Andrew Hime Physics Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory

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Andrew Hime Physics Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory Workshop on Low-Radioactivity Techniques Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada December 12-14, 2004. Relative Attenuation of Muons & Muon-Induced Activity. Muon Flux Muon-Induced Neutrons Muon-Induced Cosmogenics. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Andrew Hime Physics Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • Andrew HimePhysics Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Workshop on Low-Radioactivity TechniquesLaurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, CanadaDecember 12-14, 2004

  • Dongming Mei & AH, preliminaryRelative Attenuation of Muons & Muon-Induced ActivitySNOLABMuon Flux Muon-Induced Neutrons

    Muon-Induced Cosmogenics

  • SNOHigh-purity water & detector constructionmaterials NC background equivalent to~ 0.4 neutrons / tonne / year.Flavor Content of the 8BSolar Neutrino Flux

  • SNOLAB An International Facility for Underground ScienceExpand underground space to allow several experiments to operate simultaneouslyProvide a surface building to support the underground experimentsExperiments selected on the basis of scientific meritand technical feasibility

  • SNO Cavern110ft H x 75ft ODRectangularHall60ft L x 50ft W x 50ft HLadder-Labs15ft W x 10ft H20ft W x 10ft HCryo-Pit65ft H x 50ft ODUnderground LaboratoryConceptual LayoutWhite Paper Description in Progress Excavation has begun under contract with Redpath First new space in about 1 year Laboratory complete in 2007

  • Provide support for underground programClean assembly, lab space meeting rooms,Computing facilitiesOffice space

  • Building Ready end of May, 2005

  • New ExperimentsDark Matter, Double Beta Decay, Low-Energy Solar NeutrinosLetters of Interest can be submitted at any time!

    15 LOIs received & evaluated followingJanuary 2004 call 1 more received last week and another expectedearly in New Year

    Initial Suite of Experiments under considerationalong with longer term Scientific Road-Map

  • Experiment Evaluation CommitteeChair B. BarishSecretary - A. HimeMembersB. BalantenkinC. BurgessT. KajitaJ. MartinK. RaganK. ScholbergD. Wark

  • Workshops

    August 20, 2002 (Sudbury)Science & Information Gathering

    II. November 21-22, 2002 (Ottawa)Prospective Experiments & Infrastructure Needs

    III. May 12-14, 2004 (Sudbury)Refine Infrastructure Needs & Kick-OffExperiment Evaluation Process

    IV. Planning for May, 2005Finalize Infrastructure Needs & EstablishScientific Road-Map

  • 1% Test of SSM & Precision in 12

  • Dark Matter Results & DreamsMark Boulay & AH, astro-ph/04113588} Where we Are} Our DreamsX > 1000

  • Dongming Mei & AH, preliminaryDark Matter Sensitivity versus Depth

  • Dongming Mei & AH, preliminarybb Sensitivity versus DepthInternal BGNDTotal Muon BGNDMuonsMuon-Induced NeutronsDegenerate


  • Get Clean & Go Deep

    Have a great workshop!