 6th 2009 27. Tracking and Tracing Market (2008-2010) Millions and CAGR 2010 / 2008130,3Warehouse/logistics Management 120,9 Point of sale +3.8% management Promotion and loyalty management Logistics Automation Warehouse Management Goods Tracking & 89,2tracing 80,7 Intelligent Shelf Sell Automation +5.1%41,140,2 +1.1%2008E2010E Embedded systemsApplications Source: NetConsulting, 2008 Pervasive Computing Market GrowhSlide 27April, 6th 2009 28. Conclusions Pervasive Computing Market GrowhSlide 28April, 6th 2009 29. Opportunities for Italy Pervasive eGov 2012eGov 2012computing and ICT Pervasive Computing Market GrowhSlide 29April, 6th 2009 30. Digital Cities Digital Civil ServicesE-government todayE-government today Urban Telemanagement (Oslo) (Oslo) Public documentdematerialization Collaborative work Services to citizensCitizen PartecipationE-Gov services Life quality improvementthrough local services Urban mobility